Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 76

Chapter 75:

As a freshman, what is the first thing facing you? Yes, it is military training!

Luo Xiao looked at the students who were wearing green camouflage uniforms like him, still full of expectations in his heart. After all, the military training during college was also a rare experience in their four-year college career.

While everyone was talking about waiting for the instructor to arrive, a vigorous figure walked towards them with firm steps. When he saw the visitor clearly, Luo Xiao couldn't help but widen his eyes slightly, unexpectedly he would be someone he knew.

"Hello everyone, I am your instructor for the next half-month military training. My name is He Ben, and you can call me instructor He." Yes, this acquaintance is the head teacher He Ben who has given Luo Xiao junior high school for three years. , "Don't worry, in the next half month, I will definitely train you!"

Looking at He Ben, who is now full of riffrence, Luo Xiao really wants to ask: Teacher, where did you go for the righteousness that you were a teacher for those three years? Also, our instructors identity is a soldier, not a rogue!

Of course, these complaints were known to He Ben, and he would just wave his hand casually and say, child, you are really too young~~~

In this way, the horn of military training officially sounded.

The content of military training is nothing more than practicing standing, walking at right angles, walking in unison, walking in phalanx and so on. It looks simple, but when you train, especially under the big sun, it will still be exhausted. No, before one morning had passed, several students with poor physique were helped to take anti-heat medicine under the shade of the trees to relieve the heat.

Regardless of Luo Xiao's class, there are only 20 people, compared to other classes of forty or fifty people or more, it is a small class. But among the two dozen of them, only a dozen are still holding on. Obviously they are all men, why can't they compare to the broadcasting class next door, which is mainly composed of girls? At least none of them took a break due to heatstroke when the number of people was similar.

Seeing the group of people in front of him, He Ben frowned tightly: How can the class he leads can't even compare with the girls class next door? No way! The level of practice must be increased! As a man, you must have a strong body!

As a result, their only director class in the Communication Academy embarked on the road of military training to enhance physical fitness exercises like (no) hearing (bi) pleasure (bitter) seeing (force).

"Hiss~~~~ Old fourth, you should act lightly~~~" A man was lying on the bed with his upper body, grinning uncontrollably and complaining, "That bastard, the action is really heavy. , My mouth~~ Didnt you say that you cant slap your face? Why do you go to my face?"

"Okay, Boss, you are ashamed to say that you just got two punches in the face, look at me, it will break the picture directly, OK!" Another man who was cautiously applying medicine to his face committed the crime directly. A roll of eyes, "Hey, my handsome face, if this is really shabby, how can I hook up and pick up a little girl in the future?"

A man with black eye sockets pushed his eye sockets, and said solemnly: "Second brother, please believe me, even if you dont disfigure, you cant hook up with a little girl. You have to believe that no girl wants to be herself 'S boyfriend is more feminine than himself!"

"The third brother, you!" The man called the second brother dropped the cotton ball in his hand and pointed at the third child angrily, but immediately jumped and shouted, "It hurts, it hurts. Oh, my face~~~~"

Looking at these two active people, Luo Xiao lowered his head and shook his head helplessly, and continued to help the person under him wipe safflower oil to eliminate the bruises on his back.

That's right, these people are his roommates for the next four years: the boss-Ke Zheng, a typical Northeastern man, not to mention the horrible look, he is also particularly righteous and bold. The second child-Yan Liben, a from Jiangnan Water Village? Well, I have to say that Luo Xiao didn't really recognize his gender when he saw it for the first time. Fortunately, there was no impulse to go up and say to him: I'm sorry classmates, this is the boys' bedroom, did you go wrong? However, he didn't come forward and said, it doesn't mean that others did not. It was precisely because of this incident that a couple of enemies in their bedroom were born. The other enemy is Qiu Lu, the third child in their dormitory. A man dressed like an old pedant who wore a pair of black rustic glasses was best at making various complaints with a serious expression. The huge contrast made Luo Xiao a little uncomfortable when he first started. However, after getting used to it, it's so cool to watch a play on the side!

Speaking of the reasons for their horrible situation at the moment, Luo Xiao can only sigh: Second brother, your old face is really too deceptive! In short, if you can use one sentence to summarize this matter, it is-meeting a beauty can not be molested, directly stage a full martial arts.

This day is the last second day before the end of the military training. Because tomorrows content will be the results of the phalanx show, the instructors are very generous and will end the training early today. Looking at the students around me who were tanned by the sun, the boys who had originally planned to hook up all died down. However, not all people are tanned. There are always a few who are still fair and radiant due to other reasons such as the system.

As a result, the second brother of Beauty was so honored to be on the throne of the goddess among the boys. Of course, for boys in this class, his gender is known. But people in other classes may not all know it! As a result, certain things are also desired.

Not long after the disbandment, a few boys clattered around the second brother Yan Liben. Although it's hard to say anything about molesting, looking at that posture can still make people see what their purpose is at a glance.

Sure enough, one of the boys who took the lead said directly, "Hello, classmate, can you tell me your name? I have been following you for a long time, can we be boy and girl friends?"

Maybe, someone wants to say, what kind of look is this man, even the man and the woman can't distinguish it. However, you must know that because of wearing camouflage uniforms, some boys and girls do not look much different, let alone Yan Liben, a male and female person. Of course, some people will say that even if they look alike, there are some obvious differences between male and female students! However, Yan Liben has been a person with sparse body hair and obviously small Adam's apple since he was a child. As for the chest and so on, don't you know that there is another word in this world called flat chest? So, in summary, none of these men really see Yan Liben's gender.

And Yan Liben also developed a hot temper because of his appearance, and the fuse that this violent temper ignited was: being said to be a woman! Especially, the **** man in front of him dared to make him his daughter! Friends! Friends!

Which is tolerable or unbearable!

Yan Liben made a fist and hit the talking man's face. One fist fell, followed by another fist, and he punched in. The few men who came together saw that the situation was wrong, and immediately stepped forward to isolate the two.

The beaten man clutched his swollen left cheek and stared fiercely at Yan Liben: "You stinky lady, why do you hit someone? Believe it or not I can kill you!"

"I'm pooh!" Yan Liben said in disdain while struggling, "I see your dog eyes clearly, I'm a man! A man! If you dare to say I'm a woman, your mother doesn't know you when I beat you !"

"What? Man?" Everyone was dumbfounded at hearing, "Are you a lie?"

"You are a big-headed ghost!" Yan Liben took advantage of the moment they were dumbfounded and quickly broke free. He stepped forward and kicked the man very uncomfortably.

"You!" The heart of the kicked man just became unwilling because of his gender. What's the situation with Tuoma? A person who looks better than a girl is actually a man, and he just begged to be a boyfriend or girlfriend? The more I think about it, the more irritated it becomes. Okay, a man, no matter how good he looks, he is still a man. He doesn't beat women, but men are no problem!

Apart from anything else, the two directly fought together. Coincidentally, this incident was seen by Ke Zheng on the side. What? Someone dared to beat the brother he was covering? No, you must beat back fiercely!

So, the final result is that both sides lose out.

And this directly caused the two of them to walk through the square with a stiff expression on their teeth when they walked the next day. Luo Xiao and Qiu Lu were worried and laughed in their hearts.

The last show on the last day of the military training was the gala. The big guy sat on the playground and it didnt matter what he performed. The most important thing was to create a lively atmosphere.

Of course, this time is also the time when students like them can face the instructor whether they are young or old. No, several people surrounded He Bentuan. Of course, they didn't want to use force or something, it's impossible, okay? Seeing the gossips on their faces, He Ben couldn't help but raised his eyebrows: Hmph, like playing tricks in front of me, how could it be possible!

After a lap, a few of them didn't ask anything valuable but didn't say anything, but He Bentao almost revealed the color of the bottoms and pants.

He Ben glanced at their downcast look, and then looked at Luo Xiao meaningfully, with a smirk at the corner of his mouth. Before Luo Xiao could react, he only heard him say: "If you have any questions, you can ask Luo Xiao~~~"

"Luo Xiao?" Everyone focused their eyes on him at once, with obvious incomprehension in their eyes.

"En, yes!" He Ben nodded, "Our relationship is extraordinary! Moreover, I will be your military instructor this time because of him!"

Well, everyone's eyes are all wrong! What, we have such a training that is obviously several times harder than others, but there is your reason? No way! Must not let it go!

Luo Xiao held their fiery eyes, and suddenly felt Alexander, and he looked at He Ben angrily: Teacher, what do you mean? Don't take you to cheat your former students like this!

He Ben turned his head directly, he said that there is no pressure to cheat students or anything. Besides, that's just a former student. Didn't you see that your family is still cheating him up to now? This time I finally had the opportunity to pit, how could I let it go! Although it was said that the scrupulous guy knew that he would be cheated even worse, but he was happy now! What's wrong!