Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 81

Chapter 80:

"Xiaoxiao, just let me go in~~ Today is the last day of the November holiday, and we will be parting tomorrow. Will you bear to see me so miserable?" Ye Lan looked with a grieving expression Following Luo Xiao, he moved his feet to the front without any trace, striving to successfully stay in the master bedroom again today.

Luo Xiao looked at him with a smile on his face, "Oh? Really? Seriously, I really bear it! Very bearable!"

"Oh! Isn't it? Heaven! Earth! Isn't my life going to be dark from now on?" Ye Lan exclaimed.

As a result, before the words were finished, one foot stretched out from behind and kicked Ye Lan fiercely. Elder Huo cursed fiercely, "You little bunny, what is the name of Lang? I dont know how big it is. Will it cause trouble for others at night?"

"Grandpa Huo, why is it you again?" Ye Lan rubbed the kicked place with an unhappy face, "You said you are a lot of age, why don't you go to bed? Don't you all say old age Do people go to bed early?"

"Who do you say is an old man? Hmm?" The old man Huo was unhappy when he heard this, and stared at him with his hands on his hips. "Old man, I, bah, no, I'm only fifty years old this year, just over half a hundred. Where is it getting old?"

"It's been over half a hundred, why are you not old?" Ye Lan looked at him provocatively, "Go to sleep, be good!"

"No, don't think about changing the subject! What we just said was not about this!" Old Huo was pushed hard by Ye Lan and walked to his room. When he just took a step, he suddenly reacted. , And then hugged Ye Lan's shoulders and smiled and said to Luo Xiao, "By the way, Xiaoxiao, it's getting late, you should close the door to sleep, and get up early to go to school tomorrow."

"En, yes, Master." Luo Xiao nodded obediently, and then smiled softly at Ye Lan, "Then Ye Zi, good night~~~~"

Looking at the closed door, Ye Lan suddenly felt that tonight will be another long and lonely night! Moreover, half of the reason for this result came from the person next to him. He turned his head and gritted his teeth and said, "Grandpa Huo, can you let me go now?"

"Of course, of course." Elder Huo didn't see the gloomy expression on his face, humming and walking to his bedroom, "Oh, when you get old, you should rest early and pay attention to sleep~~~"

Ye Lan had no choice but to touch his nose and walk towards the guest room. It seemed that he had done a little bit yesterday. However, who made Xiaoxiao so tempting at the time! Hey! It seems that even if you want to leave marks in the future, you have to leave them in places where no one pays attention. But, he still wants everyone to see these marks. He wants to let others know that Xiaoxiao belongs to him alone. Well!

Forget it, since Xiaoxiao is shy, he will try to pay attention to it in the future. He can't even lose the opportunity to drink meat and soup because of these things, otherwise the gain will not be worth the loss!

Early the next morning, Luo Xiao had to give him a farewell kiss under the entanglement of Ye Lan's rogue meal. Ye Lan touched the kissed cheek, there were still some small regrets in his heart, how could it not be a kiss?

"Don't look so stubborn. It will hinder the appearance of the city. Go to school." Old man Huo threw Ye Lan's schoolbag directly over, waved him impatiently and shut him outside.

Ye Lan took his schoolbag, looked at the closed door, and couldn't help but twitched his mouth: It seems that he is the head of this house, right? Why is it now shut out of the gate because of disgust? Forget it, don't think about it, go to school. Thinking that it would take five days to see Xiaoxiao from his family again, he once again sighed in his heart that time passed slowly!

"Yeah, the fourth child is back?" Yan Liben leaned back in his chair lazily and said hello.

Luo Xiao had already put his things back in the dormitory, and only when he walked into the classroom found that the only person in their dormitory was the second brother. This is surprising. The second brother who always stepped on the bell to enter the classroom unexpectedly came to the classroom ahead of schedule. Could it be that his eyes were blurred?

"Okay, don't be confused, I arrived early today." Yan Liben rolled his eyes, "By the way, why are you alone? What about the boss and the third?"

Luo Xiao sat down beside him, then shook his head, "I just came over from the dormitory and didn't see the two of them. Why, didn't you come here together?"

"No, the two of them came one after the other before me. It stands to reason that both of them should have arrived?" Yan Liben also said that he was not clear, and shrugged.

As soon as the voice fell, Ke Zheng and Qiu Lu walked into the classroom together.

"Hey? Boss, why are you here together?" Yan Liben asked casually, then looked at Ke Zheng expectantly, "Boss, Boss, did you bring me breakfast?"

"Bring it, here." Ke Zheng lifted the plastic bag in the handle and handed it directly to him, "There are only vegetable wraps, you will just eat it."

"Hey? There are no meat buns anymore." Yan Liben wailed after hearing this. As an out-and-out carnivore, what he hates most is being vegetarian. I really don't want to eat vegetable buns, but I don't want to eat them. Then I'm very hungry now, forget it, just try to eat.

"Third Brother, are you okay?" Luo Xiao looked at the obvious dark circles under Qiu Lu's eyes and asked worriedly, "Did you not sleep well recently?"

"That's not it." Yan Liben took a bite of the vegetable bag. The taste is not as unpleasant as expected. After taking another bite and swallowing it, he said, "I come back late every day after playing. I didnt expect this guy to be later than me. I read books every day and only went to bed at one or two in the morning. I went to the library to read a book before seven o'clock. I said, old pedant, if you go on like this, you will be a complete bookworm!"

"Brother is a good thing, but you can't ignore your body because of this." Luo Xiao said with concern.

Qiu Lu smiled and pushed his glasses, "Well, I'll pay attention. It's not that I was a little excited when I saw a few original books recently, and I won't be like this in the future." He still has the love for his brothers. I am very moved.

The bell rang, and the first class after the November holiday officially began.

After finishing the morning class, Luo Xiao and the four of them packed up their things and planned to go out to have a good meal. In fact, according to Yan Liben's statement, in order to comfort him that he had eaten two vegetable wraps in the morning, he must go to eat at noon. Barbecue is definitely the first choice!

After they put the book back in the dormitory, they took the money and went straight to the barbecue restaurant outside the school. As soon as they entered the restaurant, Yan Li ordered a long list of dishes quickly. Well, all kinds of pork and beef. , Mutton and so on, Luo Xiao and others couldn't help but get a black thread, and they complained in their hearts: How much love do you have for meat?

"Okay, that's all I want. Take a look. What else do you need?" After Yan Liben ordered all the meat in the store with satisfaction, he handed them the menu.

Luo Xiao and the three took a look, then ordered a few more vegetables such as enoki mushrooms and then returned the menu to the waiter.

When a plate of meat was served, Luo Xiao realized that the merchants at this time were not as authentic as they were in the future. The price was obviously high and the plates were huge, but the meat inside was only such a thin layer. Partially. Seeing all kinds of meat on seven or eight plates in front of him, Luo Xiao, who has always had an average appetite, felt hungry.

With a sigh, Yan Liben could not wait to put a few pieces of barbecue on the baking tray, smelling the slowly overflowing smell of barbecue, everyone's stomachs began to growl, needless to say, all four of them started the barbecue.

Dip it with his favorite sauce, Luo Xiao's appetite suddenly opened up. Hmm, I didn't expect to eat barbecue occasionally. The taste is still very good!

The four young and strong guys, who were on the verge of appetite, not only ate all the dishes they had just ordered, but also added several plates of meat. One by one, they touched their round belly and agreed that they would have to come back for another meal in the future. It is really good and cheap here!

The four people walked slowly around the campus, digesting their stomachs. Unexpectedly, when they wandered around, they would even see a free dog blood reality sitcom.

"Jiandong, why?" A petite girl looked at the man and woman holding hands in front of her crying, "You said clearly, I'm your girlfriend?"

The man kissed the girl who was snuggling next to him, and then looked at her disdainfully, "What's wrong with this? Talking about friends, everyone is your wish. If it is suitable, be together, if it is inappropriate, then separate Hey. I think we are not suitable now, so naturally I have to find another suitable one."

"But, even if you are looking for it, why are you looking for her?" The girl tremblingly pointed to the girl next to her, "You know, Lili is my best friend, are you worthy of me like this?"

The girl called Lili sneered, "Hey, I said, Xiaomei, can you not be so naive? Ajiana and I met earlier than you, and we were males a long time ago. My girlfriend has a relationship. If you didn't say Ajian wanted to try a different taste, you thought I would be your friend? Cut!"

"What?" Xiaomei's eyes widened in disbelief, "Lili, you! No, it's not true, it's not true. Jiandong, Lili is all false, all false is Isn't it?"

Seeing Xiaomei who was in a state of collapse at the moment, Jiandong deliberately raised a nasty smile and said clearly, "No, what she said is true."

"You! You two! I'm fighting with you!" After saying that, Xiao Mei rushed up and slammed at the two of them. Lili was caught off guard and slapped twice in the face. Jiandong His face was also scratched.

When Jiandong and Lili both saw it, they immediately became furious, and the action became more intense to fight Xiaomei. After Luo Xiao and others listened to their conversation, they all seriously despised the dog, man and woman in their hearts. Seeing Xiaomei being beaten at this moment, Ke Zheng immediately stepped forward to fight the injustice.

After the four of them joined, the pair of dogs, men and women quickly fell into a disadvantage. Especially, Ke Zheng has always been uncomfortable with this kind of thing, and there is no ambiguity in his actions. Moreover, he also specifically selected some invisible places to start, and all he used was ingenuity. It's the kind of people who seem to have no scars on the surface, but will hurt when they touch them.

"You guys wait for me!" Jiandong glared at the four of them with a pig-headed face, "And you, you Xiao Jian, person, I really didn't expect that, you even backed me to find I wont let you go after other men!"

After finishing speaking, regardless of Lili, who was also beaten and swollen, she fled here in embarrassment. Lili saw that this posture was wrong, and immediately followed Jiandong and left here.

"Classmate, are you okay?" Ke Zheng asked cautiously. There is no way. He is tall and tall, and this Xiaomei is petite, so he looks like he should be taken care of. He is at a loss. Up.

Yan Liben stabbed Luo Xiao and Qiu Lu next to him, and then slugged at them, with an obvious ambiguous smile on his face, "Look, our boss's spring is here."

Luo Xiao and Qiu Lu looked at them after hearing this. No, where is there any strange ambiguity?

Seeing the puzzled look of the two of them, Yan Liben sighed: They really don't understand the two pieces of wood!