Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 82

Chapter 81:

"Ke Zheng, Yan Liben, Qiu Lu, Luo Xiao, the four of you come out with me." After the class, Wei Guolin took the textbook and pointed at them, and then walked out of the classroom first.

Luo Xiao and the others glanced at each other, and Yan Liben immediately raised his eyebrows and said, "Dont guess, Old Wei must be looking for us because of yesterdays events, um, awarding heroes to save the United States? This is impossible! It should be that bitch. The wicked complain first, this is the rhythm of being invited to drink tea~~~"

"Okay, let's go." Ke Zheng waved his hand and patted his chest. "Don't worry, even if something really happens, I will take it!"

Yan Liben glared at the past, "Boss, who do you think we are? Yesterday it was the four of us who worked together. If you want to resist, we will also carry it together!"

"Yeah, that's right." Luo Xiao and Qiu Lu looked at Ke Zheng disapprovingly. Since they both regarded each other as brothers, the last thing they would do is betray their brothers.

The four people walked out of the classroom and silently followed Wei Guolin to his office. As the director of the entire director department, Wei Guolin has a separate office. He closed the door of the office and looked at the four of them. "Lets talk about it, what was the fight with the photography department yesterday?"

As the boss and head of their dormitory, Ke Zheng immediately told Wei Guolin the ins and outs of yesterday's fight in a brief and concise manner. After hearing this, Wei Guolin touched his chin and smacked his lips: "I'll just say, under my wise leadership, how could my students take the initiative to provoke the incident! It seems that this matter must be Lao Yang That guy was talking nonsense at the dean! Hmph, he wanted to put eye drops on me at the dean, but there was no way. By the way, you guys dont remember that I told you in class that its not just women Made of water, so do men."

The four Luo Xiao nodded and looked at Wei Guolin suspiciously, but they didn't respond at once. After all, it really couldn't keep up with the thinking of my own counselor for a while. But then, does this sentence have any special meaning in it?

After seeing them nodding, Wei Guolin directly decided, "Go, follow me to the dean's office, let's go to the theory."

"Oh." Luo Xiao and the four followed him obediently. On the way, the four of them made eye contact with each other. No matter how they looked, they felt that the development of the next thing should happen unexpectedly.

"President, here we are." Wei Guolin knocked on the door of the dean's office, and when he got a response, he walked in with the four of them. At first glance, whoops, what a coincidence, Lao Yang and the boy with a swollen nose and swollen face were also inside.

"Yeah, Lao Yang, are you here too?" Wei Guolin raised a smile on his face and nodded in greeting, "That's right, I also brought my students here. We can just take advantage of this time to make things happen. Isn't it clear?"

Old Yang grinned, and replied without a smile, "Yes, it's time to make things clear, otherwise, some people will not only shield the sinner, but even more damningly, they will take the opportunity to attack!"

"Well, yes, yes." Wei Guolin glanced at him meaningfully, and at the same time, nodded and pointed to the four people behind him and said to the dean, "Dean, the people have already been brought, what can I say? Just ask and they will tell you the truth."

"Yeah." The dean nodded. In fact, before they arrived, Lao Yang had brought Jiandong to tell the story from beginning to end. However, for the sake of fairness, the dean decided to listen to the other party's account.

After some recounting, the balance in the deans heart is actually slightly inclined to Luo Xiao and the others. The reason is very simple. The person Lao Yang brought is Jiandong. He added a lot of personal emotions when he talked about it. Luo Xiao's narration is impartial without a trace of personal feelings in it. With such a sharp contrast, anyone who listens to it will subconsciously favor the side of the objective statement.

What's more, the dean looked at Jiandong without a trace, and he still had some impression of this boy. Because, when this student entered the entrance examination, the score was just past their admission score. They didn't intend to accept such scores. However, because of Lao Yangs various ties, they still accepted the student, only because Lao Yang had repeatedly promised that the student usually had good grades, but the college entrance examination results this time were poor, but they came I will work harder in the future.

But the current situation is that grades are the bottom of their class. It is common for them to be late and leave early for class every day. One of the most passionate things is to have a girlfriend. It has been less than a month since the beginning of school, but he has already changed three or four girlfriends. Where did he come to study? It's just here to get a diploma!

For the dean, he has always been not very strict with the people under his hands, and it doesn't matter if they occasionally accept gifts or whatever. However, he doesn't allow anyone to use their school diploma as an exchange for personal gain. To do so is simply a shame to their school!

Thinking of this, the deans eyes darkened, and when he looked at Lao Yang, there was a trace of indifference in his eyes: Its best not to do what he thought, otherwise, he will definitely go to the dean to report. Asked to fire Lao Yang.

"Dean, you have also heard that this matter was first hit by them. They must apologize to my students, and then give them a warning from the school." Old Yang stared at Luo Xiao and the others angrily. It was extremely angry in my heart! Turning his head and looking at Jiandong who was standing beside him at the moment, his heart was bleeding! His dear money said goodbye to Jiandong because of his injury, and he will be able to get it in one day, but the ducks that reach the mouth are flying! That's a full ten thousand yuan! Ten thousand yuan!

It turned out that Jiandong was the son of a friend of Lao Yang's friend. Three generations in the other's family are single-passed. For Jiandong, the only Miaomiao, the family members are all kinds of pampering, to the point that they will never give the moon to the stars. This time, the college entrance examination is actually the family member who bought the relationship and let others take the exam for him. Originally, this score was steady for previous years. However, due to the fact that this year's tests are generally good, leading to higher enrollment scores, the results of this generation of tests are a bit dangerous.

And Jiandong wanted to come here to study. In order to meet his requirements, his parents sought relationships with various trustees, and finally they begged Lao Yang to come here. As the director of the photography department, Lao Yang, who can climb this position would not have any means.

In addition, Lao Yang has always been a snobby guy who sees money open. After discussing the price with Jiandongs parents, he used money to clear up the relationship and smoothly get Jiandong in, but he can only get where he is. Its not easy to go to other places in this department. But fortunately, Jiandong originally planned to choose the photography department, which is the best for Lao Yang.

And since Jiandong usually lives on campus, his family entrusted Lao Yang to take care of him more when he was at school. They would give Lao Yang a monthly fee of RMB 10,000 as the hard work he took care of Jiandong at school. fee. However, after learning that Jiandong had been beaten this time, the family members decided not to give Lao Yang the money this month. Unless, let several people who fight Jiandong be punished accordingly.

As a result, this is the current drama of false accusation. In fact, Lao Yang knew what the truth of the matter was in his heart, but for the additional income of 10,000 yuan a month, he decided to give it a try. In this way, even if the final result is a failure, he can still make a smooth deal and try to get the money in his hands.

"Yes, that's right." Wei Guolin nodded directly, "From the statement just now, it is indeed wrong for my student to act first. However, you have also heard that the reason why my student beats others is why Its also because your students are doing something wrong, they will only take action if they cant stand it."

"Huh! These are all excuses!" Lao Yang snorted coldly, "Do you have any evidence to prove that my students are wrong? Those two girls who were the parties involved in this incident can't prove anything. You know, they are probably talking nonsense."

"Yes, these are excuses." Yan Liben said suddenly.

Luo Xiao and the others turned their heads and looked at him in surprise, their eyes were full of puzzlement, but what they saw before them made their eyes widened: He, is he crying? cry! Isn't it?

Seeing Yan Liben's exquisite and indefensible face, coupled with the tearful look of Pear Blossom at this moment, immediately looked silly at everyone, especially Jiandong, who has always been accustomed to it.

"The dean, in fact, there is actually one thing I haven't told you." Yan Liben bit his lower lip lightly, closed his eyes and said with a frustrated expression, "The people in our dormitory did it for me."

"Oh? For you?" The dean deliberately said in cooperation. He had seen the eye contact between Wei Guolin and this little guy just now, "What's the matter?"

"Principal, you saw it too." Yan Liben took a look at Jiandong, and let everyone follow his gesture to clearly see the squinted expression on Jiandong's face, and then continued, "He was rude to me. Therefore, that's why they will hit him."

After Luo Xiao and others heard this, they immediately reflected, and each of them had a forbearing expression. Ke Zheng even showed a self-blaming expression on his face, "Liben, don't say it. You. Why should I tell this matter?"

"That means, second brother." Luo Xiao stepped forward and took out the handkerchief from his pocket and gently wiped the tears from his face, "Why do you, you know we don't want you to say it."

"But, if I don't say it, wouldn't you be confused?" Yan Liben sobbed and said, "I don't want you to have anything to do with you."

"Second brother." Qiu Lu came over and patted him on the shoulder, then waited viciously for Jiandong. I want to rush forward and give him a good lesson.

Wei Guolin nodded in satisfaction: Well, it seems that he understands what he said. However, I really didn't expect this little guy named Yan Liben to cry! Um, the way he cried is really pitiful, and he deserves to be the recognized "ban flower" of their director department!

Suddenly, Jiandong was watched by everyone with fiery eyes of disdain, disgust, and blame, and suddenly he felt Alexander on his body. And when the old Yang on the side saw that the form was wrong, especially the dean's expression was so gloomy, he knew that they couldn't please with this matter today. So, with a cold face, he pulled La Jiandong's clothes and said to the dean: "Dean, I think everyone is wrong in this matter, so let's stop there. If you entangle yourself, things will become Once its out of control, it wont look good."

"Well, that's it." The dean nodded blankly.

Lao Yang directly took the unwilling Jiandong and left here quickly, and everyone could vaguely hear Jiandong's constant complaints against Lao Yang.

"You! You got a bad idea again!" The dean pointed to Wei Guolin in a dumbfounded manner, and then looked at Yan Liben with praise, "Well, your name is Yan Liben, right? This acting is good. But it needs to be improved."

"Yes, Dean." Yan Liben had put away his tears when Lao Yang and Jiandong left the dean's office. Luo Xiao was surprised to see him. How did these two brothers shrink freely?

Wei Guolin waved at Luo Xiao and the others, "Okay, nothing is wrong with you, let's go back, the dean and I have something to say."

"Goodbye dean, goodbye counselor." Luo Xiao and the others turned around and left here after saying hello.

What they didn't know was that, just because of this incident, Jiandong completely hated the four of them in his heart, especially his second brother Yan Liben.