Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 83

Chapter 82:

The time of college life always passes quickly. I obviously feel that I just enrolled yesterday, but in fact today is the internship mobilization meeting for Luo Xiao and their seniors.

Above is Wei Guolin explaining the requirements of this internship, while below are the whispers among small groups to communicate their own plans.

In the past four years, although the food company established by Luo Xiao and Ye Lan cannot be said to have blossomed all over the country, it has basically successfully settled in the developed first-tier cities, and is slowly expanding towards second-tier and third-tier cities. . His personal assets have increased a lot in this short period of four years. After all, such large supermarket chains are still rare in the current domestic market. Even if some people later set up similar large supermarkets, their supermarket names have already become popular.

Of course, after his firm denial of the name of this supermarket, Ye Lan reluctantly gave up the name of Xiaoxiao Supermarket and finally changed it to Carrego.

Now, when it comes to going to the supermarket, everyones basic reaction is: Oh, go to Carrego? I have a card here, so I can discount points. Let me lend you. Or, dont you buy something in a hurry, just use it in a few days, waiting for the membership day to pass, not only the price is more favorable, but also there are many promotions! And so on and so on.

That's right, because there are Luo Xiao, a person who knows the common promotion methods used by later generations, and Ye Lan, a business genius, and the combination of the two, the performance of this supermarket has naturally soared. Due to this kind of membership card, member day discounts, member birthday exclusive discounts and other promotional methods have emerged one after another, directly ditching other follow-up supermarkets. Let other major supermarkets see their Carrego, it will become more envy and hatred as they look at it!

Therefore, with such a wealth, Luo Xiao doesn't need to work to make money like other classmates. He only needs to shoot the movie he wants according to his own mind.

But then, why does it feel a bit dark and refreshing? Luo Xiao touched his chin and sighed secretly: Well, it should be an illusion.

"Boss, what plans do you guys have?" Yan Liben asked faintly, lying on the table, "Do you want to go out and try to make a film, or go to someone else's crew?"

Ke Zheng touched his head and smiled honestly, "I have a friend who happens to be working in a crew. I plan to find him and see if I can follow along."

"Well, what about you? Old scholastic, don't you want to be immersed in reading again?" Yan Liben felt deeply helpless at the youngest third who likes to immerse himself in reading. The way, these four years are enough to let others know how much he is addicted to books.

Qiu Lu pushed his eyes, and then turned his gaze away from the book in front of him: "I plan to find some movies and TV shows in period dramas to see and learn by the way, and then try to shoot a short film at my own expense. Finally, Go for a postgraduate exam and a doctorate, and strive to stay as a teacher in this school."

"Well, good future plan." Yan Liben nodded, and then got up from the table, resting his head on the table in one hand and lazily looking at Luo Xiao, "Fourth, what about you?"

Luo Xiao shook his head slightly, "I haven't considered the specifics yet. Fortunately, there is enough time. As long as the report is submitted before May next year, it is enough. I plan to go back and think about it. What are your plans, brother?"

"Me? Alas!" Yan Liben sighed deeply, and then said with a gloomy face, "Our old man gave me an ultimatum. After graduation, I will go back to inherit the family business. You say, just my face. Is it really appropriate to be a policeman?"

"Um..." Luo Xiao and the others looked at this face that hadn't been calm for nearly four years, and had to silently turn their heads. Seriously, let him be a policeman to catch a thief? Is it relying on beauties?

After Wei Guolin sent down the matters needing attention and the filled-in information form, he directly waved his hand and asked them to go back to each house and find each mother. For this year's students, he still has a bottom in his heart, although it cannot be said that all the students in the future will stick to this principle, and all of them will become talents. However, there will always be a few people who will eventually become the pride of the alma mater.

After the meeting, the whole class left the classroom in twos and threes, and went back to pack up and leave school to practice. After saying goodbye to the three of them, Luo Xiao went straight to the house where he and Ye Lan lived together. At this time, Ye Lan was working in the company. When he arrived in his junior year, he had already completed the credits ahead of schedule, and he was waiting to get his diploma with Luo Xiao in his senior year. Why do you say that you can get your graduation certificate after you have completed the credits? Naturally, it is because he wants to graduate with Xiaoxiao from his family on the same day. The absence of the two of them in the same school has made him dissatisfied. How can this graduation time be different from his Xiaoxiao? Moreover, he didn't tell Xiaoxiao that he had completed the credits, just to allow him to spend four years of college leisurely.

Therefore, even if it is available, he is still willing to procrastinate, and he will go directly to the company for the remaining two years. After all, he now has three companies under his name. One of them is the company he and his family Xiaoxiao co-founded. Lets not talk about the other two business conditions. This Luoye Food Co., Ltd. must make money. what!

"Xiaoxiao, are you back?" Ye Lan came home from get off work. As soon as he walked in the door, he smelled a tempting scent of rice, and his eyes lit up clearly.

Luo Xiao stretched out his head from the kitchen and glanced at him: "I'm back? Put the bag down and wash your hands. I will bring out this dish and we can eat."

"En, okay." Ye Lan stepped forward and hugged Luo Xiao's waist and gave a kiss like a dragonfly. Before he had time to react, he had already walked into the bathroom, and there was a sound of water inside.

Luo Xiao touched his lips, then took a light look at the bathroom, then turned and walked into the kitchen. For Ye Ye's stealing kisses from time to time, and the morning and night kisses that have become a routine, Luo Xiao said, hehe, he is used to it.

Fart, what do you get used to, habit, forget it when no one is there, but the problem is that Ye Zi is basically known to everyone! Except for his mother and godmother, his master, Grandpa Ouyang and others already knew about it. Moreover, what made him most unbelievable was that he even received a call from Ye Lan's grandfather. Originally, when he first received it, his heart was ready to be scolded, but the final result made him doubt whether his ears had auditory hallucinations.

Because, Grandpa Ye actually dared to thank him in an extremely amiable tone for being the companion of his grandson. He even said that if Ye Zi did something wrong in the future, just call him and he will teach this grandson.

Is this really what the grandfather of a big family as the patriarch would say? Obviously, the bridge section under normal circumstances shouldn't be how much money do you need to leave my grandson, just speak up?

In any case, since Grandpa Ye supported the relationship between the two of them, this undoubtedly gave Luo Xiao a sigh of relief. Moreover, the people around who knew their situation also expressed their kindness, which made their relationship go quite smooth. The only thing that worries Luo Xiao now is that his mother and godmother still don't know about this. And he was really embarrassed to take the initiative to mention it, and just drag it with an ostrich mentality.

"By the way, Xiaoxiao, are you starting your internship now?" Ye Lan asked after taking a sip of soup to warm his stomach, "Are there any requirements?"

Luo Xiao put a chopsticks Ye Lan's sweet and sour tenderloin into his bowl, "Well, Old Wei said, as long as we give him the completed form before the stipulated time."

"Social practice table?" Ye Lan ate the tenderloin that Luo Xiao gave him, squinted his eyes, his face was full of enjoyment, "Well, it's delicious!"

"Yeah." Luo Xiao nodded, "He gave us two choices, one is to find a place for internship, and then let the other company stamp a seal. Another is to take advantage of this for nearly a year. Take a photo of something in time, and then hand it in."

"Well, do you have any plans?" Ye Lan asked suspiciously.

Luo Xiao shook his head slightly, "I haven't thought about the specifics, but I have considered it, and I should choose to shoot things."

"If that's the case, Xiaoxiao, let's make a movie." Ye Lan seemed to have thought of something, as if to give him serious advice.

"Huh?" Luo Xiao was a little puzzled, "Ye Zi, is there something wrong?"

"Well, you know. I now have three companies under my hand. The food company continues to add value every year. The internet company has hired people to introduce a lot of talents in this area, although there is no real profit yet. But the future value-added space cannot be underestimated. As for real estate companies, you also know that with the continuous development of the countrys economy, the number of people coming to big cities is increasing. In order to relieve the pressure on housing, it is a trend to build new houses. It must be done." Ye Lan paused and continued, "However, in the current market, although the number of real estate companies is large and the good and the bad are uneven, there are also many large real estate companies that are more powerful than ours. Their houses are sold at the same level. Its not bad, and although we have stocked a lot of land, its the first time we built a house. Im not worried about the quality, design, etc. of this house. There will be no problems with He Ben staring there. Yes. After it is built, how to sell all of them is a problem. Therefore, how to start our first shot is very important."

"So, do you want me to shoot something to help you start this shot?" Luo Xiao raised his eyebrows and said.

"Well, yes, that's it." Ye Lan nodded.

Luo Xiao pondered for a while, then looked at him and said, "This is okay. But, I want to ask first, which group is your main target for the customer group of this house."

"These people from Bei Diao."

"Beijing~~~" Luo Xiao sighed. This is a group of people who bravely pursue their dreams. Although life is under great pressure, they still maintain a positive, cheerful and optimistic attitude. Since this is the case, it means that they are financially struggling, so they definitely want to spend less on accommodation. If you want to spend less, group renting is the best choice.

And speaking of group renting, Luo Xiao's mind suddenly flashed the name of a TV series, isn't it just such a group of people. It is precisely because the investor of this drama is a real estate company, which led to their house, which is the house shared by the characters in the drama, sold a lot for this.

Well, although it is really shameful to steal the results of others. However, firstly, the TV series started filming more than ten years later. Secondly, for the company of his Ye Zips, he decided to be a villain last time.