Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 84

Chapter 83:

After Luo Xiao made up his mind, he shut himself up in the study for three days and three nights. In addition to normal eating and sleeping, he used to recall the original TV series "Passion and Confusion" that resonated with the Peipiao clan. This TV series mainly tells a group of college students who have just entered the society after graduating from university. From graduation to employment, from co-renting to buying a house, from love to family affection, the inspirational youth romance story.

Ye Lan looked at the thick stack of paper in his hand, then looked at the obvious dark circles on Xiaoxiao's face, and there was a burst of warmth in his heart. However, even so, his family Xiaoxiao could not be so tired because of his affairs. For a moment, he felt deeply self-blame for his proposal.

"Xiaoxiao, you haven't slept well these few days, now hurry up and take a good rest." Ye Lan touched his cheek distressedly, "Look at you, you're all haggard a lot!"

"Ha~~~" Luo Xiao hit Hatch several times, rubbed his eyes with his hand, and stumbled with Ye Lan's help after taking off his clothes and getting into the bed, muttering softly, " Then watch it first. If there is any problem, wait until I wake up."

As the voice became smaller and smaller, Luo Xiao soon fell into a deep sleep. Ye Lan looked at him tenderly, and after helping him pull the quilt, he turned and left the room lightly.

When he walked to the sofa in the living room and sat down, Ye Lan took a closer look at the stack of thick paper he was holding. Turning the first page, he calmed down and began to read carefully.

"Tingling bell~~~" A ringing of the telephone rang, awakened Ye Lan, who had already been fascinated by reading. He looked up and the clock on the opposite wall indicated that more than three hours had passed. However, because he didn't notice the passage of time, he glanced at the manuscript in his hand with complicated eyes, and then got up to answer the non-stop phone call.

"Hey, who?" As soon as Ye Lan finished speaking, Grandpa Ye's voice came over the phone.

"Hey, it's you. Why didn't Xiaoxiao answer the phone?" Grandpa Ye's tone was full of obvious disgust, "Go, let Xiaoxiao answer the phone, I still like talking to him."

Ye Lan squeezed his fist, and blue veins appeared on his forehead. "Grandpa, don't always pester Xiaoxiao, that's mine!"

"Huh! What yours!" Old Master Ye snorted coldly, "I know, you are still in the trial stage now! It is not certain whether you can become a regular one!"

"If your grandson can't become a normal person, then Xiaoxiao is someone else's!" Ye Lan twitched his mouth. "By the way, grandpa, am I your grandson? Why do you always curse that I can't become a normal person? But your future daughter-in-law!"

"Wrong!" Elder Ye said calmly, "Even if he can't be my grandson, that's my god-grandson. For my grandson's happiness, my grandfather must guard him."

"I'm still your grandson, come on, if you always have nothing to do, that's good, goodbye." Ye Lan made a roll of eyes and put the phone down.

The old man in the Ye family heard the beep from the phone, but he didn't respond at all, and then he looked at the housekeeper beside him in disbelief and said, "Old Xu, Alan this The little **** hung up my phone in a rebellious manner."

"Master, it seems that you will play less with Master in the future." Steward Xu faintly said, "Master has a long way to chase his wife. It has been more than seven years and is still in the trial stage. This time is longer."

"But, I just can't bear it!" Ye Old Man put down his serious look in the eyes of outsiders, and said with a rascal expression, "Old Xu, you said, why is my grandson so lucky to meet Xiaoxiao like this? What about people with good personality, good looks, well-behaved, sensible, and Wangfu? Why didn't you meet me? It was obvious that when I was young, I was more handsome and more attractive than this little bunny!"

Steward Xu rolled his eyes directly, then turned and left here: Well, he still has a lot of work to do, and he has no time to listen to his master's narcissism here. I don't know when it started, but the master would talk about his heroic deeds from time to time when the two of them were alone. At the beginning, I still had the patience to listen. Now I have left as soon as I heard it!

"Oh, old Xu, don't leave, I haven't finished speaking yet!" When the old man saw the housekeeper, he turned and left without hesitation, and immediately chased him up. "Say, or we should go to Xiaoxiao tomorrow. How is that kid?"

Steward Xu glanced at him and said faintly: "Master, I can guarantee that if you go, Young Master really can't help but just kill your relatives."

Elder Ye touched his chin, well, according to that little bastard's character, it is really possible to commit the following crimes! Forget it, next time. After all, it seems to be a bit frequent recently.

In fact, Elder Ye knew about Luo Xiao's existence ten years ago, when they were in the first grade of junior high school. After all, since Ye Lan called to report that he was safe, he secretly sent someone to protect his only bloodline. Even though, he knew that there would be no problems with the care of his friend Huo. But he was not afraid of 10,000, just in case, he still sent it for peace of mind.

And the main task of this person sent is not to protect, but to send messages to let Elder Ye know the situation of his grandson at any time. So, based on the news, he learned that his grandson treated a teenager named Luo Xiao very well, that his academic performance was rising rapidly, that he was admitted to a key middle school, that he had made money with Luo Xiao, and that He used the money to buy land and start a company, etc. In a word, following Luo Xiao, his grandson is delicious and spicy. It is simply a trend to win in one life!

Therefore, in his heart, the old man Ye is more and more curious about Luo Xiao, what kind of child is he? Under the coercion and temptation, he finally let his grandson turn Luo Xiao to study in the b city. The thought of having the opportunity to get close contact with him is really satisfying.

but! Ye Lan, the little bastard, didn't take the initiative to bring people to the door. He wanted to go and see, and he always pushed back and forth. Unable to bear it, Elder Ye decided to come to him in a low-key manner.

I have to say that maybe Ye Lan and his parents are really offended. Because, on the day that Mr. Ye came to the door, he finally had some tofu, but before he had a few bites, he was directly interrupted by the bell at the door. Seeing Luo Xiao tidying up his clothes in a panic, his face flushed, he knew that one of his great opportunities was interrupted again.

After Grandpa Ye and Luo Xiao talked, it really was a very happy conversation. In less than a day, the relationship between the two of them quickly heated up, and Ye Lan, who was watching, was jealous. Even if it's his own grandfather, he can't occupy his Xiaoxiao's time like this. Even if his Xiaoxiao's time is one minute, even one second should belong to him!

After that, he didn't know whether it was intentional or unintentional. Out of the ten times, he was interrupted by his grandfather more than half of the time. Why not just eat tofu? Would you like this? At this rate, when can he eat meat?

Okay, let's not talk about it, and bring the topic back. But he said that after hanging up the phone, Ye Lan walked to the sofa and sat down again, picked up the unfinished manuscript and continued to look down. After finally reading the last word, Ye Lan sighed deeply. He had to say that if this manuscript was really made into a movie, he would dare to pack the tickets, it would surely cause a huge response. After all, the play fully describes the real life of their generation. To be honest, he can't wait to take a look at the results after shooting.

Putting down the manuscript and putting it aside carefully, he got up and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner. Although, after these four years, he has been stumbling from a life idiot to a cooking idiot. However, the basic cooking of noodles is still possible.

It just so happens that there are two packages of leftover egg noodles, a few eggs and two tomatoes, which can be used to make tomato egg noodles.

After cooking the noodles, Ye Lan went to the bedroom and gently called, "Xiaoxiao, get up to eat the noodles, Xiaoxiao, wake up, let's go to sleep after eating."

"Um~~~" Luo Xiao opened his eyes in a daze, staring at Ye Lan blankly.

Ye Lan knew what was going on right away. He proficiently put on clothes for Luo Xiao, and then took him to the bathroom and handed him the toothbrush with toothpaste, and he saw Luo Xiao brushing his teeth without being really awake. Gently wiped his face with a towel, then pulled him to the dining table.

Smelling the light scent, Luo Xiao slowly came to his senses and blinked. Well, it turned out to be eating! Then I picked up the chopsticks and ate a bite. Well, the leaf noodles are still very good!

After eating the chopsticks, Ye Lan packed up the dishes and sat on the sofa with Luo Xiao, "Xiaoxiao, I have read this thing you wrote, it's really great!"

"Uh, thank you." Luo Xiao touched his nose uncomfortably, no way, after all, it was not his own original work.

"I look forward to the finished product!" Ye Lan smiled, "It's just that we are facing a problem now."

"Actor." Luo Xiao answered tacitly.

"Yes, it's not wrong." Ye Lan nodded, "As your virgin work, I will find the best crew for you to assist you in filming. However, for the main actors and other tasks, who should I look for? What about acting?"

Luo Xiao pondered for a long time. Yes, a good play cannot do without an excellent script, an outstanding director and other behind-the-scenes staff, and even more appropriate actors. Because this play was originally filmed and broadcasted almost ten years later, which means that the young protagonists in it are still at a young age, not to mention some people may still be underage. In this case, it is bound to need to change actors!

In that case, they would have to make a high profile once!

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