Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 85

Chapter 84:

"Hey, have you heard that?" A handsome-looking boy patted his friends and said with a smile.

"I heard what?" The friend looked at him puzzledly, "has anything happened recently?"

"Oh, you nerd, you know that you don't pay attention to the big things happening around you when you read a book." The boy nodded his head, "It is the audition that everyone has been discussing recently!"

"Seasonal election? What is that?" Hearing this strange vocabulary, the friend showed a hint of curiosity.

The boy looked at him with a dull look, "Hey, don't you know? I tell you, the so-called audition is a selection competition in which everyone has the opportunity to participate."

"Then what should I choose for this audition?" my friend asked further.

An excited expression appeared on the boy's face, "It's an actor!"

"Actor." My friend immediately lost interest. He is better off reading books. Anyway, he has no interest in being an actor at all.

The boy pulled his sleeves and threw a temptation. "You have to know that the investor in this movie is a real estate company, and for the actors selected this time, they said, they will be based on the role of the scene. Give the corresponding discount on buying a house! I heard that if they are the leading actors, then give them a house for free! You know, there are almost six leading actors in this drama!"

"Hey? Really?" When my friend heard this, his eyes lit up. Although he doesn't like being an actor very much, but for the house, he can also try it! He turned his head and looked at the boy seriously, "Go, let's go to apply for the audition together!"

"En! Let's go!" The boy clenched his fists, "Come on!"

They didn't notice, the eyes of a boy who was not far away from them after hearing the news, and the fists clenched tightly.

Dialogues similar to this one rang out all over the country for a while, especially for the group of north drifters who are working hard in city b, who are always paying attention to the latest developments in things.

In a spacious and bright office, Ye Lan leaned back lazily on the sofa, watching the latest developments in the audition that his subordinates brought up.

"Hey, I said, Ye Lan, you guys are good." He Ben leaned against the wall arrogantly, holding a glass of red wine in his hand, "I don't know how your kid's brain grows. This kind of audition came. The guys on the TV station now see you as if they see God of Fortune with their eyes bright. Not only does this activity do not charge any fees, they also advertise the house we want to build for free in advance. At the same time, the movie that you invested in and shot was also promoted. It really kills three birds with one stone!"

"However, having said that, I've seen the script of your movie roughly, so who do you plan to let it film?" He Ben shook the red wine glass in his hand, took a sip, and then continued to ask." To be honest, if this is done, it will definitely be a classic."

Ye Lan put down the file in his hand, pressed his temple to relax, and then said softly, "That's naturally for my family Xiaoxiao to come and shoot."

"Hey?" When He Ben heard it, Xiaoxiao frowned, "Ye Lan, I didn't say it. Although Luo Xiao is a good director, he is a freshman who has not yet practiced in his senior year. Student, isnt it a bit inappropriate for you to leave this to him for shooting?"

"Isn't it?" Ye Lan raised an eyebrow and looked at him with a smile. "But, I don't think anyone can capture the meaning of it better than Xiaoxiao. After all, he is this movie. The screenwriter."

So what, it looks like I just heard a heavyweight news. He Ben's eyes widened in surprise, and couldn't help but confirm, "You said just now that Luo Xiao is the screenwriter of this movie? I heard it right?"

"I think it's time for you to see a doctor. It's not good that your ears are not working well." Ye Lan suggested sincerely, but his eyes were obviously joking.

Well, I heard it right. He Ben glanced at Ye Lan with complicated eyes, and then asked as if thinking of something, "So what, don't you tell me, this audition was also thought of by Luo Xiao."

Ye Lan nodded, affirmed his thoughts, and then looked at him with a full face, "That must be true, my Xiaoxiao is very Wangfu!"

What to do, my hands are really itchy! He Ben turned his head directly, he was afraid that he could not help but rushed up and punched him severely. Seriously, the smile on Ye Lan's face was so cheap!

However, if you think about it carefully, Luo Xiao, as this kid's daughter-in-law, is not his sister-in-law. The so-called fertile water does not flow into the field of outsiders, should he have time to please him now? In other words, how do you feel as if you have forgotten something? Forget it, don't worry, I will come home tomorrow to make a good relationship.

And one day in the future, He Ben is deeply grateful that he is going to make a good relationship now, otherwise the wife who got it will just run away! No way, the relationship between the wife and Luo Xiao is better than with him!

"By the way, is the crew done? Do you need my help?" He Ben looked at him and asked.

"Why, do you have someone to recommend?" Ye Lan said, he didn't even know that his cousin would know someone in this area.

"Well, do you remember my good buddy Xiangyang." He Ben drank the rest of the red wine in one sip and walked over and put the cup on the coffee table. "His uncle works in a film studio and knows many shooting crews, and he also I brought a team, I will find one for you to try?"

Ye Lan nodded, "Well, you can arrange time as soon as possible. We will meet and discuss with you. If it's appropriate, then it's best."

"Okay, no problem, this matter is on my body." He Ben patted his chest and promised. As long as he thinks of the success of this movie, their house will sell out, he is full of motivation. what!

When he got home from get off work, Ye Lan told Luo Xiao about it. Luo Xiao was still worried about the problems of the filming team, and thought that these staff members would look for them one by one, but he didn't expect to solve them so soon.

Since this is not a problem anymore, then he can devote himself to the selection role. After all, this is his first virgin work, not only for himself, for the sale of Ye Zis house, but also for the respect of the original author. In any case, he must do it for 120,000 points. Hard to shoot it well.

As time goes by, the audition has entered the final stage. Because of this audition, he deliberately went back to school and asked Old Wei for help. With the help of the school teacher, there were less than ten people left in each role.

Early in the morning, Luo Xiao put on his clothes and was ready to go out, because today is the day to finalize the role. Countless viewers were waiting in front of the TV on time, just to know what the final result was like.

Since there are not many people involved in the TV series, some of the roles that are not very important have already been selected, and today they are going to choose the six main actors, exactly three men and three women.

In the end, it is the player who has been selected to stay at the end. Luo Xiao made a difficult choice based on the form of temporary performance. Soon, three women among the six leading actors have been confirmed, and three male leading actors have been confirmed one after another. Just waiting for the actor of the last leading actor to confirm, all the viewers who watched the live TV were waiting with bated breath.

When the last three candidates came out, Luo Xiao looked at one of them and couldn't help but widened his eyes: How could this guy appear here?

Because there are school teachers to help out, he came directly to the final finals to confirm the final candidate. In the previous auditions, he hadn't been selecting on the spot all the time. If he saw it for the first time, he would definitely not let this guy appear here!

The first actor in the TV series "Passion and Confusion" is a young man with an optimistic and cheerful personality, who is constantly striving for self-improvement. In the big city of B city, as a foreigner, he has experienced a series of life problems. Various things at work. However, the setback did not defeat him, but honed him, allowing him to finally take root in this city through his own efforts, and to reap love with the companionship of friendship.

Therefore, with the setting of such a character, Luo Xiao hopes that the person playing this role has a sunny and healthy appearance, a well-proportioned muscle body, and a cheerful and optimistic personality.

But why does Yu Jia, a white chicken + sick deep well ice patient, appear here? How does his appearance, body shape, and especially his personality fit?

"Teacher, who is the boy in the middle?" Luo Xiao asked the old Wei next to him softly. Since reading the script written by Luo Xiao, he has taken care of this matter. The audition has gone to the present.

He raised his head and glanced, and immediately understood, "This person, I chose. Although I also think that his external conditions in all aspects are not very good. However, I see the acting skills of this little guy. After that, it was really good. So I let him stay until the end."

Luo Xiao nodded and said nothing on the face, but in his heart he already gritted his teeth with hatred: This white-eyed wolf's acting skills really have to be said, okay! If it's not good, how could he lie to him in his previous life without being discovered for so many years! If it's not good, how could he have to die in the wild at last!

However, having said that, the white-eyed wolf has never participated in any audition show in his life? Why did you participate now? Did something happen in it that he didn't know? It seems that he needs to ask someone to do a good investigation. Anyway, he thought he was not a good person. If Yu Jia lived a good life, he wouldn't mind letting him live a hard life. And if his life is uncomfortable and difficult, then he doesn't mind going to the bottom of the rock! The killing debt owed to him in the previous life will definitely be doubled in this life!