Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 86

Chapter 85:

"Atu, what are you looking at? Let's go home." Yu Jia pulled the road beside him, very puzzled why those who followed him would stop suddenly.

Jujiu pointed to a few children who were playing with water drifting not far away, and said with a smile: "Play, stone, red."

"Huh?" Yu Jia didn't pay attention to what this foolish cousin said at first. After all, who would be serious about what a fool said?

However, just when he looked carefully in the direction he was pointing towards, he happened to find a river over there, a river where his mother and the dead old woman died together a few years ago. In other words, they have passed through this river many times. In the past, this fool didn't stop and say anything. How could this happen today?

Yu Jia fell into thinking. If there is any difference in this, it means that these little boys are playing tricks. Wait a minute, hit the water, hit the stone! Suddenly there was a guess that made him feel cold all over. Could it be that his mother...

"Atu, be good, come and look at your brother." Yu Jia turned to face the road, touched his little head, and asked softly with a smile on his face, "You tell my brother, you used to Did you see someone throwing a stone at someone in the river?"

Lu Tu tilted his head and didn't quite understand what the elder brother was saying, but he still understood a few words, patted his chubby little hand excitedly, and said with a smile, "Stone, play, stone ,play."

Is it true? In Yu Jia's eyes, a storm of brewing began little by little. Who on earth was so cruel that would do such a thing?

"Come on, then tell your brother, did you see who is playing?" Yu Xia tried to suppress the anger in his heart, and continued to ask with a stiff smile, "If you say it, brother will buy you candy to eat! "

"Tangtang, Tangtang!" Lu Tu's face showed a clear smile after hearing the word, and his eyes were shiny.

"Yes, what about Tangtang! Your favorite Tangtang!" Yu Jia continued to seduce him, "Come on, tell brother, who is playing?"

"Brother, brother." Lu Tu stepped forward, clutching his hands tightly and looking at him expectantly, yelling flatteringly, "Brother, brother."

"Okay, okay, okay. I'll buy it for you later." Yu Jia knew that Lu Tu liked to act like a baby. He didn't respond when he first heard it. After a while, he immediately responded. , If this brother didn't mean him, there would be only one person. So, is the murderer really that person?

Therefore, the summer two years ago, for Yu Jia, it was a cold summer. Yes, that's right, cold, because just this summer, he learned the truth about the death of his mother, and he also accidentally learned that the property and other things his father had left him had been taken away by others. Yes, take it away! It was not someone else who took his things, but his good cousin Lu Cheng.

And when he knew these things accidentally, he was naturally extremely angry, but he couldn't beat the tall and magnificent Lu Cheng, and the mentally retarded Lu Tu became his best target. One day at noon, he took advantage of the landing process to go out, and wanted to quietly trick Lu Tu to the river. It's a pity that although this idiot is stupid, he listened to Lu Cheng's words abnormally. He was not allowed to go out even though Yu Jia was told to not go out.

Yu Jia was furious by him, and in a fit of anger, he slapped Lu Tu a few times in the face. Lu Tu was stunned for a moment, and two symmetrical red palm prints appeared on his white little face immediately, and then he opened his throat directly with a "Wow~~~~".

Yu Jia heard the harsh sound, and the blue veins on his forehead couldn't help but come out. He stepped forward and pushed Lu Tu to the ground, lifting his foot a few times, "Why cry? You cry again, Believe it or not, I will kill you!"

"Stop!" Lu Cheng screamed, and at the same time stepped forward and bumped into Yu Jia, carefully supporting his brother, looking at his red and swollen face and the obvious bruises on his body, he turned his head and stared at Yu viciously. Jia, "What kind of thing are you, you dare to bully my brother!" If it wasn't for him to come back because he remembered that something was forgotten at home, maybe his brother would be bullied!

Yu Jia was frightened by his ferocious eyes and took a step back, and then immediately calmed down, "What kind of thing are you! Not only did you kill my mother, but now he even took revenge and took away the things that belonged to me." Now. Are you still human? Huh?"

"Oh, how am I? What if I'm not a person? Does it have anything to do with you?" Lu Cheng helped his brother and looked at him sarcastically, "If it wasn't for your being good to my brother, Do you think you can still live here now?"

"You!" Yu Jia shivered with anger, "Believe it or not, I'll call the police and let the police arrest you!"

"Catch me?" Lu Cheng glanced at him up and down with an idiot look. "For no reason, the police will believe you? Let's not say if you have any direct evidence, just say that your mother is There are no bones left, how can I prove that I killed her?"

"No bones?" Yu Jia's eyes widened, staring at him in horror, "You, shouldn't you?"

Lu Cheng sorted out Lu Tu's messy clothes gently, then turned his head and said indifferently, "Ah, that's right, I burned your mother's body. It burned completely!"

"Ah! You bastard! I'm not over with you!" Yu Jia immediately flushed with anger when she heard it, and immediately rushed to fight with Lu Cheng. You know, he watched his mother enter the land in peace. But now there will be no bones left, it looks like Lu Cheng must have dug a **** grave! Dont you know that the deceased is the greatest?

Since Lu Cheng dropped out of junior high school at home, he went directly to the society to work and earn money. Naturally, the physical training is not comparable to that of Yu Jia. Maybe at the beginning, Yu Jia could hurt Lu Cheng by one or two points with a fierce aura, but soon he was only beaten.

In a short while, Yu Jia was already lying curled up on the ground, with his hands tightly guarding his head, struggling to avoid the punches and kicks of the landing process.

"Humph! Get me packing now and get out!" Lu Cheng stopped his hands, looked at Yu Jiayin, who was bruised and bruised, and said, "I will let Lao Tzu see you again in the future, otherwise, I will see you once! Get out! "

"Come on. Tutu, go inside with my brother, my brother will get you popsicles to eat." Lu Cheng took Lutu's little hand, touched his little head, and said softly.

Lu Tu nodded obediently, his face full of trust, and he had forgotten the thing that Yu Jia was beating just now. The only thing he remembers now is that he has Bingbing to eat, brother So good~~~~

Looking at the backs of the two people who left, Yu Jia's eyes were full of hatred. One day, he will definitely make these two people pay the price! Gritting his teeth, he just got up from the ground embarrassedly, packed his things, and limped out of the door with his suitcase.

Finally, he looked back at the home that once belonged to him, closed his eyes, opened it again, and then turned and left here.

Yu Jia was sitting on the train bound for city b, with a touch of complexity in her eyes. Fortunately, his university notice had been sent out before, and fortunately, the tuition fees for the first year had also been paid. Originally, based on the annual rent for the two pieces of land under his name, after he paid the tuition, his living expenses were also very abundant. However, the situation is different now. He has nothing else except the five thousand dollars left on him.

As the capital city of B city, the economic development is naturally fast, but this also means that the cost in this city will be more severe than in C town, and the five thousand dollars will definitely not support his future. University tuition for four years. Since this is the case, it seems necessary for him to go out to work to earn money.

As a result, Yu Jia's college life was slowly passed through part-time work and part-study. Fortunately, his academic performance was good. The school also awarded him a scholarship. Although there is not much money in it, no matter how small a mosquito is, it is not meat. ?

This time, when he accidentally learned of the cast of the film audition, he was directed to the news that the protagonists house was given away for free, and he made up his mind to give it a try. He believed that his strength would be able to play. For this role.

Although I don't want to admit it, Yu Jia's performance level is indeed very good. After all, he is one of the outstanding students in their acting department. And he also succeeded in entering a tense moment, secretly expecting that he would be selected.

Luo Xiao also did not directly eliminate Yu Jia out of respect for the movie he did not shoot, but did it experimentally through a small experiment.

Luo Xiao squinted his eyes and stared carefully at Yu Jia who was improvising on the court. He could clearly tell from the unfamiliar eyes of Yoga and he didn't know him. This is also true. His mother has divorced that man in this life, not to mention that Yu Jia and the others just broke off the relationship with them when they entered. How could Yu Jia know them in this life? "

After carefully watching their group's impromptu performance, Luo Xiao first asked Old Wei sitting next to him to see if he had any comments. After discussing with the judges, he still decided to use Yu Jia, the person who made him feel heartbroken. No way, firstly, Yu Jia's performance is indeed higher than other competitors; secondly, now he is the director, Yu Jia and the actor, he still doesn't believe that he can fix this guy. Humph! Everyone, wait and see!