Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 88

Chapter 87:

After eating, Yu Jia started filming the tenth final scene. He closed his eyes. With the sound of the board hitting, when he opened again, his eyes were no longer there. There would be a role that does not belong to him. Sullen color.

"Jiajia, look, this is our home." Tong Mu stood in the newly renovated house that he just bought, and gently touched Qiu Jiajia in the photo, with a smile on his face and said, "We are in b The city finally has its own home, a warm and comfortable home. Don't worry, I will live well here. After all, this is the home you and I want to live in."

The sun shone on Tong Mu's body, warm as if Qiu Jiajia was hugging him, and Tong Mu slowly closed his eyes comfortably and entered a sweet dream.

"Ka!" With the sound of this last sound, the film "Passion and Confusion", which has been filmed for more than half a year, finally draws a complete stop. All the staff present could not help but breathe a sigh of relief, with relaxed smiles on their faces.

Luo Xiao clapped his hands and said loudly to everyone, "This movie is all over here, thank you for your hard work. Tomorrow I will book a large private room in Tianxianglou, and I would like to invite you to come and eat one. Finish off."

"Tianxianglou?" When the people below heard the name, their faces immediately showed disbelief, and then shouted with excitement, "Okay, Director Luo, we will definitely go!"

"Yes, I must go, Director Luo needs to bring enough cash!" Someone below roared, "We will open our stomachs and eat!"

Luo Xiao waved his hand proudly, "Okay! No matter how much you eat tomorrow, I will pay the bill!"

"Oh! Oh! Long live Director Luo! Long live Director Luo!" All of a sudden, everyone's emotions rose even more.

Because, although Tianxianglou is a newly opened restaurant in recent years, the dishes here are not only diverse, but the taste is also good. Naturally, the taste is good, and the price is much higher than other restaurants.

In city b, most people are rich and powerful. They only care whether the dish is really delicious. As for the money, they dont care so much. Although the price of Tianxianglou is for ordinary working class, it is Almost one meal will eat up their half-year salary.

In addition to its good reputation, the other major feature of Tianxianglou is equally famous. Here, as a customer, you cannot order food. Yes, thats right, you just cant order. What the customer eats is determined by the chef of the day, and what she does will give the customer what to eat. Moreover, the number of people to eat is also stipulated every day. Once this number is exceeded, I am sorry, no matter what your status is, sorry, please be early tomorrow.

Although, when Tianxianglou introduced such a rule at the beginning, many customers made troubles based on their status, and there were also many peers who pointed behind them and waited to see jokes. However, without looking at who the owner behind this Tianxianglou is, how could it cause trouble?

In fact, this Tianxianglou was opened by Luo Xiao's godmother Xu Yan, and the Tianxianglou in city b is already her second branch, and the first one is in city s. The reason why she will open to city b this time is because she has already laid a solid foundation in city s and found a suitable branch manager. She wants to expand her business; secondly, it is naturally for Luo Xiao, he goes to school here alone, and she and Luo Qian are still a little worried. No, it happens that I want to open a branch. City b is naturally the best choice.

Because she is relatively familiar with City S, she quickly beat out the reputation of Tianxianglou. Although it was the first time for City B to come here, because there was old man Ye's secret help here, old man Huo and others also gave a lot of help to Luo Xiao's face, so naturally they quickly stood firm. Besides, the things in their home are indeed much better than those in others' homes, which directly leads to the fact that even if the price is set high, it is still very busy every day.

Although there is a limit on the number of people to eat every day, the reservation is already booked for the next month. But Luo Xiao, as Xu Yan's godson, wanted to hold a banquet in this Tianxianglou, naturally there was no problem.

"Xiaoxiao, go and sit outside. There is heavy smoke in this kitchen." Xu Yan pointed to the outside, "You can go for a cup of tea or something."

"It's okay, godmother." Luo Xiao didn't mind and shook his hand, "I still want to learn how to cook with you!"

Xu Yan looked at the expression on his face, and when she saw that it didnt look like a fake, she smiled and nodded, "Why dont you steal from your teacher? Tell your godmother what you want to learn, and godmother will teach him immediately. you."

"Well, thank you godmother~~~" Luo Xiao smiled at Xu Yan and asked with a straight face, "By the way, godmother, there is nothing wrong in the store recently, right?"

"Well, no more." Xu Yan replied with a smile while breaking the fish in her hands and stirring, adding some seasonings, "Xiaoxiao, don't worry, since you last time the troublemaker severely repaired After a while, no one came up to make trouble. By the way, Xiaoxiao, what did you do to that person? Why did he cry and plead the next day? Tears, it looks really a bit..."

Luo Xiao rolled his eyes directly, and he was rather depressed when talking about this. That day, he happened to ran into this person who was making trouble, and he happened to be a little unhappy because he confirmed that Yu Jia was the first actor in his play, so he planned to use this guy to vent. Because a flash in his mind thought of the spell he was practicing recently, he took out a bad luck nightmare spell and applied it to him.

This directly caused this guy to come out of the gate of their Tianxiang Tower and start encountering a car that broke down, suddenly it rained down into a thunderstorm, and was hit on the head by a nut shell while walking on the road. After finally waiting for him to go to sleep, he had always had nightmares all night, scared him to wake up directly from the dream, and then helplessly opened his eyes until dawn.

After careful recollection, he finally understood his situation, and that was immediately rushed to apologize to the person in charge of Tianxianglou. Sure enough, when he left this time, he didn't encounter these bad things again, and he slept peacefully again at night.

And this matter spread so quickly, making other people more curious about the forces behind this restaurant, and at the same time they were more cautious, saying nothing could easily offend people. But in fact, the unlucky nightmare spell made by Luo Xiao was only ten hours efficient, and when that person came to their Tianxiang Tower the next day, the spell had already expired.

But no matter what, the final result is good for Tianxianglou.

"By the way, godmother, how's my mother doing with her?" Luo Xiao picked up a favorite tomato and gnawed, "Well, this tomato tastes good."

"If it's good, don't be greedy!" Xu Yan gave him a caring look, "Your mother, she, it's fine."

"Then is she busy with something lately?" Luo Xiao frowned and said worriedly, "I called several times, but she didn't receive it. Even if she did, she had no time to talk to me in a hurry. Just a few words, just hang up."

After Xu Yan heard it, she thought a little bit, as if she had thought of something, and smiled mysteriously, "In this case, then I can't say anything."

"Huh?" Luo Xiao looked at the concealed smile on Godmother's face, and became even more curious, "Godmother, do you know what?"

Xu Yan shook her head, "Wait for your mother to tell you about this."

"Hey?" Luo Xiao was completely aroused at this moment, what is the matter? He imagined many situations in his mind, and then suddenly enlarged his eyes, "Godmother, shouldn't my mother be, are you in love?"

"Huh?" Xu Yan didn't expect Luo Xiao to guess, but then there was a hint of anxiety on her face. She asked tentatively, "Xiaoxiao, if your mother is really in love, then you..."

Luo Xiao shrugged and said with a relaxed expression, "Oh, I have no objection. As long as that person treats my mother sincerely."

Xu Yan was obviously relieved after hearing this answer. Luo Xiao raised an eyebrow at the expression of his godmother, "It seems, godmother, what I guess is true?"

"Well, it should be right." Xu Yan nodded, "Although I can't be 100% sure, but at least from the previous few conversations, your mother * is not far from ten. And she has this passage. Time is just busy participating in the French jewelry design exhibition, so I dont have time to talk to you."

"That's it." Luo Xiao nodded in understanding, "Yes, godmother, who is the person my mother is looking for? How old is he? Has he ever been married? Do you have children? How's the family situation? How is it to my mother? He..."

"Okay, well, wait for your mother to talk to you about all the questions." Xu Yan interrupted him with a series of questions with a smile, "Don't worry, I have seen that man several times, and he still treats your mother very much. Not bad. By the way, it's almost five o'clock, are the people you invited here?"

"I told them at half past five, but it's almost time to go out and have a look." Luo Xiao waved his paw, "Godmother, I'm going out first."

"Well, go." Xu Yan nodded, "Remember to try not to drink."

"Yeah." Luo Xiao understands his drunk physique. Although he is not as exaggerated as a cup, he can only drink two taels of liquor at most.

"Are you here?" Luo Xiao saw a few crew members who were coming together, and took them directly to the reserved private room. "Tea or something is on the table, you can pour it yourself."

"Well, okay, Director Luo." Several crew members smiled and nodded, "I really want to thank Director Luo this time, otherwise we don't know if we have a chance to come here for a meal. I've always heard that the dishes here are delicious, and I have to eat a full meal this time."

"Okay, I'll open my belly to eat later." During the conversation, many people came in one after another under the leadership of the waiter.

At half past five, after everyone arrived, Luo Xiao greeted the waiter, and their final banquet officially began. Luo Xiao said to everyone with a glass of wine, "This movie is all based on everyone's hard work. Here, I toast everyone a drink. Because of the poor amount of alcohol, I can't drink this glass after drinking it. Then this glass, I Lets do it first!"

"Cheers!" Everyone stood up and toasted together, "I hope the movie will succeed!"

"Okay, let's eat." Luo Xiao, as the host, pointed to the large table full of delicious foods that are full of colors, fragrances, and flavors. "Tonight, have a good meal!"

"Have a big meal!" For a while, only the sound of chewing was left in the box. After everyone tasted the first chopsticks, their eyes were bright, and they started to eat without paying attention to the image.

As the lead actor, Yu Jia took a peek at Luo Xiao, whose face was obviously flushed, and a cloud of gloom quickly passed through his eyes...