Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 9

Chapter 8:

"Tingling bell~~" As the bell rang for the last class in the morning, the class boiled even more, and the thought class teacher who had not announced the end of get out of class suddenly widened his eyes: "What is the noise! Did not announce the end of get out of class! You all give me a little quiet, otherwise I will not announce the end of get out of class!!"

"Cut~~~~" the boys roared and yelled. They hated this teacher who always went to his class teacher to give various small reports.

In fact, when the class first started, the students of the May 1st class were still very serious about the teacher of the thought class, but many times, many students heard the teacher complaining to other teachers about how their class was not. Obedient, how stupid the students in the class are. At this time, everyone in the class was very angry, and under the leadership of a few boys in the class, they directly confronted the teacher.

Didnt you say you were not serious in class? OK, then they are not serious! All kinds of reading other books, doing other things, anyway, it is you who say you and I do mine. This can make the teacher of the ideology class irritated. I was surprised to find the class teacher several times. However, every time the head teacher comes to attend a class, they have to be as serious and serious as the whole class. In fact, when other teachers are in class, they are all listening carefully, except for the thought class.

At the same time, their head teacher also learned about the situation in their class from other teachers, and they received unanimous praise. That's natural. Their class is the best class in the whole year. The best score in the exam is not in their class, and the average score is far higher than other classes. Which teacher did not praise them, that is, the teacher of the thought class didn't know why they couldn't get along with them, obviously they didn't do anything?

In several cases, the head teacher was also very troubled by the thought class teacher, but he couldn't speak directly and said that he would change the teacher. No way, who is the niece who teaches the virgin master. He was also anxious about the various feedbacks from the students. If such a teacher harmed their entire class, that one would be really worth the loss. However, fortunately, only this semester has thought classes, and everything will be fine as long as this semester passes.

"What's the noise! Believe it or not, I'll tell the dean, let you all be warned?" The thought class teacher squinted and threatened. Anyway, she has a backstage in the school, so she is not afraid of anything! Humph!

The male classmates who took the lead exchanged glances, rolled their eyes secretly, but made no sound. The teacher of the ideology class looked at it, and suddenly felt that he was still majestic, and his face was full of dignity. He patted the chalk dust on his hand, closed the textbook, and walked out of the classroom holding the book proudly.

As soon as she left, there was a chattering noise in the classroom, and several boys immediately gathered together to discuss. When Yu Xiao listened to the words floating in his ears intermittently, he knew that this eldest lady must have good fruit~~~

"Hey, Xiao Yuzi, what will happen to this woman?" Fan Lie asked, patted his shoulder and moved his head closer.

Yu Xiao calmly packed the textbooks on the desk, and then took out the lunch box from his schoolbag: "Anyway, there will be no good end. You see, those people are already discussing."

Fan Lie turned his head and looked over, then turned back to the thief and smiled: "Hey, that's true, I really want to see how it turns out~~~ Hey? Your mother made you braised pork today? It looks so delicious~~~~"

Yu Xiao glanced at him with a smile, and then pushed the lunch box directly over: "Hey, eat it if you like."

"Hey, then I'm not welcome~~~" Fan Lie grinned and moved quickly. He took out the lunch box he brought from his schoolbag and handed it directly to Yu Xiao, then picked up the chopsticks and went to the braised pork. .

However, before he could catch it, a pair of chopsticks interrupted his movement. Fan Lie raised his head and glared: "I know, you must be the nosy fellow again!"

"This is what Aunt Yu made for Yu Zi. He is not healthy yet and needs to make up." Hao Ren greeted the classmate sitting in front of them and sat directly in front of them. Then, he pushed Yu Xiao's lunch box in front of him: "You have to eat more by yourself. Look, it's only been a week. Your face has lost a lot of weight."

In elementary schools at this time, children usually bring their own lunch boxes to school, and eat directly in the school at noon. Of course, you can also choose to go home to eat, but this is not very convenient, so there are basically few people who choose to go home for dinner, and you can change seats at noon to eat with your favorite classmates.

"It's okay, Brother Ren." Yu Xiao looked at Fan Lie's jealous look at the braised pork, and shook her head secretly, "You can eat as much as you want, I'm a little tired of braised pork in the past few days."

Sure enough, Fan Lie is a thorough carnivore. In fact, their family is in a good family, and basically they can eat meat once a day. However, it was probably because Fan Lie was greedy for too much meat and pulled it for more than a week. This caused his parents to strictly control the amount of meat he ate each week, and he could only eat one or two meals one or two days a week, and only a few pieces per meal were allowed. Therefore, Fan Lie, who had not eaten meat for several days, was immediately greedy when he saw these delicious braised pork.

"Is all these really eaten?" Fan Lie asked again, pointing to the two big pieces of braised pork on top.

"Well, yes." Yu Xiao almost laughed when he looked at him so touched. People who didn't know thought they were treating him harshly.

"Ouuuuu, I know, Xiao Yuzi, you are the best to me~~~" Fan Lie was excited and hugged Yu Xiao directly, rubbing his head again and again, "You are so good to me, I don't know how to repay you, or how about I promise to be like me?"

"Cut, it's just you stupid, unless Yu Zi is blind, I will want you." Hao Ren glanced up and down disdainfully, "The whole one knows how to eat."

"You!" Fan Lie slapped his chopsticks on the table and pointed at Hao Ren angrily. However, he immediately rolled his eyes and put on an aggrieved expression: "Xiao Yuzi, you see, I have to look good, I want a good figure, a flexible mind and agile man in the new era. Everything is a thousand times better than him, a man with developed limbs and simple mind, no, ten thousand times, right?"

"Okay, you two, hurry up and eat, I'm hungry." Yu Xiao looked at them two funny. As an old man with a 30-year-old soul inside, he looked at them. Noisy has a subtle sense of looking at one's own children. However, speaking of it, he was still very curious how the two men finally got together? Is it really the so-called long-term love?

"Then let's eat quickly, blame him, otherwise we would have eaten already." Fan Lie picked up a piece of braised pork and gave him a vicious look before slowly enjoying the delicacy of the world.

"Yu Zi, try this. My mother is new to it. It tastes good." Hao Ren picked up the stir-fried pork loin from his lunch box and put it in Yu Xiao's lunch box.

"Well, okay, let me try it." Although Yu Xiao didn't like the taste of pork loin very much, he put it in his mouth since the other party kindly gave him it, "Well, Auntie's craftsmanship is still so good. It."

"Then you can eat more." Hao Ren immediately wanted to continue to pinch him.

Yu Xiao quickly stopped his behavior after seeing it: "It's okay, you can eat it yourself, I have some here."

"Then, all right." Hao Ren nodded, and then lowered his head to eat.

"By the way, Xiao Yuzi, have you heard of it?" Fan Lie mysteriously approached Yu Xiao as soon as he solved a piece of braised pork, "It's the thing about the little stick in the next class."

"Little stick?" Yu Xiao said, since the people in his class don't know him yet, how could he remember the people in the next class?

"Yes, it was the kid who robbed you of the top three students in the grade last semester, and always talked ill of you behind your back."

"Huh? Is there such a person?"

"Yes, don't you remember?" Fan Lie looked at Yu Xiao with a little surprise, "That kid said a lot of bad things about you!"

"Haha, is it?" Yu Xiao said, he really didn't remember the existence of this number, "Well, what happened to him?"

"Hey, you forgot, he didn't say behind your back that you must have cheated on the exam because you studied well." Fan Lie looked gloating, "You didn't come last week. We didn't happen to have an exam, hehe, he I was caught cheating by the teacher on the spot~~~~"

"Really?" Yu Xiao had a vague impression at that time, and there was something in his memory. But what the little stick looks like, sorry, I really can't remember it.

"Oh, why is your reaction so cold!" Fan Lie complained, "You should clap your hands and cheer, you deserve it, let that kid slander you."

"Haha, okay." Yu Xiao patted Fan Lie who was still there still filled with outrage. He felt that having such a friend who cared about him was his life, no, it should be the most precious wealth in these two lives.

Hao Ren looked at him with a sense of ambition and couldn't help but say: "Shameful guy."

"You! Don't think I'm a bully, Xiaoye, if it's not for Xiaoyuzi's face, see how I can deal with you, Xiaoye!" Fan Lie slashed at Hao Ren without money.

And Hao Ren directly ignored Fan Lie, packed up the lunch box, and touched Yu Xiao's head: "I'm going back to my seat first, and it's time for class later."

"Yeah. Okay." Yu Xiao nodded, and then pulled Fan Lie's sleeve: "Okay, okay, don't get angry, put away the lunch box, it's time for class later."

"Huh!" Fan Lie turned in Hao Ren's direction with a disdain, then packed his lunch box: "By the way, Xiao Yuzi, let's go climbing this week. Just the two of us!"

Listening to the "two people" that Fan Lie specially emphasized, Yu Xiao smiled and nodded. Anyway, he knew that in the end he would definitely become a threesome. It is better not to say this kind of thing now, or Fan Lie should do it again. Anxious.

Haha, having such a pair of friends around me really makes life better~~~

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