Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 90

Chapter 89:

"Xiaoxiao, breakfast is here." Ye Lan walked in with a light porridge that smelled good, "I tried it, and the taste is still delicious."

Luo Xiao was leaning weakly on the bed after a hard scrubbing. When he saw Ye Lan come in, he couldn't help but glared at him. If this guy hadn't done it yesterday, how could he be so weak at this moment.

Ye Lan took a look, pleased him and brought the porridge in front of him, "Xiaoxiao, come, you have a taste." After speaking, he took the initiative to take the spoon and blew it and then fed him carefully and thoughtfully.

Luo Xiao opened his mouth naturally and took a sip, with an unexpected look in his eyes: I didn't expect it to taste really good. It seems that he is not a cooking idiot either.

It's just that if he took a look at the kitchen that was swept by the wind, he would understand that this cooking idiot hat is not so easy to take off.

After eating a small bowl of white porridge, Luo Xiao touched his stomach, and finally felt comfortable.

Luo Xiao glanced at the alarm clock beside the bed, and saw that the pointer had been pointing at seven fifty, he couldn't help but said to Ye Lan, "Ye Zi, it's almost eight o'clock, you go to work."

"But..." Ye Lan looked at his body worriedly, "Is your body better? Is it still uncomfortable there? Do I need to buy some medicine to apply it?"

Luo Xiao's face was flushed, and he glared at him, "I'm fine, you can go to work."

Ye Lan wiped his nose, okay, his Xiaoxiao is a bit frizzy! After some further advice, he took his briefcase and went to the company.

"Oh, let me go, Ye Lan, it's just entering early winter, and it's still far from spring! Do you want to start spring so early in the morning?" He Ben smiled ambiguously, and said gossiping with his head close." How about laughing so lustfully? Is this already late for meat?"

Ye Lan unceremoniously pushed his head away, rolled his eyes directly at him, "What is your business?"

He Ben took a look, and Ye Lan, who had always had a sparse expression on his face, was filled with a pleasant atmosphere today. Well, it seems that he guessed it's not far from ten.

Envy and jealously glanced at him, and once again sighed that Ye Lan was lucky. In other words, why didn't he have such luck? He Ben touched his chin and thought silently, or he could go and communicate with Luo Xiao to see if he has any good friends, introduce him to good relatives, so that he can also get away from being single. The state of the dog.

Ye Lan put down his briefcase and looked up and saw He Benzheng thinking about something there with a smirk. It was a kick without saying anything, "What about yy? The saliva is flowing down!"

"Huh?" He Ben subconsciously raised his hand to touch the corner of his mouth, and then immediately reflected that he was fooled, "Go, go aside!"

"Okay, let's not quarrel with you." Ye Lan waved, ignoring He Ben's gloomy expression after hearing him, and looked at him solemnly, "Xiao Xiao's movie has been finished and is now being edited. At the stage, it is expected that the finished product will be completed at the beginning of next month. You can communicate with your buddies and friends who are engaged in film and television entertainment, and promote this movie more enthusiastically. By the way, let the people below do it. Be prepared, it depends on whether our house can sell well this time."

"Well, wrap it on me!" He Ben immediately patted his chest and promised, thinking that their early investment is about to pay back, a wave of motivation emerged in his body. However, after getting excited, he realized one thing, "I said Ye Lan, I did all these things, what are you doing?"

Ye Lan raised an eyebrow, "Naturally do what my leader should do."

"Oh." He Ben said blankly, "Hey? That's not right? I am also your partner, so how come I am now a messenger?"

Ye Lan spread his hands, pretending to think deeply and replied, "Well, this should be the so-called fate!"

"I'm going!" He Ben curled his lips, then waved his hand and turned away cleanly, "Okay, I won't quarrel with you, I'll do business first."

"..." In other words, who is making trouble anymore? Ye Lan twitched his lips and was really speechless.

Because he was greatly satisfied physically and mentally, Ye Lan was full of enthusiasm in the face of the large stack of documents and other tasks that needed instructions on the table!

Luo Xiao on the other side, after confirming that Ye Lan had left home, thought of the little bug he had collected into the space yesterday, and directly called up the display panel. I saw a detailed description of this little bug above, which was a new feature he discovered after the space upgrade.

Looking at the information displayed above, Luo Xiao's heart was full of doubts: How could this **** like Yu Jia have such a thing?

This bug is called the Spirit Devouring Bug, as the name suggests, the function of this little bug is to devour the spiritual power of the person who cultivates. You know, in this world where cultivation is difficult, all the improvement of power is related to one's spiritual power. Once spiritual power is reduced, it means that one's power is reduced. Because the body of this spirit devourer is small and the fluctuation of spiritual power on the body is not very obvious, it is easy to be ignored by people. But the most serious consequence of this neglect is not only the swallowing of one's own spiritual power, but also the destruction of this natural cultivation physique, and finally embarking on the path of ordinary people.

It is precisely because of the characteristics of this spirit devouring insect that the cultivation world has already issued a ban long ago, prohibiting everyone from cultivating the insect, even to the point of eliminating it when it sees it.

But since this is the case, it is impossible for Yu Jia as an ordinary person to have access to such things. Then there is only one answer left, this thing must be given to him by someone else. Then the question continues. Who on earth gave him this thing?

Luo Xiao shook his head, and for a while he couldn't think of a reason. He finally decided to take the bug to his master to have a look, maybe he might find something unexpected.

Besides, Yu Jia here confirmed that he had successfully put the bug on Luo Xiao's clothes, which caused him to be excited all night and couldn't sleep. The next day, I woke up early, just to be able to see Luo Xiao's miserable appearance for the first time.

Unfortunately, this wish of his is destined to fail. Because he didn't even know where Luo Xiao's family lived.

In fact, in the final analysis, he is just a **** used by others. At the beginning, he, as an ordinary person, still felt very magical about the bug he got this time. You know, in his eyes, the so-called bottle containing bugs really feels like an empty bottle! But when he saw this little bug with other external forces later, he couldn't help but widen his eyes. It was only then that he realized for the first time: It turned out that the previous things of cultivating immortals were really true!

However, he is not very interested in this kind of practice. What makes him most concerned is that he has the opportunity to deal with those who disgust him personally, such as the abominable pair of Lu brothers, and the one in front of him. Luo guide.

"Well, are you sure you really put the bug on him?" A man wrapped in black clothes suddenly appeared in front of Yu Jia.

Yu Jia was shocked by his silent appearance, and immediately lowered his head respectfully and replied in a low voice: "Yes, my lord, I can guarantee that it was actually put on him yesterday. "

"Huh, really?" The man in black looked at him with suspicion, "You know, the kind of insects I gave you are carefully cultivated, and I feel sensitive to them. However, from From yesterday to now, I have lost my sense of that bug. Can you explain to me what is going on?"

"This, this, I really put the bug on him yesterday." The blood on Yu Jia's face was frightened all of a sudden, and her body trembled and said with trembling, "Sir, you believe me, I I won't lie to you! Really, I didn't lie."

The man in black stared at him viciously and found that he did not show any signs of lying, but that was it, he couldn't help frowning: There are only two explanations for the bug that cannot be sensed. One is the bug. Already dead, two, naturally the worm was isolated. I don't know what kind of situation it is now.

"Okay, let's do it." The man in black thought for a while, and after saying this, he disappeared silently again, as if he had never appeared again.

The atmosphere in the room suddenly eased, Yu Jia couldn't hold it up, and directly slumped to the ground, with a trace of fear still remaining in his eyes. Because he still remembers the cruel methods of the man in black.

A month ago, he returned to the rented place by himself after he left the crew. As usual, when passing through a small alley, I saw a trembling scene: a man in black waved his hand, and the person in front of him instantly ignited a flame, and the burned person's face was exposed. With a horrified expression, he opened his mouth and screamed silently. But in the end, it turned into a push of off-white powder within a minute, and the night wind blew, leaving no trace.

Looking at this scene, Yu Jiana naturally wanted to leave here as if he hadn't seen it, but in fact he was shocked to find that he could not move at all except his eyes. I can only watch the man in black take a slow pace and approach him step by step.

When that big icy hand was placed on top of his Heavenly Spirit Cap, the fear in his heart reached the maximum. Immediately after a trance of consciousness, when he became clear again, he only heard the man in black saying: "From now on, you will be my servant. I have something to come back to you."

After speaking, the man in black disappeared before his eyes. If it weren't for the icy feeling remaining on his head, he would doubt that he really had a nightmare just now. But the facts tell him that this is true.

And for a long time after that, Yu Jia was uneasy. Recently, he had just recovered, but found that the man in black had come to him and gave him the bug. When he heard that the worm was about to be placed on Luo Xiao's body, a gleam of light flashed in Yu Jia's eyes, and it was really great to see his misfortune.