Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 91

Chapter 90:

Elder Huo took the bottle in his hand, and after repeated confirmation with his spiritual power, he immediately stared at Luo Xiao seriously: "Xiaoxiao, tell me, where did this bug come from?"

Luo Xiao immediately told his master what he knew. Seeing his pensive expression, he knew that there must be something unknown about this matter.

Sure enough, Elder Huo sighed next, which made Luo Xiao believe in his own judgment even more in his heart. He couldn't help but asked curiously, "Master, this bug?"

"Do you remember that you discovered a secret cave on November last year?" Old man Huo suddenly mentioned this topic.

Luo Xiao nodded without knowing it, could it be said that this worm was made by a mysterious person in that cave?

Seeing the obvious questioning expression on his apprentices face, Mr. Huo did not procrastinate and said directly, "Just as you think, this bug is related to the people there. Since you said that, your grandfather has already I asked the capable officers of my subordinates to carefully and carefully investigate, and the information returned from their investigation showed that there should be a point of the sacred religion. The main function of this point is to refine some poisons and gus that are specifically aimed at cultivators. Worms and a series of related things."

"Hey? If you say that, does this bug mean?" Luo Xiao opened his eyes wide in surprise, but immediately realized a problem. "But master, the things they refined should still undergo experiments. Huh? Who is the subject of this experiment?"

Thinking of the few people who came back and described the scenes they saw with outrage, although the rest of them had not seen the real scene, the expressions of those few people made them feel angry: they even used people to do *experiments, These people are not only healthy, but also their age. They are not only young women between the ages of 20 and 25, but also those newly born babies. Is this still something human will do? It's just a group of scumbags who are inferior to animals! demon!

"Master, this *experiment, can't it be said?" Luo Xiao instantly thought of the bacterial experiment in a country where the sun always set in history.

Elder Huo nodded heavily and sighed deeply: "Actually, there is no difference in essence. They are all demons who wantonly trample on other people's lives! Speaking of which, you are a sacred cult. Among the Gu worms, its the most difficult to cultivate, and the most cruel one!"

"Cruel?" Luo Xiao remembered the girl who had been bled in the cave, and expressed absolute agreement with this point!

"Yes, cruel!" Old man Huo strolled to the window and looked at the fading sky outside the window. He remained silent for a while before continuing to say, "Xiaoxiao, do you remember that I used to talk to You said that three hundred years ago, the destruction of the sacred religion was done by us righteous people at a great price."

"Well, I remember." Luo Xiao naturally remembered.

"At the beginning, in that battle, one of the important reasons why our side suffered such heavy casualties was the spirit devourer. More than half of the cultivators lost their combat effectiveness because of this small insect. In the end, even the innate spirit was destroyed, and in a weak state, they were brutally killed by the people of the holy religion! What kind of people, torture, shelling, etc., those cruel methods, don't say you have seen it, you can even listen to it. Haven't heard of it! That blood really dyed the earth into thick black, **** black!"

"Ah!" Luo Xiao's eyes widened in shock. He didn't expect that the battle three hundred years ago was so tragic, and his heart was naturally full of anger for this sacred person.

"Forget it, don't say it." Old man Huo shook his head, reached out his hand and pressed his temple, turned around and asked Luo Xiao: "By the way, Xiaoxiao, since you said that you are the bug that your actor gave You made it, so in that case, it is very likely that he has something to do with the holy religion!"

When Luo Xiao thought of Yu Jia, he couldn't help but frowned. Could this guy have something to do with the Holy Church? How could it be possible, even if there is, that is a controlled guy. I have to say that Luo Xiao's idea is really the truth.

"Master, that person can't possibly be a person from Shengjiao." Luo Xiao directly denied, "As far as I know about him, he is an ordinary person who can no longer be ordinary."

"If this is the case, then Xiaoxiao, you have to pay attention to your own safety recently." Old man Huo looked at him worriedly, "If my guess is not wrong, you should have been targeted. By the way, wait a minute, the master will now count it for you."

Before he could finish his words, Mr. Huo anxiously took out the ancient coins from his personal pocket, closed his eyes and began to divination carefully. Luo Xiao looked at the seriousness of his master, and there was a burst of warmth in his heart: It's great to meet such a master.

With a sound of wow, Old Huo opened his eyes and looked at the coins falling on the table with a trace of worry on his face. Luo Xiao stepped forward to look, and immediately understood why his master showed such an expression.

"Master, it's okay, you can rest assured." Luo Xiao smiled comfortingly at him, "Your apprentice, I have always been lucky, there won't be any problems!"

"But..." Father Huo looked at the displayed hexagram, and the worry in his heart did not dissipate. "You have also seen it. This hexagram shows that you will have a **** disaster recently. Combined with the spirit worm, I have to think that those The people in the sacred religion have already focused on you."

Luo Xiao shrugged, "Master, you know, I dont even know anyone from the Holy Church, and I dont know why they would stare at me. However, I assure you that I will not let myself be troubled. !"

"Hey, I hope so." Old man Huo put away the copper coins on the table, "Okay, it's too early. Are you going back or staying with me for one night?"

"I..." Luo Xiaogang said a word, and then he was picked up by others.

"He naturally went back to sleep with me~~~" Ye Lan's familiar voice came from behind, "Xiaoxiao, let's go, we are going home."

Luo Xiao glanced down at the big warm hand that held him tightly, then looked up at the sad expression on Ye Lan's face, then turned to look at his master, well, sure enough, some guy did it on purpose!

"You kid Ye!" Huo glared at him fiercely, "My dear apprentice, come, the master tells you, we are still young, there are some things that can actually be done without worry, you know?"

Luo Xiao understood the meaning in his masters eyes, and nodded obediently. At the same time, he silently apologized in his heart: Master, there is a word in this world called drunken chaos, your apprentice, I have been eaten. what!

And Ye Lan on the side naturally understood the true meaning of these words, and was about to continue to speak the truth with a sigh, but in the next second, the smile on his face stopped abruptly. He lowered his head and glanced at him with a brilliant smile at the moment, but Luo Xiao, who was pinched on his waist at the same time, was directly covered with cold sweat on his back.

"What's wrong, Ye Zi, what do you seem to say?" Luo Xiao tilted his head with a gentle smile, "What are you going to say?"

"No, I, I have nothing to say." Ye Lan closed his mouth wisely, which **** said, only girls can use this method of pinching, bullshit! I didn't see his pinch Xiaoxiao!

"Really?" Luo Xiao's smile became even brighter, "Really not?"

"Well, no!" Ye Lan nodded firmly, and at the same time there was a clear flattering expression in the bottom of his eyes.

Luo Xiao curled his lips, let go of his hand neatly, and then said to his master, "Master, let's go back first."

"Well, remember to be careful on the road." Old man Huo already pointedly said.

Luo Xiao nodded clearly, and then pulled Ye Lan directly towards the gate.

After getting in the car, Ye Lan immediately looked at him accusingly, "Xiaoxiao, you are so cruel! You don't love me anymore!"

Luo Xiao rubbed the goose bumps on his arm, and slapped him over, "Okay, give me a bargain and sell it. Do you really think I didn't know what you were going to say?"

Ye Lan looked at the smile on his face and touched the tip of his nose silently. Well, he was seen through.

"Okay, let's drive, I'm a little hungry." Luo Xiao glanced at the time on his watch. It was already six o'clock, no wonder I was hungry.

"Okay, let's go home for dinner now!" Ye Lan smiled and started the car. "By the way, Xiaoxiao, how is your movie editing work?"

"Well, proceed as planned, and it is expected that the agreement will be fully settled."

"That's OK, I let He Ben speed up the work process, and we will have a hit next month."


Inside the carriage, there was a touch of warmth that made the corners of Luo Xiao and Ye Lan's mouths curved involuntarily. However, at a deserted factory in the suburbs at the same time, the atmosphere was not so good.

"Say, you kid, where did that thing go?" A man with a weird pattern on his face was gloomily staring at the curled up person he had just beaten, "Do you believe I really killed him? You!"

"I don't know, I really don't know anything." The intermittent weak voice came into the man's ears from the ground.

"Huh? I don't know?" The expression on the man's face became more hideous, and he stepped **** the man's head, "You **** kidding me! Tell me! Tell me!"

"I, I really, really, everything, no, I don't know."

"You! I..." The man lifted his foot and was about to put it again fiercely, but a dark and hoarse voice stopped him.

"Okay, second child, let's do this first. Be careful to beat people to death, that would be more than worthwhile."

"Yes, brother." The man respectfully bowed to the man who was facing away from him.

"Okay, let's go, we have other things to be busy with. For this guy, let's close it here now and let the brothers take a closer look."

"Ok, brother."

The man lying on the ground listened to the sound of footsteps. He opened his eyes laboriously and looked at the fuzzy silhouette of his back. A mocking smile appeared on his face...

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