Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 93

Chapter 92:

"Hey? Xiaoxiao, are you back?" Ye Lan, who had just come out of the kitchen with a plate of fruit in his hand, saw Luo Xiao appearing at the door with a slightly dazed expression at this time, and said with a smile, "What's wrong? Quickly? Come over and have some fruit together. Today's watermelon is your favorite sandy."

"Xiaoxiao, you are back!" As soon as Luo Qian heard this, she immediately got up from the sofa, walked quickly to his side and gave him a big hug, "Mom misses you so much! We all have several Haven't seen each other in months!"

Luo Xiao suppressed the puzzled expression on his face and hugged his mother tightly, with a hint of coquettish tone that he didn't realize, "Mom, I miss you too!"

"You, why don't you know how to go to s city to see me if you think about me? You want me to come and see you, really a bad boy with no conscience." Luo Qian nodded his head, pretending to complain. Said, "Sure enough, I have grown up, and I don't kiss my mother anymore."

"Mom, how can I do it!" Luo Xiao embraced her shoulders and said flatteringly, "In my heart, the one who loves the most is naturally you, the mother, you, everyone else waiting, all go back!"

After listening to these words, Ye Lan raised his eyebrows without comprehension: Well, this is a good excuse! In order to eat meat to your heart's content, all excuses can be used as jealous props! You know, as the saying goes, shameless people make the world invincible!

"That's right, mom, this is?" Luo Xiao glanced at the guy sitting on his sofa who was not conscious of being an outsider. He gritted his teeth: Why did this familiar guy appear in his home?

"Ah, you mean him?" Luo Qian raised her head and glanced at him, and then there was a rare shyness on her face, which made Luo Xiao's heart involuntarily stunned. Sure enough, his feeling was not wrong. . I only heard Luo Qian continue to say, "This is the surprise I called you, your mother, my boyfriend!"

"..." Ha ha, surprise? No, it should be fright! This is not to say that Luo Xiao disagrees with his mother looking for a boyfriend. In fact, he is the most supportive of finding another boyfriend. Because, his biggest wish for the **** is to have a happy old age, then, a partner who is accompanied by the old is naturally indispensable.

but! The problem now lies in the man his mother was looking for, who is not good enough to find, why did he find Old Wei?

That's right, the person Luo Qian was looking for was Wei Guobin, Luo Xiao's four-year college acting teacher. After four years of getting along with each other, he naturally knew what kind of character Wei was like. Simply put, it is a guy with a refined appearance but full of bad water in his stomach! During these four years, he clearly remembered that every time his class was provoked or bullied by someone from another class, Lao Wei's "combat power" was properly exploded! Often people in other classes won't be profitable!

For students, it is naturally wonderful to have such a teacher who knows how to protect shortcomings. However, now he turned out to be his mother's boyfriend, which made Luo Xiao's mind inevitable a scene of a big bad wolf tricking a little white rabbit!

"Hey, Xiaoxiao, I didn't expect that the son Qianer said was you!" Old Wei nodded and greeted familiarly, without any embarrassment on his face.

"Hey? Abin, do you know?" Luo Qian took Luo Xiao and walked to the sofa to sit down, and looked at the two of them curiously.

Old Wei nodded naturally, "Did you forget? I am a teacher in the acting department!"

"Ah? Could it be that?" Luo Qian reacted after a slight daze, her eyes widened and she cried out in surprise.

Old Wei didn't say anything, but the look in his eyes already gave the answer. After Luo Qian got the affirmative answer, somehow, she breathed a sigh of relief in her heart: Since Abin knows her son and has heard the praise of his acting teacher more than once, then this matter It's much simpler.

Luo Xiao on the side looked at Wei's gentle and considerate actions towards his mother, but he was actually very curious about how the two hooked up. Ah bah, how can you use the word hook up? If you want to use it, you have to use the word deceit!

You know, my mother has always been developing in S city. Apart from work, that means going abroad to exchange and study. Work is so busy that it is impossible to have free time to fall in love? Because, as far as this matter is concerned, Luo Xiao has mentioned it to Luo Qian more than once. You must take a good rest. Don't worry about work, your body is the most important thing. Of course, the most important thing is to find the other half as soon as possible.

However, every time the topic of finding a wife was transferred to her, Luo Qian always said that work is important and love is not that important, and she also feels that there is no need to find a wife.

Why was it that the last time I talked on the phone, I still refused the topic of looking for a wife again, but in a blink of an eye, I took my boyfriend to the door?

Luo Xiao looked at Old Wei at the moment, how did he feel that the other party was not good anywhere, of course, in Luo Qian's eyes, the situation was completely opposite.

"Mom, when did you meet?" Luo Xiao had a curious expression on his face, "Why haven't I heard you mention it before?"

Luo Qian turned her head and glanced at Lao Wei secretly, and just hit him with his gentle gaze, a blush naturally appeared on her face, and then slowly said to her son: "We are in one. I met in March last year. Didnt I go to Murphy to participate in Fashion Week? At that time, because I was alone in a foreign country, this man who was not familiar with the place accidentally ran into a guy who deliberately touched porcelain on the way. Fortunately At that time, Abin came to help me out."

So, this is an alternative version of the hero to save the United States plus the necessary bridge-do the two fall in love at first sight? This is a real life, isn't it a TV series? Although life is full of dog-blood things, there is no need to really realize it in your own mother, right? Luo Xiao couldn't help but twitched the corners of his mouth, spitting out silently in his heart.

As a mother and son, Luo Qian naturally understands her son. As soon as he saw the expression on his face, he knocked a chestnut on his head, and said with a dumbfounded smile: "You stinky boy, what are you thinking about? Are you thinking about your mother and me? Did you promise Abin personally?"

Is not it? Luo Xiao's eyes clearly showed this meaning, you know, he was also very surprised to find that his mother, who was originally from his family, was a die-hard fan of Gu Xia stories, and he especially liked the plot of heroes saving the beauty. Now that I have really encountered a plot that only happens in this kind of story, how can I not do something special?

"Go, don't come." Luo Qian shook her head helplessly at him, "The two of us originally thought this was an accidental meeting. I thanked him for his help, so I politely stepped forward and thanked you. I exchanged one word for a while, and found that the two of us actually have a lot of common hobbies and similar ideas. Naturally, the more we talked, the more speculative. What made us more pleased to discover is that we two live in the same hotel. And there is only one room in the middle of the two peoples rooms. As you know, we are strangers in a foreign country alone, and the two of us are "hometowners" naturally getting closer, and this relationship has begun to develop in the direction of friends. Up."

"Then the relationship between the two of you now?" Luo Xiao raised his eyebrows, "when?"

"It was confirmed just a month ago." Wei Guobin picked up the drink on the table and handed it to Luo Qian, and said, "To be honest, it took me a lot of effort to get your mother to agree with us as men and women. Friendship."

Nonsense, can't you just agree to it? Luo Xiao looked at Old Wei angrily, hum, since the two of them had known each other a year ago, that means that Old Wei actually knew his relationship with his mother a long time ago. No wonder, he said that in the past year, why Lao Wei suddenly cared about him, especially this graduation exhibition, did not listen carefully to his request, and helped him in a straightforward manner. It turns out that there is such a factor in it!

"Right, then..." Luo Xiao wanted to continue to say something, but a sing just came from his stomach.

Ye Lan touched his head and said with a face of dozing, "Okay, Xiaoxiao, if you have anything to say, wait until you have finished eating, you are all starting to sing empty city plans!"

Luo Xiao touched his shriveled belly. Because of the press conference, he didn't eat much at noon, and he didn't have anything to cushion his belly in the afternoon. In addition, it was already six o'clock, so it was naturally. It's time for dinner. He nodded obediently, stood up, turned and walked towards the dining table: "Mom, you guys come and taste it too. The food in this restaurant tastes very good."

Thats right, they all ate takeaways at night. Of the four people present, Roche, mother and son, would naturally cook, but Luo Qian was a guest, and Luo Xiao came back late, as a master and a cooking idiot. Ye Lan, naturally, it is impossible to cook by himself, so there is only one way left-called takeaway.

Seeing Luo Qian and Lao Wei acting intimately between two people, the former is not surprising. Since childhood, Ye Lan has been taking care of her baby son, and there is nothing wrong with this action. As for the latter, he was naturally aware of it, but after seeing Luo Qian's expression, he naturally misunderstood in his heart.

Anyway, the four of them finished the meal in a relaxed environment. After the meal, Luo Xiao naturally got the information of his concern from Luo Qian.

Looking at Wei Guobin, who was always considerate, a smile appeared on Luo Xiao's face. He would bless them both, as long as his mother is happy.