Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 94

Chapter 93:

Because the movie "Passion and Confusion" was performed exactly one week before Luo Xiao graduated, he not only successfully passed the graduation exam, but also unexpectedly won the title of outstanding graduate and bonus. Although the amount of the bonus can only be regarded as his pocket money, the meaning is obvious.

"Good boy, you're great!" The second brother Yan Liben reached out and hooked Luo Xiao's neck and rubbed his head vigorously with his hands. "I didn't expect your TV series to be so successful this time! Isn't it? Have you made a lot of money? We have agreed that whoever has the best grades will have to treat him to dinner!"

"Well, I'll testify." Third brother Qiu Lu pushed his old-fashioned black-rimmed glasses, which had obviously deepened the power, "Little four, you know, third brother never tells lies."

"..." Third brother, you didn't even give me a chance to speak. Where did I tell you a lie? Luo Xiao twitched his lips and looked at them helplessly.

The boss Ke Zheng on the side looked at Luo Xiao, who had been rubbed into a bird's nest by his second child, and kindly stepped forward to free him from the'devil's claws'. However, when I saw the silly picture of Xiao Si again, I couldn't help but rubbed his head, and at the same time silently sighed in my heart: Well, sure enough, just like Duan.

The author would like to explain here that Dumb is a purebred Samoyed raised in the old family. Well, should you be thankful that Luo Xiao has no mind-reading skills? Haha~~

Luo Xiao protected his head, escaped from his clutches, and looked at him accusingly: What about the rescuer? Is this simply going from one fire pit to another fire pit?

Ke Zheng touched his nose awkwardly, his eyes were erratic, but he didn't look at Luo Xiao, so what? It just feels too much like I can't help it~~~

Luo Xiao straightened his bird's nest head, and then said to the three of them: "Let's go, now that it's done, then I will treat you today, you are going to eat?"

"Where is it?" Yan Liben's eyes rolled like that, and after looking at Qiu Lu, both of them understood each other's meaning in their eyes, "Just let go of the mood."

"Sentiment?" Luo Xiao's voice improved slightly, and he asked again with confirmation, "Second brother, I heard that right? Are you sure you want to go to the mood?"

Yan Liben folded his chest and raised his eyebrows, "What's the matter, do you think the price there is too high to take us?"

Luo Xiao simply shook his head and said with a smile, "How can it be, since you have decided to go there, then we will set off directly~~~"

"Then what, Xiaosi, wait a minute." Ke Zheng said suddenly, then cracked his mouth and smiled at them, "Hey, you understand."

"Cut! It's great to have a girlfriend? You know how to show affection!" Yan Liben rolled his eyes directly at him, hum, don't play with the boss in the future!

"Hehe~~" The boss scratched the back of his head honestly.

When everyone arrived, the five of them took a taxi to the place where the sentiment was. When I got out of the car, I looked at the exquisitely decorated restaurant with a strong petty bourgeoisie style, and looked at the word'sentiment' written in swashes on the sign. There was a hint of curiosity in everyone's eyes. Of course, one of them Exceptions.

Yan Liben waved his hand, "Let's go, today Xiaosi entertains, let's go and eat for a while, we have to slaughter it so hard!"

Seeing a few men who pushed open the door and walked in, Luo Xiao had a little naughty in his eyes: Hey, if he went to other stores to consume, he might bleed heavily, but Here~~~~

"How many people are there?" A handsome waiter in a black tuxedo stepped forward and asked the second brother who was walking in the front softly.

Yan Liben looked at the decorations in the store curiously, and answered casually: "We have five people."

"Okay, everyone, please come here with me." The waiter signaled from the side, and then led the way in front, leading everyone to a small box, "Please sit down and see what's in there. We will serve the dishes you like as soon as possible."

"Well, okay, I see." The second brother nodded and walked into the box, followed by the others.

Luo Xiao was naturally at the end. When passing by the waiter, a glance passed over and prevented the words he was about to export. After seeing him nodding clearly, he walked into the box with satisfaction.

"Tsk tusk, this place is different, the facade is already very distinctive, and the inside is even more stylish!" Yan Liben looked at the interior decoration of the box carefully, and said with a sigh.

As a veteran scholar, Qiu Lu nodded in the same way. No wonder, this family has been in love for a short time, but its reputation is quite famous among young people. Basically, everyone who has been here appreciates it. Add it! Speaking of it, not only is the environment well decorated, the service is comprehensive and thoughtful, but the most memorable thing for the guests who have been here is the delicious food! This time, we must have a good meal!

"Come on, second brother, didn't you say you want to come here to eat? Why don't you order?" Luo Xiao watched them patronizing the decorations one by one, and no one ordered the food, so he immediately greeted him.

Xiaomei opened the menu that Luo Xiao handed over. After seeing the price of each dish on it, she couldn't help poking her boyfriend next to her, and whispered: "A Zheng, the dishes here are so expensive. Do you want to eat here?"

Ke Zheng rubbed her dark and smooth long hair, and softly explained: "It's okay, anyway, this time it's free to eat." After finishing speaking, he made a verbal gesture towards Luo Xiao's location, and signaled her'innocent. 'Where.

Xiaomei looked at it, and then recalled the news she had heard at school, and she naturally reacted, "But, that money is also from other people's hard work. Are we like this?"

After hearing their conversation, Luo Xiao smiled and said to Xiaomei: "Sister-in-law, you can rest assured. In fact, this is the last dinner in our entire dormitory before graduation. After graduation, maybe we will meet again that day. So, eat as much as you like, I will pay for this meal!"

"Yes, sister-in-law, you don't have to worry about the little four. The only thing we have to do today is to enjoy the food to the heart!" Yan Liben opened the well-made menu and looked at the delicious food on it. He struggled for a while. Later, I decided on the dishes I wanted to eat, and the others quickly chose them.

After reporting the menu to the waiter, the five people sat in the chairs and chatted in a relaxed mood.

By the way, Luo Xiao, are you sure you pay for this meal? As one of the owners behind this restaurant, don't you just pay the bill by changing your left hand money to your right hand? Are you interesting like this?

After three "tuk tuk tuk" knocks, the waiter outside the door offered their dishes one end after getting permission, facing the big table in front of the delicious delicacies, all of them couldn't help it. Swallowed, and went down: Hmm! It really tastes delicious!

After a meal and a meal, the five people did it for a while before getting up to leave the private room, but what was unexpected was that they had to stop just a few steps after they had done it.

Seeing the two people fighting together in front, they silently blacked out. Especially Luo Xiao, it's fine to see these two people fighting, but a lot of things were broken when they hit here and there. After a rough estimate, it was close to hundreds of thousands, okay!

As a result, Luo Xiao became even more disgusted with the two people who were still fighting. When he stared at the two people carefully, hey, its okay if you dont look at it. At first glance, I didnt expect it to be him. !

"Little Si, what's the matter with you?" Qiu Lu was standing next to him. When he turned his head, he noticed the obvious strange expression on his face. He immediately asked anxiously, "Could it be that you are in these two people? People you know?"

Luo Xiao immediately shook his head, "Why, brother, guess wrong."

"But, you..." Qiu Lu looked at him hesitantly, with a clear disbelief in his eyes.

Luo Xiao touched his nose and explained: "Brother, you know, I usually pay attention to porcelain, jade and other things. I have seen the things that were just broken by these two people. , They are all genuine products, worth hundreds of thousands!"

"What? Really?" Qiu Li exclaimed, "Are you sure you didn't read it wrong?"

"Yeah." He paid to buy these, how could he not know the true or false?

When Qiu Lu heard this, his face immediately showed distress, and his eyes were very sorry.

"Stop!" The restaurant manager who hurried over commanded the burly security guard and stepped forward to separate the two. "Two, we dont welcome people who fight here. Please pay for all the damage here. Please dont come to us again, we dont welcome guests like you."

"Humph! You let me go!" A man tried hard to break free from the security guard, but he didn't succeed. Seeing the more onlookers, his face was flushed with anger, and he glared at the restaurant manager and shouted loudly, "What are you! You should talk to me like this, you know my dad is Who? Do you believe it or not that my dad can kill you all at once!"

"Believe, I naturally believe it." Although the restaurant manager said respectful words, there was no trace of respect in his eyes. "Security, call his dad and ask his dad to send someone to pick him up."

"Yes, manager." One of the security guards nodded, "By the way, what about this person?"

The restaurant manager glanced at another fighter who had been beaten to his head, and a trace of guilt flashed quickly in his eyes. Hey, why did you provoke that guy so much?

"Let's go." Luo Xiao took the lead to walk outside and went through the payment procedure at the service desk symbolically. When passing by the restaurant manager, he calmly gave the other party a few gazes, then turned and left here.

Sitting in the car on the return journey, Luo Xiao's mind continued to show that figure...