Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 97

Chapter 96:

This is an old-fashioned residential area. The people who live here are basically elderly grandparents. Almost all of their children have moved to other newly built communities with better facilities, and the reason why they will continue to live Here, the main reason is: familiarity.

It has been almost 20 years since this old community was built. At the beginning, it was one of the communities that had just started to invest in construction. It took a network of people to buy such a set. . You know, the people who could buy a house here were the objects of envy and jealousy!

However, with the passage of time, the continuous development of society and economy, and the establishment of better communities in other places, this community has gradually reduced to an old-fashioned community. In addition, when it was newly built, it was not considered so comprehensive. The traffic in this community was not very developed. The narrow roads were particularly inconvenient for the driving and parking of vehicles. Not many people were willing to continue living, except for some Those who are old and old are the only ones who don't have much money in their homes.

That evening, as it had entered early summer, the weather was getting hotter gradually. Some grandparents walked out of the house with fans and came to enjoy the cool breeze under the big trees in the middle of the community.

For the older generation, what is their leisure style? That's just sitting there chatting, chatting, chatting, gossip news and other things after dinner.

"Hey, hey, have you all heard of it?" An aunt dressed in a floral cloth came up to ask mysteriously.

"What did you hear? Sister Hua, did you hear any news again?" An aunt who was sitting next to her and knitting a sweater stab her with an elbow, "It's OK, you don't want to sell anything. Yes, just tell us."

"Yes, that's right, Sister Hua, just say it straight." Another uncle who was holding his grandson agreed.

Aunt Hua glanced at them, clapped her hands cheerfully and said, "Okay, I won't sell anything. You all know the residents of the three units of 605, right?"

"I know, that's the pair of father and son." The sweater-wearing aunt said casually, "The dad used to be a very good national eater, now he is a complete gambler. His wife disliked him and followed him. I dont know where I went, and I havent come back for so many years. As for the son, I dont have much impression."

"Well, when you said that, I also remembered." Another master who was playing chess with others said, "Speaking of which, their son and my grandson were in a junior high school before. At that time, we My grandson also told me that the person who is so silent and does not communicate with others does not feel very good."

"There's no way it's not, let him be born in such a family! If I want to say, this is all adults doing evil!"

"That's right, that's right. I still have the impression that when their family first moved in, the family was sweet and warm, you don't know, at that time, many people secretly envied them!"

"Isn't it! It's a pity that the world is fooling people! Hey, that's not right, by the way, sister, what are you going to say?"

Aunt Hua sighed over when they heard them, and then stepped forward and lowered her voice and said, "What I said this time is about this family."

"Hey? What's the matter? Could it be that the man owes a lot of money to others?"

"No, it's about this time, but it's about the family's son." Aunt Hua waved her hand and continued, "Isn't that kid usually seen as a quiet kid? But ah, what I heard. , It really makes me stunned!"

"Hey? What news? Come and listen."

"No, I went shopping on the street a few days ago. Just when I was waiting for a traffic light at an intersection, someone happened to be next to me saying something. At the beginning, I didn't pay attention, but when I heard this After the name of the community, I listened carefully, but I heard something happened."

"Okay, okay, hurry up and tell the point."

"I'm going to focus on it right away, don't worry. Guess what they are looking for this kid, they came to teach him not to be a third party!"

"What? A third party? Are you sure you heard it right?"

"Why, did he break up the couple? He snatched the woman?"

Aunt Hua stretched out her hand and shook her finger at them: "No, no, if that's the case, then it would be better. But the problem is that he broke up a couple of others, yes, but he seduced the man. "

"What? Man? Big sister, are you sure you heard it right?"

Aunt Hua glared: "Even though I'm over fifty, my hearing is not a problem at all, OK! Besides, the speaker is just two or three meters in front of me, why should I? Maybe you heard it wrong!"

"But, but, this man, this... I really can't believe it!"

"Who said no!" Aunt Hua shook the fan in her hand, "By the way, I also heard that the man who was hooked up is about the same age as his dad, and may be older!"

"This, this, this... indecency!"

"That is to say! There are even more exciting ones! So who has mentioned that the kid has hooked up so far, I don't know one or two, at least there are two digits!"

"Double digits?" The other grandpas and aunts couldn't help crying out in surprise, but immediately they closed their mouths, stiff expressions and began to change the subject.

After a group of young people with swaying thin bodies passed by them, the aunts and grandpas breathed a sigh of relief, and they didn't know if anyone had heard their gossip. After all, it is still very embarrassing to be heard by the person involved.

"Hey, I said, I look at this kid now, how do I think the news is true?"

"How to say, how to say?"

"Have you noticed that kid's awkward walking posture?"

"Walking posture?"

"Oh~~~ can it be said?"

The grandfathers and aunts present all showed clear expressions on their faces. At the same time, all their gazes looking at the balcony of Room 605 of Unit Three changed: Hey, this is indeed the upper beam is not straight and the lower beam is crooked! No, to be precise, it should be blue is better than blue! What kind of son you have for any kind of parents, it is disgusting! Well, when you meet this guy in the future, you must stay away!

'bump! With a sound, Yang Jian closed the door of his house with a pale face and his weak body suddenly sat down on the ground along the door. He didn't understand why everyone knew about this and why?

That's right, the protagonist who was gossiped about by the uncles and aunts is Yang Jian. He went out as usual, because the director of the company called and said that he was looking for "play". He didn't dare to offend his gold master, and at the same time this body was eager for someone to make him feel happy, so without any hesitation, he went to the place agreed upon by both of them.

After a period of ups and downs, Yang Jian and Director Si walked away from the front and rear doors and carefully left. However, just as he was about to walk to his old community, a man wearing sunglasses walked past him, and at the same time stuffed a full envelope into his hand.

Yang Jiangang wanted to turn around to chase, but there was no sign of the person. He opened it with doubts, and found that there was a thick pile of photos inside. An uneasy expression flashed quickly in his eyes. He tremblingly stretched out his finger and drew one out, looking at the two people doing piston exercises above, the familiar face made his uneasiness swept through his body.

At the same time, at this moment, the corner of his eyes was swept to the point where a group of people were pointing at him, and a few words sporadicly expanded his panic. He quickly slid the extracted photo back into the envelope, and ran toward home in a panic. He didn't want to hear anything, he didn't want to see anything! Why, why did things become like this?

Why do all the grandparents in the community know about this? Yes, he actually heard their conversation, which made him even more nervous.

In this way, Yang Jian spent the whole night in fear. And for the first time, he was fortunate that his father had recently gambled outside because he was lucky enough, and it usually took two or three days before he could return.

However, some things either don't exist or you don't pay attention. Because there was no food in the house, he had to be fully armed before going out to buy some food.

However, as soon as he walked out of the house, anyone who saw him had to murmur quietly behind his back for a while, and point him at times. This made his footsteps heavier suddenly, and he didn't know how to step better.

Finally, before the line of defense in his mind collapsed, he took the initiative to call the director of the company and wanted to move out of the community where he had lived for more than ten years. It's a pity that he turned off when he called. You know, the director of the department belongs to someone who will never shut down the machine, and if this happens now, it's very likely that something happened to him.

But what will happen to him at this time? A sudden reflection in his mind, could it be said that the relationship between the two of them was known to others? But it shouldn't. The place they chose is very secret. How could anyone know it?

Yang Jian dropped his shoulders weakly, and when his hand touched the envelope in the pocket of his clothes, a pale smile appeared at the corner of his mouth: Yes, if it is really secret, then where did the high-definition photos come from? What?

Just when Yang Jian was pulling his hair in trouble, Director Secretary was invited by the Disciplinary Inspection Department to chat and chat. What Yang Jian didn't know at this time was that his hard life had just begun...