Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 98

Chapter 97:

A fully-armed, sneaky man, after carefully observing the surroundings, made sure that no one else was walking, quickly snatched his body from the dark corner, and went directly into a low, dilapidated, ruined house next to it. . He sighed in a long sigh of relief after he lay down on the door and through the gap to confirm once again that no one was following him and no one noticed his residence.

Sitting tiredly on the built-up simple bed, he reached out and took down the rags around his head and the rustic black-framed glasses. He touched the hideous scar on his face, and there was a burst in his heart. Bitterness and unwillingness: why? Why is his affairs exposed? Why is he now so desolate, even worse than the stray dogs on the side of the road? Why did he kill someone by mistake? Why is all this! ! !

Yang Jian slapped his forehead fiercely with his hands, a look of pain appeared on his face, he didn't want to go to jail!

This was the thirtieth day after Yang Jian's incident broke out, and it was also the 25th day that he absconded in fear of sin.

Twenty-five days ago, after Yang Jian's father heard that his son had done this kind of thing that was going to be pierced in the spine, he returned home angrily.

Since it happened to be less than three o'clock in the morning when he came back, it was really when people were asleep. But as far as Father Yang, who was already outraged at this time, didn't care about these things!

He kicked the door of Yang Jian's bedroom directly with a strong kick. He woke up with a loud sound. He hadn't eaten well and slept in Yang Jian for several days. He looked in horror and appeared in front of him. Father Yang, trembling all over, shouted tremblingly: "Dad."

"Dad, what dad!" Father Yang picked up a book on the shelf by the door and threw it towards his front. "You little animal, you have the ability! That **** with you Like mother, I like to seduce men by nature, isnt it? You still follow your mother to be a junior. You, he, mother are shameless, I still have to face him! I knew you would be like this, I used to You should be strangled to death when you were born!"

"Dad, no, it's not like that, you, listen to my explanation." Yang Jian shook his head in a panic, "Really, listen to my explanation, Dad!"

"Explanation? Haha, what else is there to explain!" Father Yang was so angry that he lost his mind at this moment. He stared at Yang Jian fiercely, and the more he looked at this, the anger in his heart grew stronger.

Originally, Yang Jian looked more like his mother, and she looked so beautiful. Ever since the woman left, Father Yang has been suppressing a wave of anger in his heart, and the incident of Yang Jian at this moment has made Father Yang, who has always been accustomed to male chauvinism, angry.

He yelled and rushed directly in front of Yang Jian, stretched out his hands and squeezed his throat fiercely, intending to strangle the evildoer.

Yang Jian opened his eyes in pain, his hands tried hard to break his father's shackles, and at the same time his feet kept kicking in the air, but he didn't receive any effective effect. The air in my abdomen became thinner and thinner, the scene in front of me began to blur a little bit, and the consciousness in my brain began to gradually diffuse.

His godless gaze spread out. When he saw the small iron alarm clock on the bedside, his eyes condensed. The survival instinct could make him stretch his hand to the alarm clock with great effort. It's almost there, hoo, got it!

Yang Jian's right hand tightly held the alarm clock in his hand, and he lifted his head strenuously and slammed it on Father Yang's head. Father Yang suddenly relaxed the hands pinched on his neck because of the pain. Yang Jian took this opportunity to make several more consecutive strokes, forcing Father Yang to let go.

Yang Jian seized this opportunity and struggled free from Father Yang's hand. He held the blood-stained alarm clock in his right hand, and gently stroked his neck with his left hand, coughing hard, every time he coughed, that My throat hurts.

Father Yang reached out his hand and touched his bleeding wound, his eyes became darker, "Okay, Xiao Hu Sheng, you dare to beat you Lao Tzu! Look at Lao Tzu, I won't kill you today!"

"Don't come over!" Yang Jian shouted out in fear, "If you come over again, I will fight you hard! Don't force me!"

"Hmph! I dare to yell with Lao Tzu!" Father Yang let out a cold snort with disdain, without saying anything, pounced again.

Yang Jian screamed and threw the alarm clock in his hand towards Father Yang forcefully, but unfortunately the angle was a little bit worse and it didn't hit it. In a panic, he threw everything around him, but unfortunately he couldn't stop Father Yang from approaching. However, the accident happened at this time. Father Yang staggered and fell to the ground because of what he threw over.

Seeing this, Yang Jian immediately seized this opportunity and rushed out of the bedroom door. Unfortunately, Father Yang soon caught up. He wanted to take the opportunity to get out but there was not enough time. He turned around, instead of running towards the door, he turned and went into the kitchen. He picked up the sharp kitchen knife placed on the chopping board, trembling with his hands tightly holding it, and shouted to Father Yang who was following him: "Dad, don't pass it, don't force me!"

After seeing the kitchen knife in his hand, Father Yang picked up the broom that was lying aside and hit him viciously.

Yang Jian tried to dodge as much as possible while trying to persuade his father not to continue. It is a pity that Father Yang, who has lost his mind, can't listen at all at this moment, and instead makes his shot even more fierce.

Yang Jian, who had been under the beating and scolding of Yang's father for a long time, was also outraged at this moment. Why did he keep being beaten like this? Why didn't this man have done his responsibilities as a father well, and now he started fighting as soon as he came up, without giving him a chance to speak? Why! Obviously these two irresponsible adults caused all this! Not satisfied! He is not convinced at all!

For many years, the accumulating grievances that had accumulated in the bottom of my heart finally broke out at this moment. Yang Yi flushed his eyes, looked at his father who was merciless to him with hatred, yelled, brandishing his kitchen knife and rushed up.

Half an hour later, Yang Jian sat blankly on the ground in the center of the living room. Not far from him, there was a pool of blood lying in a pool of blood, Father Yang, who was no longer angry.

Yes, just in the half-hour struggle, Yang Jian accidentally cut the aorta in Father Yangs neck with a kitchen knife. The blood spurting out splashed Yang Jians face, and he reached out and touched his face. The warm liquid just stared at the bright red color. When he recovered, Father Yang was already lying in a pool of blood with staring eyes in surprise.

Yang Jian panicked and threw away the kitchen knife in his hand. There was a blank in his head. He didn't understand why things had developed to this point. He really didn't want to kill people, his knife was actually scary. What to do, what to do now!

The sound from the next door awakened Yang Jian who was sitting on the ground. He clearly heard the suspicious conversation of the two couples next door.

"Hey, husband, have you heard the noise next door?"

"Nonsense, didn't you see that I was woken up? Really, what a mess this night!"

"That is to say! By the way, I heard that the two father and son are arguing, but now there is no sound suddenly? You said, will something happen?"

"Oh, my wife, don't think about it. No matter what they can do, it's only half past three. Let's continue to sleep!"

"Well, that's true."

Hearing this, the heart Yang Jian had been holding back to the original place. Once again, he hurriedly glanced at Father Yang lying on the ground, stood up and dragged him into the closet of the master bedroom, and then wiped the blood-stained parts of the room one by one. Finally, before the sky was up, he quickly sorted out some of his own clothes and put all the few thousand yuan left in his home into his pocket.

Carefully opened the door, and after looking at it several times, he tiptoed and kept his nerves walking down the stairs layer by layer. As he walked to the top of the stairs on the second floor, suddenly there was the sound of a door opening from the stairs. He slipped and fell directly from the stairs.

As a result, his face just hit the ground when he fell. The ground that was about to be renovated was littered with sharp stones, one of which happened to cut Yang Jian's face. However, at this moment, he ignored the serious injury on his face, covered his **** right cheek with one hand, grabbed the luggage bags scattered on the ground with the other, and ran out in a panic. There is no way, because the sound from upstairs has become clearer and clearer. If you don't leave, it will be too late.

After Yang Jian ran to a remote and abandoned factory waiting to be demolished, he had time to check the injuries on his face. Although there is no mirror at hand, because it happened to rain a few days ago, there are still several puddles with water around. Yang Jian walked to the puddle, lowered his head and looked down, only to see a wound about 20 cm from the left forehead to the right cheek appeared on his face. It can be said that this face has been ruined.

He stared desperately at the wound on his face in the water, shook his shoulders and began to laugh in a low voice, knowing that tears came out of his laughter. He knew that he had no bright future in his life.

But even so, he shouldn't go to jail, and don't want to spend the rest of his life in jail! run! He wants to run away! Run to a place that no one knows so that the police will not catch him! Correct! Just do it!

This thought was the only thing left in Yang Jian's mind. He picked up his luggage and continued to run towards the remote place...

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