Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 99

Chapter 98:

Fear the crime!

Luo Xiao looked at the latest report he received, and what he saw were these four specially marked red letters. There was an obvious surprise in his eyes, although his main purpose was to make Yang Jian spurned by others, without a job and without friends, he fell into a difficult situation in life.

But unexpectedly, the development of the matter turned out to be like this: Yang Jian, who killed his own father himself, hid the body in the closet, and finally escaped without surrendering himself? !

Well, this guy jumped straight over the predicament and fell into desperation.

Luo Xiao touched his smooth chin and raised an eyebrow. Speaking of which, if it wasn't for the hottest time in summer, the corpse had a strong stench due to the high temperature, and the others wouldn't be so fast. Will find out. I have to say, God is not standing beside Yang Jian!

Hehe, everyone shouted and beaten the mice across the street. Although they are still happily escaping, after all, Skynet is sparse and not leaking!

Sure enough, at noon one day two months later, several agile and cheap policemen squatted beside the ruined house where Yang Jian lived temporarily. When Yang Jian secretly returned to the residence and was about to open the door, the policemen He immediately surrounded him, and after a few skilled captures, Yang Jian, who had absconded, was finally arrested and brought to justice.

When Luo Xiao learned that he had been sentenced to death, his heart felt relieved. Although Yang Jian has received the punishment he deserves, the other person has not yet, and he has not been able to completely eliminate the resentment remaining in his heart. However, he had a hunch that that person was also coming soon.

"Xiaoxiao, how about it, are you satisfied with this result?" Ye Lan walked behind Luo Xiao, reached out his arm around his slender waist, squeezed it secretly, and then nodded in satisfaction: Well, feel it The feel is still so good!

Luo Xiao rolled his eyes speechlessly, and then relentlessly patted off this big, nonsense hand: "Although the results are slightly different, I am still very satisfied."

Ye Lan's eyes lit up when he heard this, and he held out his arm again with a cheeky face: "Hey, Xiaoxiao, if you are satisfied, shouldn't you be rewarded?"

Luo Xiao deliberately pretended not to hear what he meant, and nodded in agreement and said: "It should be rewarded, so let's give a bonus of 50,000 yuan to each of those who spread the news. ."

"Hey?" Ye Lan complained, holding him coquettishly, "Xiaoxiao, how do you know that you are facing outsiders! Obviously I have exerted the most effort, you should reward me!"

"Oh? Are you talking about why you are doing more than them?" Luo Xiao turned his head and raised his chin to signal him to talk.

Ye Lan coughed, and then said solemnly: "Xiaoxiao, look, I helped you with this idea, right? It's not wrong that the information you collected was given to the person above by me for you. Also, its not wrong that the few people who went to spread the news were also sent by my subordinates? Tell me, am I doing more than them?"

Luo Xiao glanced at him with a faint smile, "It's not wrong for you to say that. However, what you mean is that the relationship between us is just like this."

As soon as Ye Lan heard the first half of the sentence, a clear smile appeared on his face. Unfortunately, the more you listened, the more rigid the smile on his face became. He gave him an annoyed look: "Xiaoxiao, you know it."

"I just know what's going on, huh!" Luo Xiao shook his head proudly, and he was happy to do something.

Okay, Ye Lan touched his nose, he really couldn't bear to do it! However, as an excellent minor attacker, sometimes you have to be aggressive!

He reached out and turned Luo Xiao's head around, and then sealed his throat with a kiss before he could say anything. At the same time, the other hand did not sit idle, and simply reached in from the hem, the goal was directed at Hong Ying. From the moment when he hugged Luo Xiao from his back, Ye Lan was tempted by the faint scenery revealed by the slightly open collar. It took him a lot of willpower to endure it until now!

However, he changed his mind and thought again, since they are already old husbands and wives, what he wants to do as a partner, is that also in his legal rights? So, why should he continue to bear it? Hey, it's better to eat directly!

Luo Xiao was quickly obscured by Ye Lan's proficient kissing technique. There was originally a little shy and resisting emotion, but at this moment, he has already been thrown out of the sky.

"Dear Xiaoxiao, come and sit up by yourself." Ye Lan had already transferred the'battlefield' to their super king-size bed. He stopped his movements and deliberately said to Luo Xiao.

As for Luo Xiao, who is about to arrive* who is already being served, he is only a little short of it, but now he is stuck here. He moistened his eyes and looked at Ye Lan with a look of dissatisfaction and grievance. Ye Lan, who was tempted by this sight, almost gave up the idea in his mind. Fortunately, he managed to hold on with his proud self-control. Up.

With his throat dumb, he stared at Luo Xiao with red eyes and said again, "Hey, Xiaoxiao, come, sit up by yourself, otherwise I won't help you!"

Luo Xiao glared at him angrily, then gritted his teeth, flushed his face, raised his body slightly, and sat down slowly, aiming at the position. This slow movement is sweet to both people. Suffering.

The feeling of being obviously possessed made the heat on Luo Xiao's face continue to rise, and he couldn't help but slap several times. It's a pity that the stern look in his eyes, in Ye Lan's eyes, is a wintry eye full of spring!

He couldn't hold it anymore, and directly stretched out his hands to support Luo Xiao's thin waist, and then slammed hard, and the two sighed at the same time.

After slightly waiting for Luo Xiao to adapt in his body, he began to move quickly. Due to his posture, coupled with Ye Lan's constant offensive against the sensitive spots, Luo Xiao quickly sank into the sea of madness.

(Some other remaining scenes, dear ones, let your imagination run wild and think about it!)

Luo Xiao held his sore waist and a certain part that could not be closed at this time, and he was itching for Ye Lan. Bastard! How many times did this **** guy do for him yesterday? It was there, it was, hum! Don't even think about entering the bedroom for these three months!

"Hey, Xiaoxiao, are you hungry? Come, try my fresh seafood porridge." Up to now, Ye Lan hasn't improved much in other life skills, but the level of this porridge is similar to those The chefs of the five-star hotel have a good match.

Luo Xiao did not pretend to refuse to drink the porridge, and after he was clean, he said coldly to Ye Lan: "You, starting today, go to the guest room to sleep in the next three months."

"Hey? What?" Ye Lan widened his eyes and looked at Luo Xiao aggrievedly, "Xiaoxiao, don't you be so cruel!"

"Cruel?" Luo Xiao grinned, "Hmph, I'm cruel, what should I do!"

"Woo, don't be like this~~~" Ye Lan stretched out and took La Luoxiao's sleeve, and said coquettishly, "Three months is too long, one month."

"No, it's only three months." Luo Xiao decided resolutely, "Tell me, how many times is this already? I told you that I don't want it, but instead of stopping, you speeded up your action. !you!"

Ye Lan touched his nose awkwardly, and opened his eyes with a guilty conscience: So what, there is no way. Who made Xiaoxiao who shouted not to be so attractive? Moreover, he really likes to see Xiaoxiao crying under him, crying happily, and it will make you feel better after seeing it!

So Ye Lan reluctantly hugged his quilt and walked out of the master bedroom door step by step, came to the guest room, looked at the bed in front of him, couldn't help sighing deeply, and then looked again. I looked at my right hand: Well, girl with Five Fingers, in the next three months, I would like to ask you a lot of advice... ooh, three months is really too long!

Unfortunately, the protest is invalid!

While Ye Lan was still grieving his painful life for the next three months, there was a rapid knock on the door. He turned around and immediately opened the door: "Here, who is it?"

"It's me, hurry up and open the door!"

"Grandpa Huo?" Ye Lan looked at the old man Huo who looked a little flustered outside the door, and asked with doubts, "Why are you like this?"

Elder Huo was wearing a blue-gray commoner robe at the moment, but unfortunately, it was stained with a trace of blood. He didn't hesitate to explain something, and he dashed into the room and let the door shut firmly. Then he took a breath and asked, "Ye Xiaozi, where is my precious apprentice?"

Ye Lan was also confused by them at this moment. He turned around and pointed to the door of the master bedroom, "Xiao Xiao is not feeling well, now he is training inside."

""Pooh. Is it true that I dont know anything? Sure enough, his soft cute apprentice only has to be eaten every day! Elder Huo glanced at Ye Lan, who was full of emotions all over his body. He shook his head slightly and couldn't help but vomit: When on earth can his baby apprentice rise?

Elder Huo entered the bedroom under the leadership of Ye Lan. Looking at Luo Xiao who was lying on the bed, Elder Huo felt relieved for a while.

"Xiaoxiao, who do you think is here?" Ye Lan said with a smile.

Luo Xiao, who had been lowering his head thinking about things, lifted up when he heard the words. When he saw his master who hadn't seen him for a while, he got up excitedly and wanted to get out of bed, but unfortunately he had to lie down again after doing half of the action. At the same time, he stared at Ye Lan fiercely, all to blame for this guy!

Elder Huo smiled clearly, but then he became gloomy again, with a solemn expression on his face: "Xiaoxiao, something has happened!"