I'm The Supreme Fairy King Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Scream!

Jenny then let the torch fall on the ground, burning rapidly the dried leaves and grass around, making the fire rage wildly in between the two.

She was ready, and Jim knew that, but he didn't know what to do. "I should at least evade her attacks," he muttered trying to encourage himself.

"Be ready boy, here I come," she said mocking him, like an adult playing with a kid. She put her right hand inside the fire. Instead of being burnt, the fire danced around her hand, as she controlled it to form long wisps circulating around her arm.


The next moment she waved her hand, striking it like she was holding a whip, attacking Jim with a long thin whip-like fire tongue.

But Jim was ready, as the moment she targeted him, he jumped away from the way of the harm. The fire tongue hit the shack, cleaving it in half, causing a muffled explosion that reverberated after her attack.

"Wow, you really can jump," she smirked as she waved her hand again, and the fire sparkled just above her head, causing a snap sound as she waved it again towards his new location.

And he jumped in time, evading the incoming attack, with such agility and precision he was astonished to have!

He didn't know what was happening. As he focused over her, he could picture the moment of her taking action; totally freezing it in his mind.

He could ascertain the trajectory, the reach of the fire, and even the strength of this attack. The next thing his mind would pop up with would be the best place to jump evading such attack.

He didn't know how this happened, but when his mind pictured this track for him, he could simply follow, with such agility he never enjoyed before.

"What is going on? Is this the power that the old man talked about?" he thought to himself, and despite having no clue of what was going on; he was enjoying it.

The feeling of being this strong, even in just evading the incoming attacks, was something he deeply cherished! He never experienced such strength before, or ever stood equal to a stronger person.

Even when he was escaping, it was due to the old man's hidden help, something he was quite positive about.

But now, it was only him, his own strength and nothing else! He glanced at Jenny, as the tables were flipped, challenging her obviously with his strong gaze. The lamp turned into a wolf, and the tigress turned into a cat!

"Damn you, I was going easy on you just now, but you were such impudent! I prefer to kill you than seeing this smug look over your face again!"

She roared, as his expression got on her temper.

And the next thing that happened was weird! She took the fire torch from the hand of another man, and let herself entirely be on fire!

Everything burnt down, or that's what Jim thought. However the next moment he was proven wrong! Jenny had total control over fire, and with such a huge amount, a bad thing was about to happen!

"Run away, fast, she is mad!"

"Who does she think she is facing? He is just a kid with no powers!"

"Run or stay and die!"

"Retreat for a hundred meters away and you will be safe!"

"Damn you Jenny, if you killed any of my slaves you will be doomed!"

Many voices interacted in a mere short span of moments, while Jim noticed the chaos created after what Jenny did. Everyone here retreated, away from the two of them, everyone except only two! A strong bare upper body big man and a short child standing next to him reaching barely to his abdomen.

"This looks bad," Jim didn't need to be very smart to know Jenny was using a crazy attack next. As he tried to retreat, Jenny kept the pace with him, keeping the distance of the initial twenty meters fixed!

"Don't think of running away, boy! I did this for you, so embrace it and only blame your foolishness and rudeness! Die!"


She waved her hands wide open, while arching her body to the maximum. Her body suddenly twitched a couple of times, releasing popping sounds.

The fire that was blazing fiercely upon her body was unleashed in a mighty wave that hit everything around her in a circle of one hundred meters radius!

"I'm done for! Old man, help! Hurry! I'm going to die like this!!!"

Jim tried to retreat faster, but his speed couldn't help him this time. His mind didn't provide any path for him to follow, and his speed dramatically decreased.

As for his old man; he still refrained from intervening even with a sigh!

"There is no way to escape this, sigh!" he muttered, regretfully, as he thought himself being far away from danger, not knowing his death was just at his doorsteps at the hands of such a lunatic girl.

The next moment his body was hit mercilessly by this strong wave of fire, making him fly to the back, falling on the ground with fire ignited wildly over every single inch of his body.

"Hahaha, the rude boy deserves this. Let me hear your screams!! C'mon, scream you bastard! You aren't that weak to die just from a mere touch of my fire! Scream!!"

But she was destined to be disappointed. Jim didn't scream! In fact, contrary to her expectations; Jim was safe and sound, not even close to being called dead!