I'm The Supreme Fairy King Chapter 11

Chapter 11: The Hidden Truth

The moment the fire touched his body, a strange feeling of familiarity erupted. The next thing he felt was a hunger, deep hunger that slept for ages and was now craving for fire, asking for more!

"Is this the fire you said it will burn me down? Tsk," the sound of Jim rang all over the place, echoing to every single corner. Just before he spoke these words, he stood up from the ground, with fire surrounding his body, looking savage yet fine.

That silenced everything around, even that lunatic calling for his screams.

He wasn't like Jenny, as fire was wild and untamed around her. Around him, the fire seemed like a docile pet, listening to the orders of a higher being.

The fire formed a thin layered coat, and with each passing second new coat was born and more fire was sucked dry from everywhere, coming and gathering around him.

He suddenly turned into a human torch in this dark night, shining like a small sun, and he felt really refreshed.

"It's better than what the old man did to me back at the locking house," he muttered to himself as he raised his hands and glanced at these thick multi-layers of fire that surrounded his arms.

He felt the same feeling he had when he got that strange fog surrounding his whole body. He felt invincible! No pain, no burning sensation, or even hotness!

If he felt something else, then his soul would be feeling more energetic than ever and his mind kept repeating one thing; 'you are supreme!'

"H- H- H- Now way! Sh*t!"

Jenny glanced with disbelief towards Jim, with all the fire she released being sucked dry towards him, forming thick layers of flashy fire around his body.

She glanced with innate fear inside her soul, as she subconsciously retreated a couple of steps backwards, while Jim only stood his place motionless.

"You said if you lose you will be my slave, so do you want to be a slave or to be my first to die under my hands?"

His words were said with such simplicity and easiness that it seemed like he was offering her a date. For him, he wanted such a fiery hot girl to be following him, obediently accepting his orders; no matter what they were!

He lacked and missed many things in his life, and that was expected. He lived a life he never wanted, forced upon him by his weakness and cursed fate.

However, as he escaped from this fate and became stronger, he desired all things he was deprived of!

And being with beauties all around was-for sure-one of those dreams of his!

Jenny paused, seemingly hesitant about responding. Jim glanced strangely at her, not feeling any hurry. He knew his fiery shield would sustain for hours.

"What? Am I too bad as a boss? Or too kind?"

He asked, as he cracked a joke he only laughed on, trying to know the reason behind her hesitance.

"She can't accept your offer boy, as everyone here is a slave already to someone else."

Suddenly this reply came, not from Jenny, but from the direction behind her. She was jolted awake as she turned to glance at the two standing few meters behind her, with not a single scratch over them.

Jim also noticed them, and he initially thought they were burnt to ash from the attack earlier, but now as one of the spoke up he knew they were fine; totally fine.

"Just like me," he muttered to himself while thinking about the words that came from the man.

"What do you mean? Do you mean even Ashley is also a slave?" he asked, trying to understand more.

"Like I said, boy, every single one here including your Ashley is a slave."

"Isn't this the black tiger camp?"

"Black tigers? Hahaha, boy you are really funny. This is just a slave station for the black market, with the intention of gathering strong fighters and beauties to be sold," the bare chest man laughed as he pointed his fingers towards one direction while adding: "This is their master, and this slave marks only can be removed by him, either willingly or not."

Jim followed the direction of the finger to find that vulgar huge body leader he met when he came here.

"Is he their master?" he asked, as he casually pointed towards the man.

"Sure," Pol said as he turned to glance at the stupefied leader as he added: "Hey you, our boy here wants some slaves to be freed, will you give them for free or should he come to make you pay for it?"

The words he said seemed insulting, but strangely he said in a very amusing tone; like he was having fun doing that.

"Stop doing that! That man is much stronger than him, not only in strength but in numbers!" Siera hit Pol with her elbow as she complained like a little kid. Pol laughed while saying nothing except shrugging.

He was starting to enjoy this show; as anything that involved humans killing each other was a fun sport to him. As for Jim, Pol knew he was a human who had some powers, yet still if he was killed in the fight he wouldn't care.

"What the hell are you talking about? And who the hell are you two? Trespassing my land and ordering me around with such audacity! Go to hell you and that skinny boy of yours!"