I'm The Supreme Fairy King Chapter 12

Chapter 12: An Unexpected Twist in Events

The leader seemed quite agitated and very angry by such development. A usual and traditional easy recruiting new slave ceremony had turned upside down like this, and he was even being ordered and insulted in front of his slaves!

"Sigh, see boy? He won't listen or release anyone peacefully. I tried to convince him, but he is really stubborn.

So, are you going to leave your Ashley and Jenny away, to be sold as slaves to rich dirty men; to touch their bodies and enjoy their moans?" Pol said with a grin as he was already picturing the amazing show of Jim being beaten and even killed!

The mere thought made him quite excited that he even laughed!

Jim glanced at him, feeling somehow angry as well. Pol's attitude seemed not with the intention of helping him; instead he was igniting the fire more. Like a foe not a friend!


Suddenly, and as he was about to refute back, he heard this single warning from his long silent old man, startling him, and making him pause and hesitate about what he intended to do.

'Not now,' he was just about to speak to his old man, forgetting he wasn't alone. The old man hurried to warn him, interrupting him for two times in a row.

"What? Are you fine with this fate of your girls?" Pol's voice rang again in his ears, distracting him away from the strange attitude of his old man.

It seemed the old man was cautious, very cautious and afraid of these two, or at least of Pol. "You, release Ashley and Jenny, they are now my slaves!" Jim decided to ignore these two for now as he turned to the leader and shouted at him.

"What are you saying? A slave is asking to have more slaves, hahaha! Never heard of this before in the business! Boy, if you have the balls to claim them, then come and acquire them by your hands!"

The shout came from the leader, and the next moment the leader took out a knife and injured his arm from the origin. The blood flowed on the thick arm, and the next thing happened was that the clothes covering this arm got burnt down by strange cyan light.

It wasn't fire, yet it was light coming from strange markings over his arm. The leader didn't stop as he also did the same to his other arm.

The two thick arms shone brightly in cyan light, while these broad strokes of cyan ink were now flashing, making the shape of the leader quite bizarre.

"Come boy, let's see if you are worthy of me using my full power or not."

The leader didn't say a single word later, as suddenly his two eyes shone brightly with cyan fire, and the next thing Jim felt was a sudden change in the atmosphere around him.

"What the hell? Are you controlling them using these strange writings?" Jim muttered as the next moment he spotted in the darkness around him many eyes burning in cyan light like the leader. All of them roared like they were all in anger and agony; like they were monsters.

Even Jenny, the one who was shaking from fear couple of moments ago, started to move in stiff manner towards him, not frightened anymore, with the same light coming from her eyes

"Kill the head of the snake!" Siera suddenly shouted, as on contrast to Pol next to her, she didn't enjoy seeing humans killing each other as a fun sport.

She loved to fight, not a fan of killing and slaughter!

The shout she released was instantly understood by Jim. He glanced over the shoulders of Jenny, behind everyone, where that dirty leader was.

"At least if I have to kill, I won't touch my precious future dolls!" he said as the next moment he easily evaded the weak and pathetic attack Jenny did in a try to stabilize him to the ground and then headed directly towards the leader.


Suddenly the men and women who were trying to move towards him roared again, and some of them started to show strange transformations.

"A lad of the demon clan! How can someone be here?" Siera was more astonished for seeing this, as she wrongly thought this huge vulgar man was a normal human.

"I don't know," Pol shook his head before adding, "but this will add more to the fun, right?"

"C'mon, he can't beat the demons! He is still weak, and lacks experience and training!" Siera objected as she firmly added, "if you don't want to help, then I will!"

"Breaking the old man's rules again? Do you have a death wish?!" Pol said, expressing his dissatisfaction regarding what Siera wanted to do.

"Using my powers in this mortal realm isn't breaking any rules!" she said.

"Interfering in an evaluation test is a crime, you best of all know that, right?"

The hidden hint he said made the face of Siera change for a moment there before coldly saying:

"I won't forget these words coming out from you, Pol the giant clan fighter!"

"Humph," Pol just sneered before replying, refusing to show a weakness to her, "Do whatever you wish, Siera the fox clan fighter. But all I care about is your safety and being away from harm. I'm sure your mother will agree with my decision here."

She glared at him, silently without being able to speak another word for a couple of moments. "Using my mother to frighten me? You know better than that."