I'm The Supreme Fairy King Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Fireball

The words of the old man were weird, yet Jim decided to trust him and follow his guidance. 'Alright, tell me what to do,' he thought as he finally found a path leading directly to the leader, bypassing the encirclement of the demons.

'To use your strength you need to use something called spells. To activate these you must take certain postures and do moves in certain orders.'

'Do you want me to dance?' Jim was speechless, yet there was no time for him to hesitate. He was almost upon the leader, only ten meters away from him!

And these ten meters were filled with dense fog of poison!

'Just do as I say,' the old man said in a decisive tone, 'arc your body and put both of your hands forward with the sword pointed to the ground.'

'The ground?!!'

'Just do it!'

Jim just landed on the ground, with five demons running wild behind, and a giant cloud of cyan poisonous fog standing before him. There was no path of retreat now, and so he did as the old man told him to do.

Just as he arched his body and placed his arms and sword in this strange posture, he felt a shiver running deep inside him.

It was like a pulse was ejected from a hidden place in his soul, and this pulse just moved from his soul to his arms towards his sword, making it buzz loudly like a wild beast.

'Try to maintain this posture and don't let the sword hit the ground no matter what.'

Just as the old man said it, Jim felt strong gravity assaulting his entire body and outstretched arms. If not for the warning the old man just gave him, he would have relaxed his arms and let the sword be inserted in the ground.

'It hurts!' he gritted his teeth as every single muscle in his body was now being tortured by this pressure. 'How long should I keep this?'

'As long as you can!'

Jim tried to resist the urge to let the sword down as much as he could. Even his neck veins bulge from stress, and yet he felt the five seconds that just passed were like a whole lifetime at this moment.

As for the old man, he kept watching Jim's back for him. Just as the nearest demon aberrations were about to reach him he shouted: 'Let it fall now!'

Jim was craving to hear such an order, and the next moment he just let his arms loose and the sword hit the ground, deeply inserted into it!


The next moment this soft rumble originated from his sword, then the ground around him was lit up in bright red light before a grand fireball emerged from the ground with Jim in its center.

'What is this?' he marveled this strange feeling of superiority at this moment, where he felt total control over this fire ball. The fire ball kept getting larger and floated in midair, a couple of meters away from the ground.

And Jim floated in its heart!

'This is your fireball spell. Simple and common, yet effective against dark creatures like demons and poison clans.'

Jim glanced over the ball of fire that enlarged to reach ten meter radius, eating away three demons and large part of the poisonous fog.

'What should I do now?' he asked, as he felt he could think of anything and the fire ball would follow his thoughts.

'Just point your sword forward towards the main demon, then after killing him you can target the remaining minions.'

'I like this plan!'

'This was the plan!'


'Don't be so rude to your mentor, kid!'

Jim laughed as he felt the victory was finally in his grasp. He did as the old man told him.

As he pointed his sword towards the main demon, the fire ball launched a sudden attack towards it. It took the shape of Jim's sword, penetrating the demon's chest and burning away his heart, lungs, and other organs!

"Damn! This fireball is such badas*!" he laughed out loud, watching that huge demon fall on the ground burnt by his fire until he breathed his last breaths in this world.

'One down, others to follow,' Jim had a vicious smile over his face as he turned to look at the other demon aberrations running fast towards him. "Are you this tired of living?" he sneered before pointing out his sword towards each one of them.

One hit of his fiery sword and the demon would be burnt down and killed! What he noticed was that those aberrations were so fragile, as they burnt to ash, leaving none behind.

'They are fragile! Not like that main demon!' he sneered as they all puffed into ash while the body of the dead demon was still intact behind him with wisps of fire still ignited non-stop.

'They are weak, that's all. They are just infected with the demon aura, not true demons,' the old man explained, before adding, 'soon you will know more about these facts.'

'You talk like I will go to the school,' Jim joked as he was carefree while hunting down the remaining demons.

'You will see,' the old man's answer was vague, yet Jim didn't bother asking for more.