I'm The Supreme Fairy King Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Master

With the last demon aberration burnt to ash, he stood there amidst the living humans whom got freed from the slavery curse. 'Are they freed now?' he asked his old man before adding, 'or I should make sure by killing them?'

'They are freed, yet do whatever you want with them,' the old man replied before adding, 'the slavery curse mark is on that demon's dead body. You can go and grab it to be their master, or leave them go and live freely from now on.'

Jim stood with his ball of fire starting to fade away. He ignored those ex-slaves as he observed his ball of fire. 'Does it have a time limit?'

'Everything has a time limit.'

'Tsk, I thought it would last like the fire layers on my body.'

'Even the fire layers will soon vanish.'

'What? Last time that fog lasted for hours!'

'That time you didn't exhaust it using a spell, did you? Spells aren't a joke, kid. You need to learn and train, get your body stronger so you can use more than one spell in a fight.'

Jim felt the old man was speaking about something he was so certain of. 'Won't you tell me what is going to happen?' he asked, before turning to glance at Pol and Siera standing on the side, watching him with different expressions. 'Are they related to this future?'

'You will know everything from them soon enough, so don't be impatient.'

'Tsk,' Jim moved his glance away from the surprised and delighted Siera and the frustrated Pol.

He looked at Jenny and Ashley, as the two stood in their place motionless after getting freed from the enslavement curse. "You two owe me your life and a date," he laughed as he moved towards the two while the fire ball died down.

His body now had a fainter layer of fire, weaker than before. It was so clear to anyone seeing him right now. Yet no one dared to move against him. They weren't that kind to thank him, or that fool to attack such a monster.

For everyone here, they just wished if he went away and vanished in thin air. But Jim had other plans in mind.

"Come, you two are now owned by me," he said, with a soft smile over his face, a victorious smile.

"Ahem, I I promised you a date," Ashley stuttered before finally saying her thoughts out.

"That was before I learnt about your trick and part in this play," Jim replied as he put his skinny arms around her shoulders, "and before I killed your master demon."

"That" she didn't know what to say, especially after the dizziness side effect haunting her. The control curse she just experienced seemed taxing even on someone strong like Ashley and Jenny.

"Don't," he put his fingers on her lips before adding, "this is already decided."

"By who? You?" It was Jenny this time who came staggering a little with her sexy body. She didn't intend to move like this, yet she was affected by the curse aftermath as well.

"Sigh, I don't like this attitude of my girls," he muttered and Jenny just stood a couple of meters in front of him before putting her hands on her waist. "And I don't like following a skinny shorter guy like you."

"I'm strong!"

"And I'm sexy!"

He stood there not knowing what to say. Eventually he shook his head and retreated. "Where are you going?" Jenny shouted from behind, "have you given up already?" she seemed quite annoyed. She was used to leaving men, not men leaving her.

"I will come back in a second," he just replied before heading towards the body of the dead demon. 'Tell me what to do?' he thought and the old man's voice replied:

'Just land a drop of your blood over the mark and it will be yours.'

Instead of wasting his breaths stating the obvious, he would prefer to announce his ownership in a non-debatable way. He leaned on the burnt out body and examined it for a moment until he found his aim.

'It didn't burn!' he was surprised to find the tattoo of this dark skull on the chest of that dead body untouched by his fire.

'It's way stronger magic than yours.'

'Magic? Is this what I have right now?' he asked before handling his sword and injured his finger. 'Just a drop is enough, no need to bleed overnight, right?'

'Sigh! It was for own good, you know.'


He let the blood fall over the tattoo and the next moment it shone brightly in cyan light. He instinctively touched it and the next moment it vanished while he felt a stinging pain in his chest.

The next moment it was gone, but he felt some sort of connection with others standing here.

And others also sensed his control over their lives.