I'm The Supreme Fairy King Chapter 16

Chapter 16: The Fairy Academy

Out of pure habit they all knelt on the ground while Jim stood there speechless. "Sh*t! I wanted to own two girls and now I own an entire dark group!" he cursed out loud and his words made the nearby Siera chuckle, while Pol just sneered.

He wasn't pleased with what things ended up to be!

"You did great, and I'm proud of you," Siera jumped to appear suddenly in front of him. He glanced at her smaller physique, yet he had this vague dreadful feeling of being eyed by a monster.

A deadly monster!

"Hi, we didn't meet before, right?" he said these words as he didn't know what else to say. He tried to be cautious and respectful, something he lived his entire life faking perfectly in front of others.

"Sure, I'm Siera, and I think you are called Jim, right?"

She heard his name in between the talks of humans during the fight. "Yup, it's me," he nodded, before asking, "may I know why you are here?"

"Is this strange?"

"It's just I believe you are not from around."

"Hehehe, I like your senses. They will serve you well during your next phase of life."

"My next phase of life?" he asked in doubt, faking ignorance despite already knowing a thing or two about the reason for her presence here.

She and that giant bare chested rude man were here for him!

"This is something we will discuss now," she said before turning to glance back at Pol, who just moved his eyesight somewhere else.

His toy and amused play had ended abruptly in a way that didn't please him! He wasn't that interested in dealing with humans, weak and useless humans in his opinion.

"Do it on your own," he just mumbled these words coldly and without any care.

"Alright," unlike him, Siera seemed quite enthusiastic. "Let me ask you, the attacks you used earlier did you learn them from someone? Some place?"

'Here it comes,' Jim muttered to himself before replying, telling the lie his old man informed him to tell, "I just found out about it by accident."

She glanced for a long period at him, making him quite nervous. Yet his acting abilities were superb, tested all times by many and never failed once!

"Good, this is a common happening," her features relaxed before adding, "let me tell you things that might seem impossible, but try to accept them as mere facts, ok?"

He simply nodded. As his old man told him from before, he had seen many strange things of this world and he shouldn't be that amazed by much more.

"Good, first this world isn't the only world out there."

"Out there where?"

"In the entire universe. This world is just one plane, one of many actually. We used to call these the lower planes."

He didn't know what to say so he just nodded. He didn't understand her meaning or what her words implied, but he at least was accepting these info and appreciated her sincere explanation.

"I and my friend over there came from two different planes than yours. We hailed from higher planes, and so we are considered let's say superiors to you."

"Should I call you master?"

She wasn't speaking arrogantly or acting high, she was simply stating facts like they were given. He also acted polite and never showed his discontent, as he didn't like being ordered or controlled by others.

He tried to be controlled by others once, and the end result didn't bode well for him. These days were long gone behind; or that was what he hoped.

"You don't need to call me like this, but for Pol I believe you should."

Again her sincere advice made him not much annoyed of her, but he was still slightly annoyed of the order of the world she spoke about!

Yet he couldn't prevent himself from stealing a short glance at the distant Pol, feeling so much enmity and despise already radiating from him.

"Are you coming here to take me away?" he said, and he thought he rushed things here so he added, "to your plane?"

"Right and wrong," she chuckled before adding, "you are granted a chance to live inside a very prestigious place called the Fairy academy. There you will join many others coming from many lower and higher planes to train and learn more about your abilities."

"A species academy?" he asked, out of impulse, yet he kept his tongue from saying more.

"You can consider it like this," she wasn't offended by his human term, yet the amount of hatred coming from Pol increased by many folds after saying the species name.

"Is it safe there?" he asked, trying to change the topic back to the academy itself.

"It's the safest place in the entire universe, but such a grand favor is met with certain requirements. You can call them duties. I know humans love such a word."

He was very familiar with duties, and so he nodded agreeing on her wording. "What are they?"

"As I told you before, the world you know is a much bigger place than just this land. As it's bigger, it's also far dangerous than you can imagine."