I'm The Supreme Fairy King Chapter 17

Chapter 17: We are at War

She then paused before gesturing towards the nearby burnt demon with her head as she added, "See this one over there; he came from a plane filled with demons. He is an enemy and we are already at war."

"An enemy with humans?"

"An enemy with everyone."

He understood her meaning. He turned to glance over the dead body of that demon. "So his presence here wasn't a coincidence."

"No, they are agents for chaos, and you can consider us as agents of order."

He smiled as he glanced at her childish red eyes. "So we are the good guys?"

"Hehehe, you can say that. I like that name, hehehe," she was pleased with his saying that she laughed showing her milky white teeth, with one of them missing already.

The moment she did so, she hurried to close up her mouth. She hated anyone looking at her missing tooth!

"Sorry, didn't mean anything," he apologized, as he didn't want this kind fox to turn to be on bad terms with him.

Good people might turn scary sometimes when annoyed!

"Never mind," she simply waved her hand before adding, "so this is the basic info about the life you will live. Are you interested in going there with us?"

He wanted to say yes, yet he hesitated. 'Will I be in any danger there?' he thought, and the silence that came from his old man was the perfect answer.

He would!

"Are you so attached to here?" she asked, as she noticed his hesitation and weird silence.

"Hahaha, it's not like this," he tried to cover up on this situation, "I just was thinking about those two," he turned and pointed towards Ashley and Jenny, using them as a scapegoat for him.

"Oh, don't worry you can bring them with you," she winked.

"He had to prove himself worthy of having servants there," yet Pol suddenly said in a harsh tone and cold attitude. "He isn't like us, hailed from superior realms. He has to prove himself first or else his girls would be taken away."

"Pol!" she turned to glare at him, yet he just shrugged and wasn't fazed with her angry look. "This isn't my rule, and you can see those two girls are sexy enough to make even me want to obtain them, hahaha!"

Siera was angry, yet Jim was much angrier than her. He knew, Pol just said those words to piss him, and he would eye his two girls just to annoy him. "May I ask what I need to do to have girls there?" he asked Siera, yet Pol was the one to respond, with this wide evil smile over his face:

"Any new disciple is tested before entering the academy. We aren't that much interested in everyone; only the best of the best would have special treatment. Although you did well here, don't put your hopes high, I'm pretty sure you won't even qualify to be an outer disciple of the academy."

"Don't listen to him," Siera was already pissed off to the degree she publicly stood against Pol's words like this. "Everyone has a chance there, so bring them up."

"What would happen then if he lost his girls? You know the academy's history is full of many foolish humans trying to act rampant over some foolish stuff like these!" Pol seemed concerned about Jim, yet his expression and tone showed how much excited and amused he was.

'Take them!' the old man's voice appeared softly like a whisper in his mind at last. "I will take them!" and Jim just followed his advice without question.

"Hahaha, heard the man? He will take them, hahaha."

"Don't mind him," Siera turned to Jim before adding, "if things went south for you, I promise to take care of them."

"Don't do that, your"

"POL!" this time her shout made him entirely silent. "Bring them with you," she turned to Jim as she said in such a strict and angry tone.

Jim didn't want to insert himself between this seemingly tense relation, especially when he knew nothing at all about the two. "When do we leave? And how?" he asked, setting the topic again on the academy track.

"Now, and we can leave directly from here," she replied and that made him nod. "Just give me five minutes," he said.

"We will wait for two," Pol said with such an irritating smug smile on his face.

"We will wait for you, so don't rush things out," Siera ignored him again as she said to Jim in a kind way.

Jim nodded to her and to Pol, as he knew even if Pol acted rough and tough, he had the backing to do so.

But he hadn't! At least not yet!

He didn't ask these minutes for the girls, but for his old man. His mind was now stirred up! Despite accepting all these facts, his mind was full of many questions, and he was sure his old man had the answers to all.

'Old man! What's this all about?!!'

'Try not to speak with me when you are near these two,' the old man warned. Jim walked slowly towards the girls, buying as much time as he could for himself. 'Then hurry and tell me,' he urged.

'This is a big opportunity, a place rooted deep from the times of the ancient fairies. There you will learn many great things about your magic and spells. Also you will have to fight for the peace of the old world.'

'Old world?'