I'm The Supreme Fairy King Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Look for the Actimos Race

'This is the term used by many to describe the realm system here. You will know everything later. Just remember not to speak to me while these two are around. Never speak to me while you are tested. Don't do that!'

The word test gave him subconscious goosebumps! The first and the last time he tried this sort of thing, it ended up quite dramatic for him!

Jim tried to shake off these negative emotions as he inwardly nodded. He now understood how dangerous it was for his old man to be discovered. 'Are you this dangerous?' he couldn't help but ask.

'Not me, it's you,' and the brief answer that came from the old man wasn't what he expected. 'Don't ask more for now. After entering the academy, we will have much time to do so. Now you need to understand something about your magic.'

'For the test?' Jim asked, as he already had tons of questions regarding this test. He didn't want to end up just like the last time.

'Yes, your physique is weak, and that will greatly limit your test results.'

Jim couldn't argue with that. 'That's why that funny giant, Pol, was mocking me?'

'He has a point,' the old man didn't lie, 'but you also have a way out,' he added as he started to give Jim some hope.

Jim didn't care so much about the test for his girls; he already had a very bad reputation with tests. He knew how a simple short test would affect everything in his future life.

So he didn't take this test lightly, and wanted to make sure he would succeed brilliantly there. 'Tell me then what to do.'

'It's simple; all you need to do is to use a source of power to ignite your magic.'

'Like fire?' Jim asked.

'Fire is a good choice, especially with that fire witch over there on your side. But don't forget; Pol has seen you already playing with fire and he wouldn't let you succeed.'

Jim even paused for a moment there as he was already agreeing with the words of his old man. Yet he was hoping this wouldn't happen. 'Any suggestions?' he asked as he continued to walk again towards the girls, acting like his feet stumbled upon something just now.

'Fire isn't the only source in the world. I have a piece of advice for you; once reaching the academy look at once for any Actimos race kids and befriend them at once.'

'Acti what?'

'Just try to remember that name. They are common in the vast world like humans, and also subjected to injustice and mockery like you. The two of you will make a perfect match out there.'

'Old man, are you trying to find a girl for me?'

'Just do as I say and remember the name; Actimos race. Burn it deeply inside your brain.'

Jim tried to find logic in his old man's advice, yet he couldn't! 'Can you elaborate further?' he asked.

'No time, Pol is already gazing upon you.'

As Jim heard this, he was about to glance back. 'Don't turn, keep walking normally as you do,' but his old man hurried to prevent him from making this mistake, asking him to keep walking forward.

Jim kept walking, and he already reached the girls.

"You sure know how to slow walk, skinny weak master," and Jenny just welcomed him with these words.

She changed his title to be a master, yet she didn't show any respect to him or alter from his rude attitude and behavior.

"Listen, I have this golden chance to leave here and go to some special place," he suddenly said, making the two girls startled by his words.

"What do you mean?" Ashley asked.

"Do you have anyone here dear to you? Let's leave this place and we might find someone who can free us from this skinny master."

"You," Jim turned sharply to glance at Jenny in the eye. "I'm not taking someone rude like you. Either you change your attitude or else you stay here."

"Tsk, staying here isn't bad," Jenny replied in a much disrespectful manner.

"I will kill everyone here before I walk away, will you really want to stay behind?" he was lying, yet he acted perfectly like he intended to do so. He knew his tattoo gave him the ability and authority to determine their life and death.

And the two in front of him also knew this!

"W- What?" This time her face changed drastically as she showed such a nervous expression. She didn't think he would know such a thing. "Alright, I concede, you win. I'm all yours."

"Hehehe, just the attitude I like," he sneered before adding, "now make sure to always please me or else hehehe."

"This shack or that one?" She turned to point towards two nearby shacks.

"What do you mean?"

"C'mon, I know how to please a man," she said with such a seductive smile that made him even consider going there just to experience her taste. "Tsk, what a regret! We don't have much time now."

"For later then."