I'm The Supreme Fairy King Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Going to the Academy

"Sure," he smiled while watching her body with fiery desire. 'For later, that's a promise,' he said to himself while his face showed such a lewd expression that made the two girls laugh.

"Let's go," he turned to walk away before recalling something, "make sure to be extra careful and much respectful while dealing with these two over there," he advised in a whispering tone.

The two now belonged to him, and any felony they commit would befall upon his head.

"Master, what about us?" Midway, though, he was stopped by one of the men standing here without knowing what to do. "Do whatever you want," he simply replied before continuing in his path.

The two girls just exchanged silent glances before hurrying after him.

"Are you ready?" Siera asked while glancing over the two girls behind him. "Don't you want any other girls?" she asked, while moving her gaze upon few other girls around them

"The two are enough," he simply replied, hoping he didn't make a great mistake bringing them both with him.

Two were causing a headache already, and he wasn't that fool to cause more headache to himself!

"Good, stay put then," she said before taking out a strange bead with such a white luster over its greasy surface. The moment she took it, it radiated light that pushed away the darkness for meters.

The next thing she did was to insert this bead into the ground. Once she did that, the ground started to vibrate, and a speck of light appeared in the place of the bead.

Then it started to grow up rapidly until it reached a diameter of twenty meters. "Don't move," Siera ordered and the next moment this ball of light engulfed their bodies; feeling like they just fell from the top of a mountain to a bottomless abyss.

Jim felt his body sliding over some sort of a tunnel. It was pure white and next to him he could see Siera, Pol, and the two girls falling with him. Their descent didn't take much time, and before he could notice it, he felt the ground again.

"What a rough landing," Jenny said in a pained tone as she didn't land on her feet.

"Sorry, this was the only way to bring you all this vast distance to here," Siera said before pointing out towards the world around them as she added, "Welcome to the Fairy academy."

The world here was lit up by daylight, having four small rounded suns rotating side by side around a central bigger one. There was a gigantic shade of an arc made of stones, glowing stones, forming a ring around another gigantic planet.

And there were just five of them out there, not just one planet!

"What a scene!" Ashley sincerely expressed her feelings with her breaths taken away by the beauty of this scene.

As for Jim, he glanced over the distance to spot a giant wall, much grandiose than the wall of his past city. "This looks really majestic," he commented, expressing his utmost admiration.

"First impressions never disappoint me," Siera chuckled before adding, "follow me."

"I will leave you here," Pol coldly said before vanishing the next moment in thin air.

"Tsk, not patient as always," Siera just shook her head before continuing to walk towards the distant gate.

This gate wasn't a normal gate, as it was formed of ten giant towers standing side by side with their lower doors opened. In front of it, a massive crowd stood there.

"Wow, all of them are like us?" Jenny asked with surprise.

"This is just one day of the test, and we have ten days in total," Siera replied in such a prideful tone. "Wait here, I will try to push the schedule up for you," she said before vanishing between the crowd.

"All these are here for this academy?" Ashley muttered as her eyes couldn't stop at anyone; all were really extraordinary and unique.

There were a myriad of different races here, and just as Siera disappeared, Jim used this chance to ask his old man. 'How can I find that man?'

But the old man didn't respond, making him feel doubt towards Pol. 'Is he still watching me?' he thought to himself, and thus he gave up on gaining a response from his old man.

He started to glance around the place; many were from strange races he never saw before. He spotted a couple of humans here and there, yet he noticed they were obediently following other races.

"Servants? Or slaves?" he thought to himself before shaking these thoughts away. "I don't care, I have to find this Actimos fast."

Just as he was looking for his goal, he noticed a nearby ruckus. "It's a fight," he muttered before deciding to go there and have a look.

And the two girls just followed him, acting in the same manner they saw other servants behaving with their masters; mouth shut and eyes to the ground!