I'm The Supreme Fairy King Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Forming A Team for the Test

Jim noticed the hostility in this giant's tone. In fact he didn't come here for him, as opposite to everyone here he came for the Actimos.

The old man's advice seemed vague until he heard the words of those standing around here. He didn't know what difference this slightly stronger looking youth than him would make, yet he trusted his old man's advice.

"This is going to be interesting," one of those eyeing the Bulltor sneered, "a human is coming to aid a Bulltor? That's a joke!"

Jim glanced at the rude pale skin youth with two long sharp teeth and said nothing. He thought he was referring to the difference in physique between the two. And he had to admit to himself this pale skinned youth had a point here.

"Don't you welcome a helping hand?" Jim asked, not addressing the Bulltor yet the Actimos.

"Are you on stuff or something?" Lan asked him, with a shocked expression over his face. "Humans can't even help themselves! Can't you see? Even the Bulltor has no chance in entering the academy!"

Jim had the urge to argue with Lan, yet he didn't. He wasn't here to create enmity with him; he wanted to make friendship.

"Humans managed to enter the academy before, right?" he replied, using the scattered info he heard about the Actimos bad history with the admission test.

"This" and his answer just silenced Lan.

"That's great! Three losers are grouping together," the earliest one to harass Lan spoke up, while his eyes shone when he noticed the two beauties standing behind Jim.

"Hey human, if you want my help to pass the test and be an outer disciple of the academy just give up those two sexy girls to me."

Jim glanced at him without saying a word. He didn't know how strong those youths were, yet he was confident he wasn't inferior to them.

But he wasn't here to create enmity with anyone. He returned to focus on his target, Lan, as he asked:

"What say you, work together?"

The words of Jim were met with strange looks from Lan. "C'mon, don't tell me you are serious!"

"I'm, what's wrong in teaming up?" Jim asked as he understood some of the test rules now.

The admission test was divided into two parts, the first self assessment part. This part was where he would be assessed by a talent stone. As for the second part, he needed to fight another group of contestants, with a maximum number of five.

So, he now had two in his team, the two girls, and adding the Actimos would be perfect.

"You ask why?! Because it's impossible for me to pass the first test!" At this moment Lan was honest and said what he believed, what everyone believed.

"Just let it go, human. You are better off with yourself then," the Bulltor said, in a tone that seemed quite harsh and aggressive.

"You can't pass the test?" Jim was speechless by Lan's sincere words. Yet he felt admiration for him, at least he was coming here to try out his luck.

"I will fail, no Actimos has ever passed a test before. Then I can choose a master to serve, degrading a rank from my master. This is the only path an Actimos would have to enter the academy," Lan sighed as he bitterly added, "yet no one would accept an Actimos for many generations."

The look on Jin's face was priceless! "Just believe it human; unlike me who everyone wants to acquire, he is someone no one is interested in adding to his team."

"But I will accept him," Jim warmly replied, with a wide smile over his face, "I want you to be on my team."

"A- Are you sure?" Lan stuttered while his voice paled in front of the wave of laughter that erupted from everywhere.

Jim was used to being mocked and treated badly, so he didn't mind this reaction. All he cared about was to gain Lan's consent, then he would have accomplished what the old man's asked him to do!

"Sure, I'm dead serious."

The simply yet decisive answer of Jim silenced everyone for a brief moment before a louder wave of laughter erupted again.

"See? A human is asking an Actimos to join his team!"

"Pathetic! Two losers teaming together!"

"Hey, why don't take the Bulltor with you? This way the one defeating this pathetic team will have a Bulltor, two sexy girls, and two losers."

More and more mocking words started to rain over Jim's ears, yet he wasn't fazed. He calmly glanced at the shocked expression of Lan.

"Don't put your expectations high," one of the wolf headed youths said, "humans usually end up being in the outer academy, so your place will only and still be a servant!"

"A servant is better than nothing!" Lan retorted back, restoring his old fiery nature back, instigating that wolf headed youth anger.

"You dare to talk back to me?" the youth said while his body muscles bulged a little, "watch your tongue boy!"

"Or what?" Lan wasn't fazed with the wolf youth threat, "you can't do anything to me right here!" he added with much confidence.

"Sure, yet the arena still existed and death isn't a rare occurrence inside."

The words of the youth were met with Lan's silence. "Let's go to the test then," Jim said, trying to escape the close eyes of everyone and the impulsive nature of Lan.

He approved what Lan just said, yet he didn't want to be enemies with those here. After all he wasn't sure how Lan would be a help to him!

He had yet to figure that mystery first.

"Yeah, go and run with your pathetic human. You are all losers, everyone on your side is a loser!"

The wolf youth insulted even the Bulltor who was much enraged that Lan. "Really? Then I wish to meet you in the arena," the Bulltor said.

"On what team? This team of losers? Just be smart and select another team."

The Bulltor didn't speak as he moved to stand beside Jim. "This is my team now," he declared and everyone just took a cold breath.

It was known that Bulltors weren't accepted in the academy as official disciples. This unwritten rule was known to everyone. So no one dared before to take them directly in their arena team, or else the organizers would match the team with the strongest team out there.

Being a slave was the only path available to Bulltors and to those greedy enough to gain their help.

This included teams of the prestigious clans, like the giants and the fox clan.

"Human boy, a word of advice," the youth with biforked tongue spoke up, "leave the Bulltor alone, or else you are doomed."

Jim didn't like the tone of threat hiding inside the youth's words. "It's my team and I'm it's leader. I say I welcome you, and let's see who would dare to stand against us!" Jim declared, addressing his words not to the Bulltor but to everyone around!

He didn't know the rules, yet he speculated them. He came here not an obedient child of the dragons; he despised them!

So he wasn't interested in any threat. As long as he would gain his hands on the Actimos, nothing else mattered! And now he had another giant joining his team, why would he reject the help then?

"Thanks," the Bulltor sincerely replied, "I'm Deno, and I swear not to betray you ever."

The honest words from Deno touched Jim's heart. "I'm Jim, nice to meet you," he replied, not promising anything back.

"And I'm Lan," Lan said, before adding, "let's aim to enter the academy together."

His words were met with a wave of mockery, yet the five moved, heading away from here.

As they walked through the crowd, everyone stepped aside to make a way for them with eyes full of mockery, and few held sympathy.

When they left the masses, Jim didn't hurry towards the test zone as the four behind him thought. He had yet to figure out what made Lan special! Plus he had to wait for Siera to come.