I'm The Supreme Fairy King Chapter 26

Chapter 26: The Arena Fight - First Round - Part One

Jim smiled and said nothing. For others, this youth would be quite the trouble, yet for him it was nothing.

His mind had this peculiar ability; reading the steps of that youth and providing him with a clear path to follow.

And the moment he decided to move out, his speed would be much faster than that youth. "I won't kill or heavily hurt you."

"Generous of someone weak to defend himself," the youth was annoyed by Jim's words and the next moment he went ahead to hit him. Yet Jim's two swords were much more annoying than his tongue; blocking the two hands of the youth once more.

"Lucky again?" the youth muttered before retreating once more.

"I will prove to you that luck has nothing to do with this," Jim said before he moved.

The moment he went towards the youth, his body vanished from his place to appear directly above the youth's head. His two swords aimed towards the head and flank, making the youth feel the pressure.

But the youth blocked the swords with his hands before retreating once more.

"Running already? C'mon we just started," Jim laughed before jumping again to the front, and the youth blocked once more.

The fight between the two turned around, and the youth was obviously on the back foot in front of Jim's fast and strong attacks.

As for Deno, he went towards the two girls to aid them. Just as Ashley finished her barrage of attacks, falling with her two swords, stabbing the wolf belly, the wolf grabbed the swords and threw them with their owner away.

"These pathetic attacks can't take me down," the wolf youth shouted in anger and pain.

"Try this then," Jenny had arrived and started to control the fire into a long whip. Once she spoke up, the body of the wolf youth who was trying to stand was surrounded by the whip. Fire ignited in his body the next moment.

"Weak fire! This can't hurt a fly!" the youth sneered yet Jenny wasn't finished yet and again she started lashing his body with her whip while Ashley came back to join her.

And the wolf started to be pressured and pushed back by the combined attacks of the two girls.

Yet he wasn't in any deadly situation, as he calmly glanced at the two while trying his best to evade and defend, waiting for the right moment to counter.

And this moment came soon when Ashley made a mistake and attacked one of his claws.

"Got you," he laughed while grabbing the sword with one claw then with the other he aimed to the neck of Ashley.

"In your dreams!" Jenny shouted as she hit the free claw with her whip, stalling it in place.

This pause gave Ashley the chance to break from his clasp by letting the sword go. She clasped the second sword by both hands while hitting the belly of the wolf with a strong blow.

"Damn! You can hit like a girl," he laughed despite feeling pain, "this is nothing to what I experienced back at the clan."

He threw the sword to the side while moving towards Ashley, aiming to get rid of her annoyance.

Yet Ashley retreated, trying to create a space between herself and that angry wolf.

"You forgot about me," Jenny laughed from behind as this wolf youth had his back exposed entirely to her whip, and she wasn't polite.

Her whip kept lashing the same spot over and over again until it managed to create a deep wound enough to gush blood out of it. The youth howled in pain yet he didn't stop chasing Ashley around.

He couldn't fight the two at once, so he chose to get rid of the closest one before heading to the other.

Ashley wasn't that experienced like him. Despite being raised to be a fighter since she was twelve, she didn't experience the brutal training that wolf had experienced.

And she didn't experience such life and death situations often!

So as she was running away, she stumbled on a rock, falling with her sword being thrown off her hand.

She became defenseless and she was exposed to the wrath of that wolf youth.

"Got you," the youth laughed while Jenny tried to use her ultimate move. "Go away now, fast," she shouted while she started to hold the fiery ore tightly with her hand, squeezing the fire out of it.


Just as she was about to go berserk, Deno's voice came to stop her. She paused while the giant body of Deno flashed by her, going after that wolf.

This time the wolf couldn't ignore the threat coming at him; it was the Bulltor! He couldn't face that monster head on, or else his life would be the price.

So he jumped over Ashley while grabbing her and taking her as a hostage!

"Stop if you want her to live!" the wolf youth shouted while watching the Bulltor's reaction.

"Surrender and I will let you live," Deno wasn't fazed by this empty threat. The team was now smashed apart; three heavily injured and the Leivy one was now cornered successfully by Jim.

This wolf youth couldn't do anything to flip the outcome of this battle. His only way to survive was to surrender, or else he would be killed even if he killed Ashley.

And the wolf youth knew that already. Just he had a slim chance of hope that the Leivy youth would pull a trick and best Jim.

So he didn't concede or reply to Deno's words, only retreating, slowly stalling for time.