I'm The Supreme Fairy King Chapter 27

Chapter 27: The Arena Fight - First Round - Part Two

As for Jim, he kept pressing the Leivy boy with his speed and two swords. The youth kept retreating while Jim pressed over him, trying to make him make a mistake.

Yet no matter how he tried, the youth kept defending excellently without leaving a window for his sword to fall.

"Damn! Never thought a human could be this fast and persistent!" the youth shouted in anger. In the past minutes he kept retreating and defending; not able to attack even once.

"Just give up already, three of your team is now on the ground motionless and the wolf is being cornered by my other mates," Jim tried to reason with the youth.

"If I surrender to you I will be a slave, nothing in the eyes of everyone!"

"I'm an inner academy disciple, you won't lose much," Jim replied.

"Given that you win four out of five here, this seems impossible."

Jim was about to speak and convince the youth yet he felt a strange movement coming at him from behind. His mind provided an instant guide and he just moved one of his swords to intercept one of the three shade youths.

"You are really" the sword entered the belly of that youth while cutting his main organs in its path. The youth only said these words before he coughed blood and fell, dying in front of Jim's eyes.

This was the first time Jim saw something die, and it died on his hands!

"Got you!" his enemy wasn't that kind to let him reflect on this moment, as the youth used this rare chance and moved finally to vent all his frustration over Jim.

"Go away!" Jim shouted, while his emotions raged. At this moment he wasn't in the mood to think or be rational; his body was controlled by the sudden gush of his emotions.

And with his shout and his two swords, he hit the Leivy youth directly in the face, creating two long scars over his face while sending him flying backwards with a shockwave created just from his shout!

Jim didn't realize what he did, he just felt bad and awful at the moment. He killed someone, and it was his first time doing that!

The Leivy youth was sent flying backwards for ten meters before violently hitting the ground. Jim glanced at him before moving, not towards the youth, but towards the two others laying on the ground.

"Are you two feigning death as well?" he shouted, and his voice echoed in this place while no other sound appeared.

Around his body, a fire like aura erupted. It was semi-transparent silver light. All noticed that, all but him.

"Surrender or die!" he was in a strange state right now where his logic was twisted. All he had in mind was to see if they would succumb to him or die under his swords in return for their refusal.

The two were really subconscious, so when he reached them they couldn't even open their eyes or hear his voice.

"Playing dead? As you wish," he said before inserting his swords into their chests, killing them!

"Your turn," after killing these two, he turned to glance over the Leivy youth. At this moment, the youth was already injured, yet he didn't think of fighting this monster.

He never thought a human would turn out to be this scary! The moment Jim walked towards him he felt the eyes of death glaring at him. His heart shuddered!

"I succumb! I surrender! I'll be your slave!" he didn't risk his life as he hurried to say these words, hoping this insane human would hear them and accept his surrender.

Jim paused, as his mind started to slowly regain clarity and sanity. He glanced over his two swords, covered with the blood of the shade youths.

"I killed them," he muttered before glancing at the Leivy youth who was standing there shivering out of fear.

The aura around him started to dim, yet it was still there. "Will you follow me?" Jim asked, while refraining from adding the word murderer to his sentence.

He didn't know what happened to him; these two youths seemed to be really unconscious. "Yes, yes I will," and the youth replied fast, fearing for the monster in front of him to grow restless.

"Alright," Jim smiled, while pushing what just happened behind his back; just like the old days he had lived and experienced bitter treatment there. 'It seems it's this world rule to be brutal and merciless,' he said to himself before inwardly sighing, 'at least I'm not the one being stabbed by the blade.'

"Welcome then," he said before glancing over the last remaining youth in the opposite team.

The wolf was looking at what happened with widened eyes; his shock wasn't anyway lesser than the Leivy's youth. Yet he was in a much worse situation, holding this girl as hostage; a girl that seemed quite close to that human!

"What will you do? Surrender and live, or do you want to die?" Jim walked slowly towards the wolf youth while the other retreated from fear. The four teammates of Jim glanced at him in a new light; they never thought he could be this merciless.

For the two girls, they knew he was strong. Jenny recalled the funny trick he pulled at her before coming here. 'Damn it! He wasn't joking back then!' she said to herself before thanking her luck to choose wisely at that time.

As for Deno and Lan, the two seemed quite speechless there. They never thought that a weak looking slim human could pull such a feat; killing three and making one Leivy clan youth surrender willingly.

"I I will surrender, don't hurt me," and the wolf youth couldn't find anyway other than surrendering to save his life.

The Bulltor alone was enough to claim his life, and now this monster hiding behind a weak human face was coming at him. If he was dumb or tired of living then he would refuse this offer.

"Good," Jim said before pointing his sword towards Ashley, "release her then."

"Oh, alright," the wolf youth said before releasing Ashley. "Sorry, we were just competing," he tried to give good reason for his way of treating her, yet her glaring glances made him worry.

"The fight is over, your team wins this round," the capped master leisurely said while his eyes shone brightly as he glanced at Jim; or more specific at his dying aura. "Is there a team ready to rival them for round two? You have five minutes to challenge," he shouted while a faint smile appeared on his face. 'Interesting,' he said to himself.