I'm The Supreme Fairy King Chapter 28

Chapter 28: A Team of a Prestigious Clan

Jim went to the side with his team. This time they weren't just five; two more just were added to the mix. He glanced at the wolf clan and the Leivy clan youths before saying:

"What's your name?"

"Pat," the Leivy youth said.

"Gorden," the wolf clan said.

"Good," he then introduced the others to the two before saying, "We will act as one team from now on. Our line up will be determined based on the formation we have in our opponents."

Gorden looked towards Deno in a strange way before saying: "Do you mean we might not start with the Bulltor?"

"If the other team didn't require him, then we won't start with Deno," Jim said before turning to Lan as he added, "go and scout the other team coming our way."

"Sure," and Lan complied as he moved away from the team, acting as their scout.

"What abilities do you two have?" Jim then asked the most important question he had in mind.

"As you saw, I can move fast and I usually use poison in my nails and teeth," Pat said before Gorden adding, "I can use strength to attack. My speed is slow, but my defense is good."

"Nice," Jim said, "you will act as Deno's substitute if needed."

Gorden looked in a weird look again towards him before Jenny said: "Should we continue to hold back?"

She seemed still annoyed by what happened in the arena. If she was allowed to act rampant from the start, her friend might not be threatened.

Yet her words made the two newly added members to the team be speechless. "You were holding back?" Gorden asked with a weird look over his face.

"Sure, don't think this was our top strength," Jenny laughed, "at least our man here hasn't yet showed his true strength."

She gestured to Jim, and the two new members thought she was exaggerating. At least for Pat, he knew how hard it was to deal with Jim. Just thinking this was just the tip of the iceberg annoyed him.

"Big news," and in minutes Lan returned running with a distressed look over his face, "our next team will be one of the prestigious clans!"

"What?!!" Deno, Gorden, and Pat shouted in the same breath while the two girls exchanged nervous looks between each other.

"What team?" yet Jim was the most collected one among them.

"Werewolves," Lan said, while glancing at Gorden shortly before adding, "they are the higher version of gorden here."

Gorden wasn't offended, on contrary he nodded as he said: "They are strong," with a strange look over his face.

"Strong like how?" Jim asked, trying to analyze his opponents.

"See there," Lan pointed to the entrance path leading from the test area. There were a group of seven entering the arena from there. They all had giant bodies with hair covering all of it.

They were naked, wearing nothing at all except tight strange shorts. Their bodies were like a wolf that got gigantic, not less in size than Deno. Each had two strong arms, ending in seven sharp fingers with short and thick nails there.

"They are strong," Ashley muttered while glancing at their bigger wolf heads and those long ears, "but they are seven!"

"Yes, they have the right to challenge the entire team or just five on five," Lan explained, "and they just asked for the match to be a full out war!"

"Shall we concede?" Pat asked, as this was the logic approach here.

"No," yet Jim shook his head, "this is the scheme of that nasty Pol," he sniffed the scent of that awful giant here. He wanted to make sure Jim would lose twice at least.

Pol knew Jim would choose to concede while facing his team, so he had to go all out and invite another team. Jim didn't know what the premise was, but it seemed Pol had paid the reasonable price for these giant werewolves to appear here.

"What are their traits?" he asked, totally ignoring the fact they were facing a team coming from a prestigious clan.

"Traits? We should concede man," Deno sighed before adding, "they are strong!"

"How strong?" Jim didn't lose hope or succumb to this dirty trick like them. "Just tell me," he demanded.

"As a start, their skin is really thick," Gorden spoke, before adding, "they use many abilities, but considering their young age so I can speculate they have only three at most; the claw tornado, the jaw bite, and the most terrifying howl."

"Tell me more," Jim said, "and do this fast and concise," he urged. There were only a couple of minutes left for the match to start, and their opponents had already stationed themselves in the arena.

"The claw tornado is an attack where they use both claws to create a wave of air attack aiming to a wide zone. Anyone got inside will be hit strong by this attack and sent flying backward with many wounds.

The jaw bite is such a nasty ability where they suddenly stretch their necks, turning like snakes and bite their opponents in the neck, chest, or face. It's a nasty attack, hard to predict and harder to intercept.

The howl is a mighty sound wave attack that will render anyone hearing these howls stunned for a couple of moments. If they did that in the middle of the fight, many would fall!"

"I heard the howl is a rare talent for a youth to have!" Deno said, while Lan added, "I also heard it requires special bloodline and training."

"Yes," Gorden nodded, "but with their numbers, let's assume one of them hailed from the main family in the clan and mastered that OP ability."

Before they went astray, Jim said: "I agree on Gorden assessment," he then glanced over everyone as he thought for a moment where his brain gave him the suitable tactic for this battle. "Deno and Gorden will act as our distress team, not in the frontline."

His first words startled everyone, before he added, "Lan will support Deno first. I and Pat will make these wolves dance first; we both will act as the tip of the spear," he then glanced at Pat as he added, "you don't need to attack, just move fast and try to take as many of them as possible away from the central place."