I'm The Supreme Fairy King Chapter 6

Chapter 6: The Fairy King Ceremony - Part 2

Jim moved as he started evacuating the ground, pushing away the worthless table and chairs, clearing a space in the center of the shack, enough for him to sit comfortably without any problems.

"Will it take time?" he suddenly asked.

'Do you a date lad?' the old man's playful tone replied to him.

"Ah, well, it's just Ashley, the girl I told you about, was coming to me in a few hours just to bring me dinner, no more, hehehe."

He replied like he was busted doing something shameful. The old man's voice laughed as he said:

'Don't worry, it won't take a moment here for you to finish.'

Jim paused before he looked at the worthless things inside his shack until he found a small knife with a dull blade. He escaped from the capital without anything but the fog that still covered his body.

"What about this fog?"

'What about it?'

"Will it allow me to injure my hand?"

'Sigh, haven't you tried to touch your own body so yet? Just do it normally and nothing will stand in your own way.'

Jim didn't delay and first locked the shack door well by dragging the small bed over to stand as a blockade. Then he moved to the place he was supposed to do this.

"What did you call this again?" he asked as he tried to distract his thoughts away from his right hand moving with the knife injuring his left hand. Despite asking, moving his neck as far away as possible from his little crime, his eyes were still stealing glances to what was going on.

As the old man said, the moment his hand touched the fog; it receded back creating an empty space, revealing his clothes.

'The fairy king ceremony.'


The knife made a deep wound at his left wrist, making him panic! The sight of the wound was something he could tolerate, however the next moment the voice of the old man came to awaken him before entering a panic attack:

'Hurry and don't waste the blood, or do you want to die!'

Jim's body jolted, as he received another hidden help from that mysterious voice, making his pain subside and his fear to fade away.

The next moment Jim didn't think about the wound at all, like there was a cloud of fog surrounding his mind right now; all he was thinking of was only the diagram the voice described to him.

It was a nine headed star diagram, drawn around a large circle where he stood inside. The old man's voice came to make sure he didn't do anything wrong:

'Just use one finger, the index finger of your right hand to draw the diagram. First draw the circle around you, it doesn't need to be perfect, so don't worry about it. don't step outside it until you finish, draw the nine apices of the diagram and try to make them all similar in size and shape.'

Jim's mind was slowly being clouded from the massive bleeding he was suffering from; as the wound he inflicted was somehow deeper than what he intended.

However he was almost done! Only the last peak and everything would be done.

He didn't recall how he did it, but he used his sheer will to control his shaky finger to finally draw the last touch over the ground, before he himself fell in the circle, with a wide pool of blood exiting from his own body.

'I'm sorry kid, I lied to you. The seal only will be removed during dying, those nasty dragons are really cruel. However don't worry, I will interfere at the right moment to save you.'

Jim's mind was fading away as everything started to grow from the whiteness of the clouds to the darkness of the abyss; he was dying! His body convulsed more than once, while his blood was ejected faster with each time he convulsed.

And this was done by the old man!

The pool of blood began to grow wider, however it was perfectly confined inside the circle Jim drew with his own bloody finger.

'Stay inside you filthy insect! Fairy king purification diagram activate!'

The old man voice thundered in Jim's dying mind, and the next moment the nine apices, like small pyramids, shone brightly in a silver color, followed by the circle itself to shine brightly in a golden light, forming a small semi-globular dome enveloping the dying body of Jim, with the nine apices swelling up; forming a shape of a small golden flower with silver petals.

The sacred symbol of the fairies that once was lost, for many long years to be counted, had instantly appeared inside this worthless shack in the middle of nowhere!

On another hand, the blood that came out of Jim's body started to change, swelling up as well, taking the shape of a strange creature, like a scorpion with three tails and two heads.

'Just burn you worthless sack of shit!' the old man's voice thundered again and instantly, with the unwilling moves of that strange pulp of blood hitting the golden dome without being able to scratch it, the petals started to close over the center.

Like a flower closing at sunset, like an apocalypse folding upon itself, the petals closed completely, enveloping the golden center with Jim and that strange bloody creature inside it.

And then the silver light faded away, gradually, while the golden light in the depth began to pulsate, regularly, on a slow rhythm first, then gradually fastened, until it began to beat once each second.

When that happened, the petals faded away, and the golden center vanished, and Jim's body was there, with the fog surrounding his body started to move on its own; or under the control of the old man, to enter the deep wound of Jim, replacing his blood and bone marrow in the meantime.

The process didn't take long, and as the last piece of the fog entered Jim's body, the wound started to heal upon itself. However, Jim didn't wake up yet.