Legend Of Swordsman Chapter 2342

Chapter 2342 Gratitude


The door to the hall opened and two figures darted in.

Those two were naturally Jian Wushuang and Zhuo Yunfeng.

"Husband, Shuang!"

Seeing the two approaching figures, Luo Xinqin finally heaved a sigh of relief. She felt joy and rushed over.

"Xinqin, we are fine. We are fine now." Zhuo Yunfeng hurried forward and put his arms over Luo Xinqin.

Before the crowd, Luo Xinqin quickly broke free and walked towards Jian Wushuang. "Shuang, are you alright?"

"Mother, rest assured. Although father has suffered light injuries, it shouldnt be a major issue. As for me, Im not injured," Jian Wushuang replied with a smile.

"Thats great. Thats great." Luo Xinqin finally felt at ease.


Jian Wushuang surveyed his surroundings and still saw many disciples and family members who were anxious and worried. He shouted in a hearty tone, "Those from the Zhuge Family are defeated. Lin Mansion is fine now."

"We are fine now?"

"Did we make it?"

"Yes! The commotion has died down! The battle is over!!"

"Haha! I knew it! The meagre Zhuge Family definitely couldnt do anything to our Lin Family."

Ecstasy took over and many young disciples even jumped for joy.

Since the beginning of the battle, they had been living in fear. They had been fearful that they couldnt take the attacks of the Zhuge Family and that their last resort would be to escape from Lin Mansion. However, it appeared that they wouldnt have to go to that stage.

As such, they were naturally overjoyed.

However, some Chaotic Realm around knew the series of events of the battle.

Therefore, when they looked at Jian Wushuang, they were grateful and respectful.

Jian Wushuang took a glance at Lin Tao and the man in black attire. Immediately, they looked over and greeted Jian Wushuang.

Thinking back, they hadnt seen Jian Wushuang as anything when theyd first seen him.

Although both of them had remained in the Purple Virtue Hall as guards throughout the battle today, they were aware of the entire battle through their soul power.

They knew clearly the reason why the Lin Family still existed after this battle and the people in the Purple Virtue Hall wouldnt have to go to their last resort. It was because of this man before them who was even younger than them. To think they had looked down on Jian Wushuang previously!

With his own strength, he had forcefully turned the tables around and killed two Divine Demon Realm experts. Moreover, within two breaths of time, he had massacred dozens of experts and sent chills down the spines of the experts from the two families. It was because of this that Lin Mansion remained intact now.

Regardless of his talents or strength, Lin Tao, the man in black attire whom everyone had seen in the battle with their soul power was impressed and convinced.

"Father, mother! Lets leave this place," said Jian Wushuang.


Zhuo Yunfeng nodded his head. Soon, the family of three left Purple Virtue Hall and headed for the courtyard in which they were living.

As for the rest of the Lin Family, they cleaned up the mess of the major battle.

Although the Lin Family had survived this gruelling battle, lots of experts had fallen. The Lin Mansion didnt celebrate wildly. All that was left was a bitterly cold environment.

This had nothing more to do with Jian Wushuang.

At night, the Lin Mansion went quiet. The corpses of experts and the river of blood that ran through Lin Mansion had been cleaned up.

Many experts of Lin Mansion and a few from Thunder Sound Sect along with some invited experts had gathered in the Meeting Hall for a discussion.

In the previous meeting, Lin Yan had dragged Jian Wushuang to an inconspicuous corner. In that corner, he hadnt have any rightsto speak up.

However, in the meeting just a few days later, Jian Wushuang was seated at the very front. next to his father, Zhuo Yunfeng. As for Fire Fairy from Thunder Sound Sect, she sat opposite Jian Wushuang.

When Jian Wushuang took his seat, everyones attention focused on him. This included people like Fire Fairy.

They had a deep curiosity for this unbelievable unprecedented monster.

They wanted to know how Jian Wushuang could kill Chaotic Divine Demons when he was just an Early Stage Chaotic Realm. Moreover, he had killed two Chaotic Divine Demons!

Nonetheless, they kept their thoughts to themselves and no one dared to take the initiative to ask the question.

When everyone had arrived, Lin Tiefeng stood up, clasped his fist to his palm and announced solemnly, "This time, Lin Mansion is grateful for everyones help in the face of the major crisis. It is because of you guys that we made it out. Im truly grateful!"

"It is especially so for Fire Fairy and others from Thunder Sound Sect, and also Mad Lion."

Lin Tiefeng thanked them individually.

"You are too courteous. In this battle, our Thunder Sound Sect wasnt of much help," said Fire Fairy.

She was just being humble. Although the main credit was owed to Jian Wushuang, her Thunder Sound Sect had contributed greatly.

"Ive received your fees and naturally have to fulfill your request. Lin Family Head, you just have to give me the remuneration as promised. Anything else will be unnecessary." Mad Lion had a different attitude towards this.

"Mad Lion, you can be assured that my Lin Family wont give anything less." Lin Tiefeng chuckled and looked towards Zhuo Yunfeng and Jian Wushuang.

He took a deep breath and became visibly more serious than before.

"Brother Zhuo, and my dear nephew. The main reason why my Lin Mansion has survived is because of your help. I, Lin Tiefeng, and my Lin Family will never forget this gratitude. Please accept my thanks." Upon finishing his words, Lin Tiefeng bowed towards Zhuo Yunfeng and Jian Wushuang before the crowd.

"Brother Lin, this wont do. Please get up." Zhuo Yunfeng hurried forward to help Lin Tiefeng up. "You and I are brothers in life and death. When your Lin Family is in danger, its only natural for me to help out. Theres no need for this."

"Yeah. Uncle Lin, this is just a small matter. Dont worry about it," Jian Wushuang added.

"I wont dwell on this." Lin Tiefeng shook his head and added, "From today onwards, my Lin Family and I will never hesitate in anything you request as long as it is something within our means!!"

"Brother Lin, you are being too courteous again." Zhuo Yunfeng was visibly a little discontented.

Haha~~~ Lin Tiefeng laughed heartily.

As for Jian Wushuang, he had a strange expression.

"I still require lots of cultivation resources for my Punisher God. Although I asked my father, I still couldnt get everything I needed. As for the Lin Family" Jian Wushuang had an idea sprouting in his mind.