Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 227

Chapter 227 Challenging The Pill Hall Single Handedly

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Chapter 227: Challenging the Pill Hall Single-Handedly!

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“Master, well he went to roam the world already.” Ye Yuan still gave the same old excuse.

Although Ouyang Ming was reprimanded by Luo Qingfeng, what he said was not wrong.

Who takes someone as their master and not know their master’s name?

And now, Ye Yuan also said that his master was not around. There was no testimony with the witness gone.

In their hearts, there were already many people who felt that Ye Yuan was indeed talking nonsense.

Luo Qingfeng narrowed his eyes and said, “According to my knowledge, you were still completely nameless a few months back. But within a few months, you emerged all of a sudden. Could it be that your master only taught you for these few months and left to travel the world so coincidentally right after you arrived at the Tranquil Cloud Sect?”

Luo Qingfeng was clearly very clear about Ye Yuan’s growing up experiences.

Ye Yuan had prepared an excuse long ago. He recounted the lie he contrived to Ye Hang to Luo Qingfeng again.

He actually had motives why he did this.

Even though this imaginary teacher of his that he fabricated was somewhat absurd, as long as the sect believed he existed, that would be Ye Yuan’s greatest protective charm!

The Ouyang Family wanting to deal with Ye Yuan would have to weigh whether they have the abilities first or not.

An existence who could impart skills in a dream and directly imprint knowledge onto the divine soul was not someone that the puny Tranquil Cloud Sect could afford to provoke.

Of course, how to make others believe it was also a problem.

As expected, when Ye Yuan finished talking, Luo Qingfeng raised his suspicions. “It seems like what you’ve said up till now are all some things which can’t be proven. Could it be that you want to use these sort of excuses to prove your innocence?”

Hearing Luo Qingfeng’s questioning, a trace of cold sneer flashed across the corner of Ouyang Ming’s mouth.

He was very doting on Su Yuting. That was why he shielded the Su Family in any way he could and even aided them to usurp the throne.

However, what arrived was the outcome of the Su Family three brothers’ death!

When Su Yuting heard this grievous news, she fainted on the spot. It could be seen just how great the impact this incident had on her.

Ouyang Ming’s heart ached for his beloved wife, so he was naturally unwilling to let Ye Yuan go. That was why he thought of borrowing the help of the Tri-Hall Joint Hearing to authorize Ye Yuan’s death penalty.

He knew that Ye Yuan was a peerless genius who made it past the Nine Heavens Road. The sect would definitely nurture this kind of geniuses heavily. The only opportunity to put him to death was the True Rising Spirit Pill that Ye Yuan took out.

Presently, seeing that Ye Yuan was at the end of his ropes, Ouyang Ming could not help feeling greatly satisfied.

It was very evident that Ye Yuan could not summon that so-called master of his. As long as he could not call him here, he would be unable to convince everyone. The result could only be death!

Ye Yuan spread his hands and said helplessly, “Master went to roam the world. Either way, he can’t be called here. I can’t do anything about it if you all don’t believe me.”

Luo Qingfeng did not indicate anything but asked, “What’s the opinion of the three hall heads?”

Ouyang Yu sucked in a deep breath and said, “Ye Yuan stole the sect pill formulas, and the evidence is conclusive. I recommend sentencing to death!”

Although he also felt that Ye Yuan was a fine seedling, the suspicion of stealing the pill formulas was naturally greater.

Furthermore, Ouyang Ming was Ouyang Yu’s nephew. He knew that Ouyang Ming was deeply in love with Su Yuting, so he obviously had to stand on this side.

Or else, the Ouyang Family would dissolve by themselves!

Ling Potian said, “Utter nonsense! I suggest put him to death!”

Xiao Jian frowned and said, “No way! Not only is Ye Yuan’s soul force powerful, but his martial talent is also even hard to encounter in a thousand years! If such an individual was killed, wouldn’t it aggrieve our own people and gladden the enemy?”

“Xiao Jian! I acknowledge Ye Yuan’s talent. But his background is ambiguous, and he has ulterior motives. Keeping such a person, after his strength becomes formidable in the future, wouldn’t it be even more dangerous?” Ouyang Yu reproved.

“Humph! Ye Yuan is in possession of the Canghua Sword. This means that he obtained Ancestor Lu Yan’s inheritance! Master’s discerning eyes are akin to pearls. He definitely won’t misjudge people! You people are only relying on a single medicinal pill to decide on Ye Yuan’s crime. What proof is there?” Xiao Jian insisted on his viewpoint.

“Ye Yuan and his father are only people of the secular world but took out the True Rising Spirit Pill that our Pill Hall had just developed! Doesn’t this count as proof? Furthermore, he did not just take out the True Rising Spirit Pill. There are another two types of medicinal pills! Could it be that the pill formulas that his master taught him just coincidentally happen to be these three types?”

“This . . .” Xiao Jian could not think of a better explanation either.

It was crystal clear that the present situation was very adverse to Ye Yuan. If Ye Yuan were unable to prove that these pill formulas were imparted by his master, he would surely be put to death!

“Since there are two of the three Hall Heads who agreed to sentence Ye Yuan to death, then . . .” Ouyang Ming heard Luo Qingfeng’s words and involuntarily felt wild elation in his heart.

“Hold on!” Luo Qingfeng’s words were interrupted halfway by Ye Yuan.

“What else do you have to say?”

“May I be allowed to look at the pill formula?” Ye Yuan said.

“Ye Yuan! Stop using this sort of method to delay the time! It’s futile! Hasn’t the pill formulas been stolen by you already? Don’t tell me that you still don’t know the True Rising Spirit Pill’s pill formula?” Ouyang Yu said.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Hehe, if I can point out the deficiencies in the pill formula that you developed, doesn’t that prove that my pill formula wasn’t stolen?”

“Ye Yuan, are you doubting our Pill Hall’s standards? Are you trying to challenge my entire Pill Hall single-handedly?” Ouyang Yu’s voice turned completely to ice.

A puny little Alchemy Master actually dared to boast so shamelessly.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “If Hall Head Ouyang feels this way, then I might as well give it a shot. Uh, I can prove to all of you that my master is more formidable than all the people in your Pill Hall!”

“Wildly arrogant!”

“Ignorant child!”


When these words from Ye Yuan went out, the great hall was immediately filled with flooded with all kinds of reproaching voices.

To challenge the Pill Hall single-handedly, it was truly rampant without limits in these peoples’ opinions!

The Pill Hall elders present were all Quasi-Alchemy King level!

A brat who might not even be a high-rank Alchemy Master actually dared to challenge the entire Pill Hall. It was seriously the biggest joke in the world!

Alchemy was an extremely profound study. It was not that when one’s soul force reached high-rank Alchemy Master, they would definitely become a high-rank Alchemy Master.

“Haha! How absurd! Why do I have to accept your challenge? If this sort of matter spreads out, wouldn’t it make the whole world laugh at my Tranquil Cloud Sect? An Alchemy Master challenging Quasi-Alchemy Kings. To think that you can come up with this!” Ouyang Yu wondered if Ye Yuan’s brain was missing a screw.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said with a sigh, “A bunch of frogs at the bottom of a well! I think that you’ve stayed too long in the Southern Domain and think that you’re invincible under the heavens already! There’s a heaven beyond heaven and man beyond man. You all have most likely already forgotten about this logic. The things that you spent a huge price to develop is actually already outdated stuff! Even so, you’re still patting yourselves on the backs and kept these pill formulas like they were treasures. Others take out the same medicinal pill, and you think that they copied you! Truly hilarious to the max!”

“Let me ask all of you.” Ye Yuan swept his gaze across those Quasi-Alchemy Kings in the great hall and said coldly, “Which one of you knows what the Northern Domain is like now?”

A falling pin could have been heard in the great hall.

Ye Yuan’s words left them dumbfounded.

After a long while, Luo Qingfeng suddenly said, “Hall Head Ouyang, show him the pill formula.”

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