Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 229

Chapter 229 Betting To Acknowledge As Master

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Ye Yuan’s words drew blood with a single poke. Those who kept their cool involuntarily fell silent.

The Herbal Compendium had been revered as a holy scripture by the Endless World’s alchemists. It basically represented the highest level in the Endless World!

Yet, even those amazing alchemists than them were unable to walk to the end of the profundities of Alchemy Dao.

Although the Herbal Compendium’s accomplishments were extremely high, to say that everything written on it was correct, that was evidently impossible.

But the problem was that the Herbal Compendium was already enough for them to study their entire lives. How much time did these Quasi-Alchemy Kings have to verify it one by one?

Looking at it this way, Ye Yuan’s words indeed set people thinking.

But there were clearly not many alchemists who were able to think calmly at this time. In their eyes, Ye Yuan was already arrogant to a certain level.

Alchemy Sovereigns had just entered the gates? Then what did they, these Quasi-Alchemy Kings, count as?

Not even having entered the gates?

“Then following your logic, the Violet Night Weed and Verdant Nether Orchid can be used together? I want to hear just how you remove the toxin produced between them!” Ouyang Yu said with a cold sneer.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “When refining medicinal pills that assist the breakthrough to the Spirit Condensation Realm, the most important thing is to help martial artists refine essence energy and protect their Dantian. Your pill formula’s train of thought is correct. But the effects of the Verdant Nether Orchid are clearly stronger than the Cloud Net Fruit. Why do you want to grasp the shadow instead of the essence? Just because the book says that the Verdant Nether Orchid and Violet Night Weed cannot be mixed?”

Ye Yuan swept his gaze around and said loudly, “When refining medicinal pills, the main ingredients are naturally very important. But the supplementary ingredients are equally important! Since the Verdant Nether Orchid and Violet Night Weed will produce a toxin after mixing together, can’t you just add a type of ingredient into the supplementary ingredients to not let them produce poison?”

Yao Qian sneered coldly and said, “Talk is cheap! If it were ordinary poison, it would obviously be easy to resolve. But the toxin that they produce after mixing together is the Tendon Gnawing Blood. Although its tier isn’t high, it’s extremely rare. Even Alchemy Sovereigns are rendered helpless! If it were so simple, why would Lord Li Su not write it in the book?”

Ye Yuan shook his head and sighed, saying, “After all is said, it’s all about the book. You don’t have any of your own opinions at all. I really don’t know how you people cultivated to the Quasi-Alchemy King realm.”

“You! Why don’t you say what supplementary material can get rid of this Tendon Gnawing Blood poison?! A poison that even Alchemy Sovereigns are at a loss on what to do, you, a puny little Alchemy Master, can resolve it?” Yao Qian said with a frosty smile.

“Hur hur, why not we make a bet?” Ye Yuan derided.

Seeing Ye Yuan’s confident look, Yao Qian’s heart involuntarily jolted. But he thought about it, no matter how monstrous Ye Yuan was, it was also impossible to be more amazing than an Alchemy Sovereign, right?

“How do you want to bet?”

“If I can resolve this poison, you kowtow to me three times and acknowledge me as your master. If I can’t resolve it, I’ll give you this small life of mine. Well, I don’t think you want me to acknowledge you as my master anyway,” Ye Yuan said with a faint smile.

Seeing the smile on Ye Yuan’s face, Ouyang Ming felt that something was not quite right. He pulled the corner of Yao Qian’s clothes, but Yao Qian ignored him.

“Fine! Am I scared of you?” Yao Qian agreed straight away.

“Hur hur, in front of the sect master and various hall heads, I think that Elder Yao wouldn’t renege on his words.”

“Enough bullshit. Why don’t you say what item can resolve this toxin, this old man is still waiting for your life!”

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “Fine, I’ll make you utterly convinced! Elders, think about it; what common accompanying lifeform do the Violet Night Weed and the Verdant Nether Orchid have?”

Ye Yuan’s voice fell, and the group of elders furrowed their brows.

Understanding the habits and characteristics of herbs was the essential skill that every alchemist had to do.

Those present here were all Quasi-Alchemy Kings. Their basic skills were naturally not lousy to the point where it was hopeless. It was just that their so-called research was far worse compared to Ye Yuan’s

The Violet Night Weed and Verdant Nether Orchid were comparatively rare Tier 1 herbs. Their accompanying lifeforms were mostly some materials that did not enter the rankings. Could it be that these substandard materials could detoxify instead?

What kind of joke was this!

“To talk about the common accompanying lifeform for these two types of herbs, it should be none other than Clear Joy Grass. You’re not telling me that the Clear Joy Grass can resolve the toxin of the Tendon Gnawing Blood, are you?”

In the end, it was the Pill Hall’s Hall Head, Ouyang Yu who said the answer first.

Except, he had never heard of the Clear Joy Grass being able to treat poison!

The Clear Joy Grass was only an herb which did not make the rankings. It would occasionally be used as the supplementary material for low-grade Tier 1 medicinal pills. It was simply unable to appear on the stage.

But Ye Yuan was indifferent to it. He smiled and said, “Hall Head Ouyang is indeed incredible to say out the answer to quickly. That’s right, the thing that can treat the toxin of the Tendon Gnawing Blood is precisely the Clear Joy Grass!”

“Hahaha, this old man has never heard of the Clear Joy Grass having the effects to detoxify! Truly preposterous! Ye Yuan, you aren’t thinking that us, these Pill Hall elders, are ornamental, right? You even dare to crack this sort of juvenile joke with us!” Ouyang Yu burst into laughter and had the feeling of being duped.

Ye Yuan said solemnly, “I’m not joking around! You guys haven’t tested it out. How do you know that the Clear Joy Grass cannot treat poison?”

“Clear Joy Grass is merely a most common kind of herb, completely unable to get a tier. Its characteristics and usage have long been developed to its limits. Even being the supplementary ingredient for a Tier 1 medicinal pill is somewhat forceful. How can this sort of thing possibly treat the toxin of the Tendon Gnawing Blood?” Ouyang Ming countered.

“Presumptuous and opinionated. You say that it’s developed to the limits. That’s just what you think. In reality, any pairing with two kinds of ingredients is possible to produce effects that you can’t imagine. And how many types have you tested out? Even for Tier 1 ingredients, how many do you truly understand?” Ye Yuan said with a cold sneer.

Ouyang Yu was just about to refute but saw Luo Qingfeng wave his hand and said, “There’s no need to argue. Yes or no, do a test and we will know.”

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, “Haha, Sect Master is logical. Today, I’ll take it as you guys got off cheaply. I’ll just go along and refine this True Rising Spirit Pill to let you see what the real True Rising Spirit Pill looks like!”

“Humph! Shameless boasting!” Ouyang Ming snorted frostily.

. . . . . .

At a refining room, Pill Hall.

All of them went to the room.

Ye Yuan handed the True Rising Spirit Pill formula to Luo Qingfeng. Luo Qingfeng ordered someone to prepare the ingredients.

Ye Yuan’s pill formula was naturally higher level than the one developed by the Pill Hall. But this pill formula was of no importance to Ye Yuan. He was indifferent about giving it to them.

“Tsk tsk, indeed a sect. Much higher level than the Dan Wu Academy’s refining room!” Ye Yuan sighed in admiration after entering the refining room.

“Rubbish! The Dan Wu Academy is only our sect’s outer dojo. How can it compare to the Pill Hall? The ingredients are prepped, why haven’t you hurry up and refine the pill?” Yao Qian said.

“Sigh, I was just expressing my emotions. Elder Yao doesn’t need to target everything at me, right? Elder Yao, you’re anxious to acknowledge a master, but honestly speaking, I don’t really want to accept you as a disciple,” Ye Yuan said with a snicker.

“I hope you can still laugh in a while!”

Ye Yuan did not squabble. He went to the operation station directly and started to refine the medicinal embryo.

“En? Why is he using hands to grab? Doesn’t he need to weigh it out?”

“Why do I feel more and more that this Ye Yuan untrustworthy? This brat isn’t thinking of bringing everyone to play along with him because he knows he’s dead for sure, right?”

“I feel the same way! The Clear Joy Grass being able to treat the toxin of the Tendon Gnawing Blood. It sounds ludicrous no matter how I listen to it.”

Once Ye Yuan’s hand grabbing refining method came out, it immediately aroused a wave of confusion.

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