Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 230

Chapter 230 Compensation

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Ouyang Yu looked at Ye Yuan’s hand grabbing refining method and could not help frowning.

He already saw the pill formula that Ye Yuan gave him. Other than the Cloud Net Fruit switching to Verdant Nether Orchid and adding in Clear Joy Grass, the other ingredients were basically the same.

But the refining method in Ye Yuan’s pill formula was very different from the one they researched out.

Flame intensity, medicinal embryo, extraction, and such, there were many subtle differences.

As the Pill Hall’s Hall Head, Ouyang Yu’s alchemy skill level was naturally beyond doubt. He could instinctively feel that if refined according to Ye Yuan’s pill formula, the quality of the Medicinal pill would surely go up a level!

That was also to say that Ye Yuan’s True Rising Spirit Pill formula was much more mature than the one they developed!

Of course, the prerequisite was that Ye Yuan could prove that Clear Joy Grass could indeed neutralize the toxin of the Tendon Gnawing Blood.

Ouyang Yu’s basic skills were very solid. When refining pills himself, the weight of the herbs he casually grabbed was not far off.

However, that was only not far off. He still needed to go through equipment to let the quantity of the herbs be more accurate.

The higher the tier of the Medicinal pill, the more precise the herb quantity needed to be. He did not dare to use some hand grabbing refining method.

But that did not stop him from watching Ye Yuan use this hand grabbing refining method.

From the herb quantity that Ye Yuan grabbed each time, it should be roughly the same as the quantity noted on the pill formula.

But could he guarantee it was that precise?

Even for Tier 1 Medicinal pills, the more precise, the higher the success rate and quality. Ye Yuan doing it like this should be him not taking this refinement to heart, right?

There was no way he could reach the degree of accuracy on the pill formula with just a casual grab. This was too heaven-defying!

Anyway, he just had to prove that Clear Joy Grass could neutralize the toxin of the Tendon Gnawing Blood, and Ye Yuan could be considered to have won.

Because Ouyang Yu knew that if it could really resolve the Tendon Gnawing Blood toxin, Ye Yuan’s pill formula was indeed stronger than the True Rising Spirit Pill that they developed!

The allegations of stealing would naturally be impossible to determine!

Even so, the sturdiness of Ye Yuan’s basic skills already surpassed the vast majority of Alchemy Grandmasters! There were even many Pill Hall elders who were inferior to Ye Yuan.

However, Ouyang Yu did not say it. He just quietly watched Ye Yuan extract and refine the medicinal embryo.

The refinement process was faster than they thought. The refinement of Tier 1 herbs was less than worthless to Ye Yuan. It naturally would not take up too much time.

“The medicinal embryo is extracted and refined. Hall Head Ouyang, come and inspect if there’s toxin or not.” Ye Yuan passed the vessel over to Ouyang Yu.

Ouyang Yu took the vessel to take a look, but his expression changed.

The medicinal embryo that Ye Yuan refined was crystal clear like it was a dark green crystal ball.

Ouyang Yu had never seen anyone who could extract and refine medicinal embryo so exquisitely. It was simply a work of art!

Ouyang Yu had refined countless pills but secretly judged that he was unable to do it to such a level.

Could it be that there really was a powerful alchemist master behind this Ye Yuan?

Otherwise, with Ye Yuan’s age, how could he possibly cultivate such impeccable alchemy skills?

“Hall Head Ouyang, don’t be in a daze. Quickly use a profound silver needle to inspect whether this medicinal embryo has toxins or not. I still need to refine the medicinal pill.” Ye Yuan urged upon seeing the situation.

Ouyang Yu awoke and glared fiercely at Ye Yuan. Then, he retrieved a profound silver needle and stabbed it into the medicinal embryo.

Similar to mortals using a silver needle to check for poison, alchemists use profound silver needles to check for poison.

The profound silver needle in Ouyang Yu’s hands was a high-rank magic artifact. It could detect all poison under Tier 4. That naturally included the Tendon Gnawing Blood toxin.

Ouyang Yu pulled out the profound silver needle and his brows knitted together slightly.

“R-Really no toxin! Could it be that the Clear Joy Grass can really resolve the Tendon Gnawing Blood toxin?”

“No way? The Tendon Gnawing Blood toxin is renowned for being an incurable poison. The detoxifying method is actually so simple?”

“Although this sort of poison isn’t very amazing, it can secretly affect a martial artist’s bodily functions without their knowledge, ultimately turning the martial artist into a cripple. This was a poison that nobody could resolve in the Endless World for the past few millenniums. It was actually resolved just like this?”

Seeing the profound silver needle without a single trace, the group of elders could not help exclaiming in shock and sighing.

While amid the crowd, Yao Qian’s face was currently ashen.

The Tendon Gnawing Blood toxin was resolved, meaning he already lost the bet! Could it be that he, a dignified Quasi-Alchemy King, actually had to acknowledge an Alchemy Master as his master?

This . . . was simply an unprecedented shame!

If this matter were to spread out, how would he establish authority in the Tranquil Cloud Sect? Even if those disciples did not dare to say anything in front of him, they would probably gesticulate behind his back, right?

“Now, this can prove my innocence, right?” Ye Yuan said lightly.

Ouyang Yu’s, Ouyang Ming’s, and other’s expression changed and were unwilling to follow up.

Luo Qingfeng and the others, however, did not understand. He could not help asking, “Hall Head Ouyang?”

Ouyang Yu gritted his teeth and nodded, counting as acknowledging Ye Yuan’s words.

This sort of matter could not be faked. He had no choice but to admit it.

Luo Qingfeng also sighed in relief secretly when he heard that and said, “Since that’s the case, Ye Yuan’s crime of stealing the pill formula is unfounded. It’s just that this medicinal pill is the foundation for my Tranquil Cloud Sect. Ye Yuan, you’re not allowed to sell it in the secular world! To compensate for the misunderstanding this time, the sect will award you 10 thousand points. I hope that you won’t resent the sect because of this case.”

As the master of a sect, these words from Luo Qingfeng were already considered a subtle apology.

If it were an ordinary disciple, the trial would just be over. How could the sect master possibly say this kind of words? But Ye Yuan was different! He was too monstrous!

The talent that Ye Yuan displayed was overly monstrous! Since it was proven that Ye Yuan did not harbor ill intent, the sect naturally had to nurture with full force and rope him in!

Such a genius figure was where the hope of the sect laid. He would naturally be viewed as precious treasure!

Ye Yuan obviously had the sense to appreciate the favor. He gave a bow towards Luo Qingfeng and said, “Sect Master is also considering the safety of the sect. Why would Ye Yuan bear a grudge? However . . . dare I ask, Sect Master, whether the bet earlier . . . is counted or not?”


When Ye Yuan’s words came out, everyone’s gaze looked towards Yao Qian.

Yao Qian’s old face turned crimson red instantly as he felt pent up.

“This . . .” Luo Qingfeng was also stumped by Ye Yuan.

While Ye Yuan’s Alchemy Dao level somewhat surpassed expectations, to make a Quasi-Alchemy King acknowledge him as master, Luo Qingfeng felt that it was still somewhat nonsensical.

This way, how would Yao Qian dare to meet anyone in the future?

Ye Yuan had a surprised look as he said, “Elder Yao, you aren’t going to renege, are you? Well, I know that asking a Quasi-Alchemy King to acknowledge me as a master is somewhat hard on you, but from a certain point of view, my Alchemy Dao standards have already surpassed yours. Hence, you acknowledging me as master seems to be justifiable!”

This was naturally Ye Yuan’s humble words. His Alchemy Dao level was far from just surpassing Yao Qian’s from a certain perspective. With Yao Qian’s standards, he was not even fit to carry shoes for Ye Yuan.

However, looking at this old man who nearly killed him being forced to yield, Ye Yuan had unspeakable delight in his heart!

Right then, Xiao Jian suddenly thought of something and whispered a few words by Luo Qingfeng’s ears.

Luo Qingfeng’s eyes lit up, and he said, “Various hall heads, elders, this matter is concluded. What are we still waiting here for? Why haven’t you left quickly?”

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