Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 238

Chapter 238 You Wanted To See It

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“Points challenge? How many points do you have?” Ye Yuan’s eyes lit up.

When the crowd saw the look of Ye Yuan rushing to his death, they could not help sighing.

Ceng Cheng’s strength was only a step away from the Heaven Barracks. Wouldn’t he easily capture the Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm Ye Yuan?

But Ye Yuan was completely unaware. Instead, he was very motivated after he heard points, like Ceng Cheng’s points were already his.

Ceng Cheng was stunned at first, then sneered coldly and said, “Even if you snatched Ceng Yu’s points, the total is around 1000 points or so, right? Even asking me how many points I have? I’ll bet all the points you have!”

Points challenge was a way of competing permitted by the sect. The challengers would agree on a fixed number of points. The winner would get the other party’s points.

This sort of challenge did not have a points limit. As long as there were no deaths, anything goes.

Ceng Cheng already knew that Ye Yuan had just entered the sect. Even if he stole points from Ceng Yu and the rest, it would be around 1000 or so. He himself just had to come up with some small change, and that would do.

He just did a level six mission and earned 20 thousand points. Now, his points on hand already approached 30 thousand!

Even within the Earth Barracks, these points were quite a lot already.

Except, Ceng Cheng was unaware that his points were just pocket change to Ye Yuan. Ye Yuan had 1.13 million points on hand. Ceng Cheng’s 30 thousand points just happened to be a minuscule amount.

The matter of Yao Qian compensating Ye Yuan 1.2 million points was only limited to spreading among the sect’s upper echelons. It was impossible for these disciples to know.

No matter what, the prestige of elders had to be upheld. Other people could laugh at Yao Qian privately, but it was naturally impossible to spill it all out to these disciples.

Ye Yuan looked at Ceng Cheng’s haughty look and could not resist laughing as he said, “Bet all of my points? You can’t afford it. You tell me how many points you have first.Uh,if there’s 100 thousand, maybe 80 thousand, I’ll bet with you. If it’s too little, then don’t bother me.”

Ceng Yu laughed from extreme anger, seeing that Ye Yuan’s tone was so big, and so he said, “What a joke! Even if you threw yourself into the bet, it wouldn’t reach 100 thousand points. To actually dare be so wildly arrogant!”

Ye Yuan shot Ceng Cheng a nonchalant glance and said with a sigh, “That means you don’t have 100 thousand points? Initially wanted to earn some points. Sigh, since you don’t have, then there isn’t anything to discuss. Go and play in the corner alone. I still have to find Grand Elder Skymaple to complete the mission.”

“. . . You really take yourself to be some important character, choosing a level nine mission to posture. Wait until you get taken care of by Grand Elder Skymaple, I’ll watch how you posture!”

“What’s that got to do with you? Make way for me if you don’t have 100 thousand points. A good dog doesn’t block the path.”

“Hahaha. . . Did you guys hear that? A newbie brat asked for 100 thousand points from the very start! I want to ask how many points do you have in total? How many points you have, I’ll bet with you that amount!” Ceng Yu said with a snicker.

Very evidently, Ye Yuan’s words indeed sounded like a joke when others heard it.

Even for elite disciples, their tokens had at most 100 thousand points or so. A newcomer who had only entered a sect for a few days actually asked for 10 thousand points straightaway was indeed quite funny.

With Ceng Cheng laughing, many also laughed along. They clearly felt that Ye Yuan was a silly boy who was impractical.

“Haha,this punk has only entered the sect for several days. I’m afraid that he hasn’t even made clear what points are, right?”

“Yeah. I reckon that he doesn’t have any concept towards points at all, asking for 100 thousand points straight away. Does he think that points are cabbages?”

“Of course points aren’t cabbages. I guess that he’s treating points like gold and silver in the secular world, asking for 100 thousand points easily. Most likely, he’s from a wealthy family.”

“Heh heh,being so arrogant in front Senior Apprentice Brother Ceng will result in a big loss. Senior Apprentice Brother Ceng just finished a level six mission. His strength probably already approaches Heaven Barracks. This boy is going to suffer.”

Qiu Peng by the side also snickered and said, “Ceng Cheng, I really admire your little brother more and more now. To actually be beaten by this kind of punk. Could he have consumed laxatives when he was exchanging blows with this punk?”

Ceng Cheng shot a fierce glare at Qiu Peng, but he was really unable to do anything about Qiu Peng. The two of them bickered often. Ceng Cheng calculated that even if he could suppress Qiu Peng, it would be very limited.

But Ye Yuan looked at Ceng Cheng with an odd expression and asked, “You really want to know how many points I have?”

“Nonsense! Don’t tell me you really have 100 thousand points? I honor my words. I’ll bet however much you have!” Ceng Cheng said solemnly.

“Fine then. Look at it yourself.” Ye Yuan threw his identity token over with a helpless face.

Ceng Cheng reached out to receive the token and said with a cold laugh, “Do you think that the sect is owned by your family? You can have as many points as . . .”

Ceng Cheng’s words halted abruptly as if he was being choked by someone.

He swallowed hard and used divine sense to inspect it again. His eyes turned into wide circles as he stared at Ye Yuan in disbelief.

“You wanted to see it. I told you to go play by yourself, but you just had to bet points with me. Those meager points of yours are really not appealing to me. If you can gather 100 thousand points, I can give you a chance to bet.”

While Ye Yuan was talking, he took back the token from Ceng Cheng who was motionless like a wood carving and left just like that.

After walking a few steps, Ye Yuan suddenly turned back and said,“Ohright, there are still around 10 days or so before the sect’s competition. If you’re fortunate enough to bump into me, I don’t mind gifting you defeat.En,free of charge.”

Finishing, he left without even turning back.

Everyone was perplexed. They did not know what happened to make Senior Apprentice Brother Ceng Cheng lose composure like this.

Qiu Peng was obviously very curious too. He came over and pushed Ceng Cheng. “Hey, what’s with you? Did he really have 100 thousand points?”

Being pushed by Qiu Peng, Ceng Cheng was startled awake abruptly. He asked with a blank face,“Ah?What did you say?”

Qiu Peng was speechless. “You’re at any rate about to enter the Heaven Barracks soon. Why are you such a good-for-nothing? What on earth did you see from his token, to be frightened to such an extent? Don’t tell me he really had 100 thousand points? How’s that possible?”

Ceng Cheng swallowed hard again, feeling that his mouth was very dry.

Ye Yuan’s points really petrified him.

1.12 mission points!

Only those disciples who were impacting the Sea Transformation Realm or Quasi-Alchemy King realm would have so many points by spending many years slogging hard at missions to exchange for the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art and Purple Center Soul Incantation.

It was impossible for other people, even elders, to have so many points.

But, how many days did Ye Yuan enter the sect for? Where did his points come from?

No wonder he dared to be so arrogant. He really had the capital to be unbridled!

His 30 thousand points were merely just a fractional amount of his. No wonder he turned his nose down on it.

Ceng Cheng suddenly recalled the level nine mission Ye Yuan received. Could it be that he really needed points? Could it be that Ye Yuan could really complete a level nine mission?

Thinking up to here, Ceng Cheng could not help shuddering.

He waved his hands and said, “Nothing, nothing. I’m going.”

Finishing, he left behind the unconvinced crowd and left without even turning his head back.

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