Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 240

Chapter 240 Bad Tempered

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Chapter 240: Bad Tempered
Translator: celefoata_ Editor: RegiusProfessor

Two figures moved at high speeds in the Skymaple Court, one behind the other. But the distance between the two did not shrink from start to finish,

Ye Yuan used sound to gauge the location. He knew where the refining room was from that cauldron exploding sound earlier.

Before long, Ye Yuan arrived at the place. The gatekeeping disciple also followed tightly.

The gatekeeping disciple was panting from exhaustion. Just now, he used all of his skills but was actually unable to reduce the distance between the two of them. Instead, he tired himself out.

But he saw that Ye Yuan was composed and actually did not look the slightest bit exhausted.

Was this boy really only Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm?

Without waiting for him to recover from his astonishment, Ye Yuan gathered up essence energy and shouted loudly, “Grand Elder Skymaple, disciple Ye Yuan accepted the level nine No. 3 mission, and specially came forth to complete the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill formula.”

The voice spread out like rolling thunder. The gatekeeping disciple turned pale from alarm and thought to himself, I’m finished this time!

With a bang, the door opened. Skymaple walked in front of Ye Yuan with a black face.

“Didn’t I tell you to make him get lost? You actually dare to let him in here?!” Skymaple was speaking to the gatekeeping disciple instead.

The gatekeeping disciple had immeasurable bitterness in his heart as he said, “Grand Elder, this . . . this punk’s movement technique is extremely fast. I looked away for a second and he . . . and he . . .”

“Humph! You, a Seventh Level Spirit Condensation Realm, can’t even deal with a Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm. What do I want you for? Alright, the two of you can get lost together now. Go and collect punishment yourselves.”

Finishing, Skymaple turned around and was ready to leave without even bothering to look at Ye Yuan. Evidently, the people getting punishment also included Ye Yuan.

He did not feel that a low-rank Alchemy Master could help him in any way. He was purely here to cause trouble.

Ye Yuan’s nose twitched, and he said softly, “Extreme Light Profound Gold Fruit, Clear Spirit Jade Fluid, Nine-leaf Heavenly Fragrance Grass . . . , using Extreme Light Profound Gold Fruit to fill the void in the pill formula is indeed quite interesting, but . . .”

Ye Yuan listed out all the ingredients that Skymaple used to refine the pill. But he shut his mouth after he talked halfway.

Skymaple just took two steps when he heard Ye Yuan report the ingredients without a single mistake. He could not help feeling very amazed in his heart.

The ingredients were all inside. It absolutely could not be seen from here. Could this brat really have studied the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill before?

Forget about the other ingredients, his mission had already been hanging there for a relatively long time. As long as Ye Yuan enquired diligently, he could get the information.

But the Extreme Light Profound Gold Fruit was something he came up with only in the recent year. Apart from the sect upper echelons and Wang Jie, it was simply impossible for others to know.

How did this boy know?

Also, he said quite interesting . . . Quite interesting? There seemed to be an underlying meaning in his words!

Skymaple turned around and asked Ye Yuan, “But what?”

Ye Yuan smiled. “Nothing. This disciple should go and collect punishment now. Goodbye, Grand Elder.”

Finishing, Ye Yuan turned around and left.

Skymaple’s face went black, and he said, “Halt! Aiyo, you, boy, have quite a big temper, to actually put on airs with this seat!”

“This disciple dare not. I was just talking nonsense earlier. Just pretend you didn’t hear it, Grand Elder,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

“Haha! Nice temperament! If this seat insists on making you say?” Skymaple’s face fell.

“I’ll talk bullshit. At that time, it wouldn’t be as simple as a cauldron explosion.” Ye Yuan remained very calm and was not frightened by Skymaple’s aura.

“Oh, even threatening this seat! Haha, this child is interesting! With this seat’s level, don’t tell me I don’t even have this bit of ability to screen it?”

Hearing Ye Yuan ‘swords, Skymaple relaxed instead. He had not encountered such a ballsy junior in many years already. Even Luo Qingfeng did not dare to be so audacious in front of him.

In terms of seniority, Skymaple was Luo Qingfeng’s martial uncle!

But Ye Yuan just said two words, “Maybe not.”

“Oh? Then try talking bullshit and see if I can distinguish the thing that is even more incredible than a cauldron explosion,” Skymaple said.

“Still the Extreme Light Profound Gold Fruit, Clear Spirit Jade Fluid, Nine-leaf Heavenly Fragrance Grass, but lower the quantity of the Clear Spirit Jade Fluid to 80%. For the supplementary ingredients, swap the Swordtooth Grass for the Western Flower. How do you feel about this formula?”

Skymaple’s eyes lit up. Smacking a fist on his palm, he said excitedly, “Oh yeah, why didn’t I think of that? Western Flower can better unleash the efficacy of the Extreme Light Profound Gold Fruit. Wouldn’t the success rate be higher like this?”

As he was talking, Skymaple shot Ye Yuan a glance. When he saw the latter’s teasing smile on his face, he suddenly understood.

“Could it be . . . this won’t work?” Skymaple asked weakly.

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, “Grand Elder can give it a shot. But whether you can escape from the refinement room or not, that will be up to your luck.”

Skymaple’s face changed, and he immediately shook his head and said, “Impossible! According to what you said, it’s clearly much better than the pill formula that I completed. How can problems occur?”

Ye Yuan was currently just like a systematic and patient teacher, guiding Skymaple to think about the pill formula’s problem.

But Skymaple thought for a long time and still felt that Ye Yuan’s pill formula was better than his own!

Or was it that this was the pill formula from the start and Ye Yuan was misleading him? Was he deliberately scaring him?

“Haha, consider yourself formidable, boy! You must be bluffing this seat, right? This seat won’t fall for it so easily! This is definitely the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill formula! Not bad, not bad, kid. You’re indeed someone who is capable. This seat solemnly apologizes to you about the matter earlier. I should not have scorned you because of your identity!”

This Skymaple was a forthright person. Joy and anger showed on his face. At present, the pill formula that Ye Yuan said already thoroughly convinced him. He actually did not hesitate to apologize at all.

Wang Jie and the gatekeeping disciple by the sides were already dumbfounded. When did Grand Elder Skymaple become so easy to talk to?

The dignified Grand Elder actually apologized to a newcomer disciple . . .

Especially Wang Jie. Although he had a good temper, he suffered no little venting under Skymaple’s hands these few years.

But even Wang Jie had never enjoyed such treatment before!

How Skymaple treated Wang Jie was without question. It could be said that he gave his all to guide him and took great care of him.

The only bad thing was that his temper was not good. Wang Jie became a pitiful human sandbag.

However, even when Skymaple blew up for no reason at all, he had never apologized!

Ye Yuan looked at the Skymaple who was laughing gleefully and said with a sigh, “I’m not bluffing Grand Elder. If you refine the pill according to this pill formula, forget about this refining room, even this stretch of land will most likely become a wasteland!”

Skymaple’s laughter stopped abruptly. His expression changed, and he said, “How so?”

“Grand Elder is only aware of one aspect, but ignorant of the other. While the Western Flower can better unleash the efficacy of the Extreme Light Profound Gold Fruit, when placed in this pill formula, it would clash with another core material, triggering a huge explosion from there! The explosion of a Tier 4 medicinal pill, even with Grand Elder’s strength, I’m afraid that you’ll also find it hard to retreat unscathed,” Ye Yuan explained.

Skymaple suddenly recalled that the pill formula Ye Yuan altered did not seem to be only one area. Apart from the Western Flower, there was the Clear Spirit Jade Fluid.

“You’re talking about . . . the Clear Spirit Jade Fluid?” Skymaple probed.

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