Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 243

Chapter 243 Selling Pill Formula

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Seeing Wang Jie barge inside directly, Skymaple frowned and said unhappily, “Already so mature, yet why are you still so brash? Don’t you see that Ye Yuan and I are currently conversing?”

Unknowingly, Skymaple already placed Ye Yuan on the same level as him.

“Ah!Sorry Master. Disciple was rash,” Wang Jie hurriedly apologized with a salute.

Skymaple waved his hands irritably and asked, “What is it? Why are you making such a fuss?”

Wang Jie had an eager face as he said, “Replying master, just now, I went to find Lord Sect Master. He said that a few days back, some disciples just happened to obtain some Iceheart Dew. So I brought it back.”

When Skymaple heard it, his anger involuntarily turned into joy as he said, “Really? Great! Since all the ingredients are prepared, then let’s start refining!”

He had just learned many things from Ye Yuan and was currently itching to practice his skills. In addition, he obtained the pill formula, so he would naturally be itching to have a go.

“Don’t be anxious, Master. I haven’t finished talking yet. There isn’t much Iceheart Dew. According to what Ye Yuan said, it should only be enough for one refinement,” Wang Jie said.

Skymaple frowned and said, “So little? How is it possible to succeed in one go?”

Wang Jie said, “Iceheart Dew is originally extremely scarce. It was only coincidentally obtained this time by an elite disciple out doing missions. He exchanged 10 thousand points by handing it to the sect! Even if the sect seeks it out in full force, it would probably be very hard to find within three months.”

As the grand elder, how could Skymaple not know the scarcity of Tier 4 medicinal herbs?

However, he yearned for the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill too deeply. Even if the material was harder to get, he had to obtain it!

This was not just to fulfill him alone, but also to fulfill the entire sect!

The materials that Skymaple exhausted these few years were worth upwards of 10 million points when added up. But Luo Qingfeng did not grumble at all. Why?

Simply because back then, Ouyang Tuotian founded the present Tranquil Cloud Sect with his own strength!

The sect’s upper echelons all understood the difference between low-rank Alchemy King and middle-rank Alchemy King!

Hearing Wang Jie’s words, Skymaple’s good mood instantly vanished, and his heart inexplicably became frustrated.

Although the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill was a low Tier 4 medicinal pill, it was really somewhat forceful for Skymaple. The possibility of succeeding in one go was too low!

Once he failed, he would have to wait up to three months, maybe even half a year’s time!

The Clear Spirit Jade Fluid and Nine-leaf Heavenly Fragrance Grass collected the previous time were already pretty much expended. At most, he could refine once or twice.

If the refinement this time failed, he would have to gather these two kinds of medicinal herbs again.

The Clear Spirit Jade Fluid and Nine-leaf Heavenly Fragrance Grass were also Tier 3 medicinal herbs; similarly, they were very rare.

Who knew how long he would have to wait to refine again.

Thinking up to here, Skymaple’s brows knitted together even tighter. Pressure engulfed him like it blotted out the skies and land.

For over a dozen years, Skymaple virtually did not inquire about sect affairs and put his heart and soul on the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill. But he kept being unable to obtain a breakthrough.

Although Luo Qingfeng and the other sect upper echelons did not say anything, the pressure on Skymaple was also enormous. Otherwise, he would not be so hot-tempered either.

Skymaple only felt that the bottle containing the Iceheart Dew weighed 30 thousand catties when he took it over from Wang Jie’s hands.

He returned to his seat and started to waver.

Ye Yuan saw through Skymaple’s state of mind and said, “Grand Elder, I have a suggestion. While this can’t guarantee that you’ll definitely refine the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill, it should raise the success rate considerably.”

Skymaple was currently dejected. When he heard Ye Yuan’s words, he nearly jumped up. He stared at Ye Yuan intently and asked, “What method? As long as I can refine out the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill, I’ll add in 200 thousand more points!”

These words were simply heavenly melody to Skymaple.

Ye Yuan knew the advantages of points, so he obviously would not reject.

In truth, him completing the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill formula was already considered completing the mission. With just a message from Skymaple, he could get the reward already.

However, he already did it to this extent already. Might as well help him to the end.

“When Master imparted me the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill formula, he even told me about another Quasi-Tier 4 pill formula. This kind of medicinal pill is called Soul Driving Pill. Master said that the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill was the upgraded version of the Soul Driving Pill. The two originated from the same source. The refinement method is also extremely similar. The refinement of the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill is much more complex than the Soul Driving Pill, but the essence is pretty much the same. If Grand Elder can use the Soul Driving Pill to practice and familiarize yourself with the refinement method, refining the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill after should be much easier,” Ye Yuan said.

Skymaple trembled agitatedly when he heard this. “Excellent! Truly excellent! There’s really such a medicinal pill?”

Martial Path medicinal pills were easy to find, but Alchemy Path medicinal pills were hard to obtain!

There were actually very, very few medicinal pills that affected the divine soul. It was like a single hair from nine oxen when compared to martial path medicinal pills.

Back then, Ouyang Tuotian also coincidentally obtained the incomplete Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill formula. Skymaple naturally had not heard about the Soul Driving Pill before.

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “How would I dare to deceive Grand Elder? Although the herbs to refine the Soul Driving Pill are also rare, with the sect’s strength, I think there should be some in stock. It should be enough for Grand Elder to use for practice.”

“Quickly tell me the pill formula! I’ll let Wang Jie go retrieve the herbs!” Skymaple said impatiently.

After he said that, Skymaple suddenly felt that it was inappropriate. He involuntarily smacked his head and said awkwardly,“Haha,take a look at this old muddle-head! Even if it’s a Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pill, this pill formula is also a priceless treasure! Ye Yuan, what requests do you have? Just state them. I’ll do all I can to recompense you!En. . . Is one million points enough? Just take it as the sect is buying your pill formula!Uh. . . Will your master mind?”

Skymaple started to worry about personal gains and losses. Pill formulas were always undisclosable secrets to any influence.

Especially medicinal pills that raised soul force. They were even more so priceless treasures!

While the grade of the Soul Driving Pill was not as high as the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill, its value was even greater to the Tranquil Cloud Sect instead!

Even if Ye Yuan completed the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill formula, how many people in the Tranquil Cloud Sect could afford to enjoy it?

There was only Skymaple, that one Alchemy King alone!

But the Soul Driving Pill was different!

Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pills had effects on Sea Transformation Realm Quasi-Alchemy Kings. The Tranquil Cloud Sect acquiring this pill formula was equivalent to alchemists realms collectively rising a rank!

Such trade was too worthwhile to the Tranquil Cloud Sect!

If not for being fearful of the ‘master’ behind Ye Yuan, once Ye Yuan rejected, he might even give birth to the idea of forcefully snatching.

One million points to buy the Soul Driving Pill formula was really not considered much.

A Quasi-Tier 4 pill formula was no big deal to Ye Yuan. Since he opened his mouth, he was obviously prepared to give it to Skymaple.

“Master let me enter the secular world to test myself. He said that everything is up to me. He naturally would not mind. But the Soul Driving Pill formula is indeed precious, so I’ll accept Grand Elder’s one million points. In the future, when Master asks about it, I can also explain.”

Ye Yuan obtained many benefits from the sect too. His Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword Art emerged from the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art. There was no harm in treating this pill formula as giving a plum in return for a peach. It was just to not make Skymaple feel that he was indifferent that he accepted the one million points.

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