Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 244

Chapter 244 Competing Essence Fires

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Inside Skymaple’s refining room was a mess.

From yesterday until now, Skymaple had already refined over a dozen cauldrons of Soul Driving Pills.

In the end, he was an Alchemy King. It was still very quick for him to get started on refining Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pills. After wasting four sets of materials, Skymaple finally refined the Soul Driving Pill.

Of course, Ye Yuan’s pointers could not be understated at all.

Refining soul force medicinal pills was different from conventional medicinal pills. If he did not have Ye Yuan’s guidance, Skymaple might not even be able to refine a complete Soul Driving Pill after wasting ten portions of materials.

After four furnaces of medicinal pills, Skymaple failed once or twice again. After 10 furnaces, he basically no longer failed.

“Grand Elder is indeed worthy of being an Alchemy King. To actually familiarize yourself with the Soul Driving Pill by using only a dozen over sets of materials. With Grand Elder’s present state, the success rate of refining the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill should be above 60%.”

Ye Yuan stealthily slipped in a flatter, but Skymaple’s face went red. “I am a disappointment as an Alchemy King. If not for your master’s refinement method and him passing on all his experience to you, it’s probably unlikely for me to learn it so quickly.”

Ye Yuan giving pointers by the side was naturally borrowing the name of his fictional master.

Ye Yuan smiled and did not give any explanation. Instead, he said, “Strike while the iron is hot. Grand Elder, consume medicinal pills to recover your strength first. Let’s succeed in refining the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill in one go while the sensation is still there!”

Initially, Skymaple was still full of confidence. But when he heard about refining the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill, he could not help faltering again.

“Refine it now? But there’s only one set of materials. Why not familiarize more with the Soul Driving Pill?”

Where was there still any majesty of a grand elder for Skymaple now? Rather, he was like a little kid worried about whether or not he could get to eat candy.

Whether he could refine or not, Ye Yuan naturally had the best say in this matter.

“Grand Elder is already very well-versed in the Soul Driving Pill, and you’ve also passed the period where you experience the greatest increase. Continuing to refine will not bring any notable effect. Rather, you’ve just finished refining over a dozen cauldrons of Soul Driving Pill and are currently in a state where your hands are hot and ready to go. Once you rest, I’m afraid that it will be very hard to find this sort of feeling again. Therefore, I feel that it’s still better to refine now,” Ye Yuan advised.

Skymaple felt at a loss for a while when he heard that. He became determined in spite of himself and said, “It’s a blade whether I poke my head out or shrink back! Do it!”

Immediately, Skymaple swallowed several medicinal pills and began to meditate to adjust himself.

If this were before, Skymaple absolutely would not listen and follow the words of a junior like so. But these two days, Ye Yuan already subdued him with his broad and profound knowledge.

Even with Ye Yuan pretending to borrow his master’s words to say most of the things, that gleam of brilliance revealed within the words could be sensed intensely by Skymaple!

The master was very powerful. The disciple was similarly very formidable!

. . . . . .

After four hours, Skymaple adjusted his condition to its peak.

To have become the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s sole Alchemy King, there was no questioning of Skymaple’s mind and determination.

Since he was already resolved to refine the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill, Skymaple would not be timid anymore.

Wang Jie already prepared the materials. Ye Yuan took the initiative to take on the role of assistant. Wang Jie became idle instead.

Preparation work was similarly very important to refining pills. Not that Ye Yuan looked down on Wang Jie, it was just that with him doing the preparatory work, the success rate would clearly be higher.

The preparation work was not limited by realm. Ye Yuan performed it with high proficiency.

Ye Yuan’s hand grabbing refinement method astounded these two people too. Seeing that virtually perfect medicinal embryo, Skymaple’s eyes went wide.

Indeed, an outstanding disciple comes from an accomplished master!Skymaple thought to himself.

Placing the medicinal embryo into the medicinal cauldron, a mass of fire floated from Skymaple’s palm and lit the medicinal cauldron.

“Ganwu True Fire!” Ye Yuan said the name of the flame.

“Haha,I didn’t think that you would even know the Ganwu True Fire. That’s right. Under my nurturing, the Ganwu True Fire is already about to advance to a Tier 4 essence fire!” Skymaple said rather pleased with himself.

“Uh. . . Grand Elder better use my essence fire. This way, your chances will be greater.” Ye Yuan said rather oddly.

“Oh? You actually have an essence fire too? Looks like your fortune really isn’t shallow! However, it’s still better to use essence fires that you nurtured yourself when refining pills. You should know this point, right?”

This was already Skymaple taking into consideration Ye Yuan’s face. He was somewhat perplexed. It was impossible for Ye Yuan to not even know this bit of general knowledge. Why did he still raise such a request?

Could it be that Ye Yuan’s essence fire was even better than his? How was this possible? He was only at the Spirit Condensation Realm. To have a Tier 2 essence fire was already considered immensely fortuitous.

Ye Yuan did not let him wonder for long. He nodded and said, “Of course I know that. But the chances should be better by using my essence fire to refine.”

Ye Yuan repeated again as a bundle of flames appeared in his palm too.

When Skymaple saw that bundle of faint-yellow flames, he sucked in a cold breath. Wang Jie by the side clearly recognized Ye Yuan’s essence fire too, his eyes full of envy!

“Hiss. . . Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame! This . . . This . . . How’s this possible?” Skymaple stuttered.

“Hur hur,when this disciple took part in the Endless Trials at the Dan Wu Academy, I happened to chance upon some lucky chances,” Ye Yuan explained it lightly.

Not that Ye Yuan wanted to show off, but because if Skymaple used a Tier 4 essence fire to refine, the success rate would clearly be greater.

Ye Yuan knew that Skymaple had an essence fire. He thought that if it were a Tier 4 essence fire, then he would not mention this. The result was that Skymaple’s essence fire was indeed not Tier 4.

If Skymaple had a Tier 4 essence fire, using Ye Yuan’s essence fire would really be inferior to the one he nurtured himself. But as for Tier 3 . . . the grade was really kind of lousy, let alone comparing to the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame which was suited for alchemy.

Skymaple looked at the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame within Ye Yuan’s palm dimly for a long time before letting out a sigh and saying, “Comparing people to people is indeed odious! Back then, I risked my old life before I gained the Ganwu True Fire at the Sea Transformation Realm. You’re only at the Spirit Condensation Realm and actually already have the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame. This is the paramount dream essence fire for alchemists!”

Finishing Skymaple quietly kept away the Ganwu True Fire in his palm. It was evident that he did not plan on taking it out to show his inadequacy.

Ye Yuan kept staring at Skymaple’s eyes. If his heart gave birth to greed, then Ye Yuan and the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s fate would end here.

Fortunately, Skymaple did not disappoint him.

The matter of Ye Yuan possessing the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame was actually already known by Yao Qian long ago. It was only a matter of time before it reached Skymaple’s ears. Hence, Ye Yuan had no reservations about taking it out.

Tranquil Cloud Sect’s rules stated that all the natural treasures obtained by disciples outside belonged to them. Others may not insist on it. If they had no use for it, they could hand it over to the sect to exchange for points.

If a sect wantonly seized disciples’ lucky chances, it was no different from killing the chicken to retrieve the egg. Then, the sect would not be far from destruction anymore.

“Haha,this disciple also faced near-certain death to acquire the essence fire. It was just a lucky coincidence. Grand Elder, let’s begin?” Ye Yuan brushed over it.

Skymaple nodded and calmed his mind.

Ye Yuan called out the Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus’s main body and used the main body to light the medicinal cauldron. Skymaple began to refine the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill.

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