Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 248

Chapter 248 Denied Entry

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Shao Yun was the fifth seat among the Pill Hall elders. The previous year, he had just broken through to high-rank Quasi-Alchemy King Realm.

As the Pill Hall’s up and rising force in the prime of his life, his position in the Pill Hall was very high, and he was deemed to be one of the contenders to become the next Pill Hall’s hall head.

In comparison, although Yao Qian and his like were Pill Hall elders, they were the least important group of people, barely enough to do the role of running errands.

Otherwise, he would not have been sent to the State of Qin to be an envoy.

His age was old, his cultivation realm was low, and he already exhausted all of his potential and hard to have any breakthrough in this life.

As the representative of the newly emerging force, Shao Yun was one of the most reluctant to accept Ye Yuan taking on the position of nominal elder.

In front of Ouyang Yu, Shao Yun was one of those who argued the fiercest.

Ouyang Yu left without saying anything. It was clear that he tacitly approved of them finding Ye Yuan to ‘communicate and exchange.’

The few elders who made the most noise put their heads together. Finally, Shao Yun offered to come forward and ‘challenge’ Ye Yuan!

Shao Yun was one of the celebrity figures among the various Pill Hall elders. Once his profile appeared in the Earth Barracks, immediately there were disciples who recognized him.

“Disciple Li Ming has seen Elder Shao Yun,” an Eighth Level Spirit Condensation Realm disciples said respectfully.

Shao Yun felt a little pleased with himself secretly, but he said authoritatively,“En,you came just in time. Ye Yuan is staying here, right?”

Li Ming was confused. “Ye Yuan? This name is really unfamiliar. Is he a newcomer?En. . . There seemed to be a novice disciple a few days ago. He beat up Senior Apprentice Brother Ceng’s younger brother right after coming.”

This time, it was Shao Yun’s turn to be stupefied. “Fighting with others the moment he came? Indeed a troublemaker.”

Li Ming saw Shao Yun frown and instinctively thought that he came to find trouble with Ye Yuan. He hurriedly said, “Ye Yuan is staying at the No. 72 courtyard over there. I’ll go call him over to pay respects to Elder Shao right away.”

The elder already came to find Ye Yuan personally. As a disciple, he naturally had to come out to receive him. Finishing, without even waiting for Shao Yun’s approval, he jogged over to the No. 72 courtyard.

Shao Yun originally wanted to stop Li Ming, but after thinking about it, he decided against it.

Although Ye Yuan’s nominal elder status was already established, it was still tough for the elders’ viewpoint to switch over in a short period.

In Shao Yun’s subconscious, he still felt that Ye Yuan should come out to meet him.

. . . . . .

Shao Yun called for Ye Yuan’s courtyard gate to be opened. The one who opened it was Lu-er.

“Miss, I’m finding Ye Yuan.” Seeing that it was a beauty who opened the door, Li Ming was very courteous.

Lu-er saw that this person was unfamiliar and instinctively wanted to turn him away. “Young Master is currently resting. I wonder what matter this senior apprentice brother have?”

Li Ming obviously could tell that she was evading and could not help furrowing his brows as he said, “Restinghuh?Then quickly go and wake Ye Yuan up. Just say that the Pill Hall’s Fifth Seat Elder, Shao Yun, has arrived. Ask him to hurry and welcome him!”

Li Ming feared that Lu-er did not know Shao Yun’s weight and added a sentence. “Elder Shao Yun is a candidate for the next Pill Hall’s Hall Head. His status is extraordinary. You can’t slight him!”

Indeed, Lu-er’s expression changed when she heard that.

It had also been some time since she came to the Tranquil Cloud Sect. She had a rough understanding of the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s situation. This title of Pill Hall’s Hall Head was absolutely a big shot in the Tranquil Cloud Sect, even if he was the future Pill Hall’s Hall Head.

Lu-er did not dare to delay. She immediately went in to report.

When Ye Yuan heard that it was some future Pill Hall’s Hall Head, his brows could not help knitting together. Did trouble come to find him so soon?

However, wasn’t this scale a little large?

Everyone was at the elder level. Want him to go to the gate to receive him?

This name of future Hall Head might be useful to others, but it was useless to Ye Yuan. In Ye Yuan’s eyes, those Pill Hall elders were all trash; let alone the fact that his identity was already not beneath his.

One had to know that Skymaple asked him to be the vice hall head at the start. The other party actually had no concept of importance.

“Lu-er, go tell him that this Young Master is currently busy cultivating. Time doesn’t wait for me. I don’t have time to go out and receive him,” Ye Yuan said calmly after hearing that.

Lu-er was shocked as she said, “But, that Senior Apprentice Brother said that this elder’s position is very high. Wouldn’t this offend people?”

Ye Yuan rolled his eyes and said, “He originally came to find trouble. Even if I go out and welcome him, he will still find trouble. So what’s the difference between whether I offend him or not?”

Lu-er asked curiously, “How does young master know that he came to find trouble?”

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, “Your young master knows everything.Hur hur,go on, just repeat it word for word.”

Ye Yuan did not tell Lu-er about the matter of him becoming a nominal elder. To Ye Yuan, it was simply not noteworthy.

Lu-er would never defy Ye Yuan’s words. Since Ye Yuan said so, he definitely had his reasons. Hence, she returned to the entrance and reported Ye Yuan’s words to Li Ming.

When Li Ming heard the words, he nearly cried out. Even if he was giving excuses, there was no need to be so obvious, right?

Li Ming’s eyes went wide as he stared at Lu-er and confirmed, “You really told your young master that it’s Elder Shao Yun who came to find him?”

Lu-er felt a little guilty, but she still nodded and said, “Yes. I already told him. But my young master is really busy with cultivation.”

Finishing, Lu-er slammed the door shut with abang.

Li Ming stood there in a daze and did not recover for a long time. Isn’t this Ye Yuan too conceited? To actually not even give face to a Pill Hall elder?

“Elder Shao Yun looked like he was finding trouble to begin with, but Ye Yuan is still showing this attitude. He’s dead now. No one who opposed the Pill Hall elders had a good ending!” Li Ming thought to himself.

Carrying some discontentment, Li Ming returned back to Shao Yun and reported the encounter earlier. Of course, he even mixed some personal stuff inside.

Indeed, Shao Yun flew into a great rage when he heard that. He rushed over to the No. 72 courtyard furiously.

Bang, bang, bang!

“Ye Yuan! Come out for this Elder! I know that you are not cultivating!” Shao Yun shouted.

Nobody answered . . .

Shao Yun was so enraged that he was about to explode. His position in the sect was extremely high. Yet, he was actually declined entry when coming to find a Martial Hall core disciple!

Due to him shouting extremely loudly just now, it already attracted quite a number of disciples to crowd around.

If he could not even get the other party’s door to open today, then it would be a tremendous disgrace!

Shao Yun’s face was already as black as the bottom of a wok. He said solemnly, “I’ll count to three. If you don’t open the door, this elder will tear down your courtyard!”

“One . . .”

Shao Yun waited for several breaths of time. No response.

“Two . . .”

Still no response.

“This Ye Yuan is too ballsy! That’s Elder Shao Yun! Others can’t even wait to suck up to him, yet Ye Yuan actually dared to refuse him entry!”

“Heh heh,this is the prelude of being chased out! Elder Shao Yun is a powerful candidate for the next generation Pill Hall’s Hall Head! Is there anyone who can stay in the sect after offending him?”

“Last time, I still thought that this boy was a genius when I saw Ye Yuan beat Ceng Yu. But looking at it now, this fellow is a hothead! He could have offended anyone, but why did he have to offend Elder Shao Yun?”

“About to reach the count of three. Do you guys think that Elder Shao Yun will drag Ye Yuan out and give him a beating?”

The surrounding disciples were discussing fervently. Such a rare show truly should not be missed!

Shao Yun had a dark face as he gnashed his teeth and yelled, “Three . . .”

Still no reaction!

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