Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 249

Chapter 249 A Jade Slip

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“Good! Very good! Really treating this elder as air? I want to see just how you be a turtle after I tear down your house!” Shao Yun gnashed his teeth in hatred and said.

Finishing, Shao Yun gathered up a colossal amount of essence energy, forcing the surrounding disciples back as if he was really going to wreck Ye Yuan’s house.

Watching Shao Yun gather up such immense essence energy, the crowd could not help being dumbstruck. If this really smashed down, forget about the house, even Ye Yuan would become residue, right?

But right then, the door squeaked open.

The sound of the door opening was ear-piercing. Everyone could not help looking over in that direction.

They initially thought that they could see Ye Yuan’s form scrambling over here, but they saw a little green pixie. It was precisely Lu-er.

Shao Yun only put away his skill after he saw the gate finally open. He sneered coldly in his heart.

“Humph!As expected, he belongs to the family of donkeys! He won’t move unless he’s hit!” Shao Yun snorted frostily.

Lu-er did not say anything. She just beckoned towards Shao Yun, signaling him to come over and talk. She looked very mysterious.

Shao Yun thought that Lu-er was asking him into the house to talk. Hence, he went forward a few steps and was about to enter the door.

He came to let Ye Yuan know what was called heaven beyond heaven, and human beyond human, not let a bunch of disciples watch a show.

If he let these disciples know that he came to find Ye Yuan to compete in alchemy, it would only lower his social status. Even if he won, it would not be honorable.

The Pill Hall’s Fifth Seat winning a Martial Hall core disciple. Wasn’t this him hitting his own face?

Grand Elder had already instructed not to reveal Ye Yuan’s Pill Hall elder identity. Shao Yun naturally did not dare to poke the bull.

Except, when he entered the gate and was just about to walk inside, Lu-er extended her hand to stop him.

Shao Yun’s face fell as he asked, “What’s the meaning of this?”

Lu-er said in a soft voice, “Young Master says that he’s busy with cultivation currently and doesn’t have the time to spar in alchemy skills with others. Elder, please go back.”

“I already came in. Making me go back? Ye Yuan, he . . .”

Lu-er interrupted his words and passed him a jade slip, saying, “Young Master said to pass this to you, and you’ll leave on your own.”

Shao Yun reached over to take the jade slip and snickered icily as he said, “Trying to dismiss me with one jade slip? Who does Ye Yuan think he is? A puny little Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm actually dare to be so arrogant and look down on others to such an extent!”

Lu-er said, “Why don’t elder take a look at the jade slip first? Since Young Master said so, he naturally has some confidence.”

“Haha,what a joke! Fine, I want to see just how Ye Yuan will use a jade slip to send me away!”

Shao Yun was a competitive soul. Lu-er slyly slipped in some goading, and this fellow fell for it. In reality, Lu-er did not know what was inside the jade slip either. It was just that Young Master said so. He obviously would not fight a battle he had no confidence in.

Of course, the more important thing was that Shao Yun simply did not believe that Ye Yuan could send him along his way using a jade slip.

Shao Yun guessed that there should be a pill formula inside the jade slip. Ye Yuan should be thinking of using a pill formula to bribe him.

He took this too lightly!

Think it’s impressive that you can memorize a few pill formulas? Knowing how to recite pill formulas doesn’t equate knowing alchemy skills!

Even if Ye Yuan had an incredible master who taught him countless types of pill formulas, he was only a low-rank Alchemy Master!

Today, Shao Yun came to let Ye Yuan know that he was merely an Alchemy Master!

Shao Yun sunk his divine sense into the jade slip. The expression on his face involuntarily froze. He immediately frowned, then became dazed. Following that, his eyes lit up, and finally, it was a mesmerized face.

Lu-er kept staring at Shao Yun. Observing how the look on his face changed so richly, on top of curiosity, she felt that Young Master was really too amazing!

At first, when she heard Young Master say that this elder wanted to find him to spar in alchemy skills, Lu-er was shocked for a long time.

In Lu-er’s understanding, a Quasi-Alchemy King was an extremely powerful existence, even more amazing than Old Master! Such a figure actually came to compete with Young Master in alchemy skills!

However, shock was shock. She still chose to believe in Young Master.

This sort of baseless trust, even she herself did not know why. Anyway, she just believed that Young Master was the strongest. Even a Quasi-Alchemy King could not beat him.

Of course, her understanding was one thing. Whether or not this jade slip could let a Quasi-Alchemy King scram was another matter.

When she passed the jade slip to Shao Yun, Lu-er was still having doubts in her heart. But looking at that expression changing like a conjuring show on Shao Yun’s face, Lu-er knew that this elder would not want to enter.

Indeed, Young Master was the strongest!

. . . . . .

Under everyone’s astonished eyes, Shao Yun left.

When he arrived, his aura was tumultuous, and he nearly tore the house down.

But not five minutes passed after he entered the house when Elder Shao Yun walked out of the courtyard with a besotted look like he had acquired some treasure.

“What’s with Elder Shao Yun? His stance earlier, no matter how you looked at it, it looked like he went to find trouble, right? Why is it like this now?”

“Who do I ask if you ask me? It hasn’t been five minutes since he entered the courtyard. Even having a conservation wouldn’t be so quick, right?”

“Eh,do you feel that this newcomer Ye Yuan is full of mystery like he is unfathomable?”

“Speaking of which, it really seems to be a slightly so! Did you notice that Senior Apprentice Brother Ceng Cheng has already returned for a very long time, but still has not come to find trouble with Ye Yuan?”

“Hehe,I heard about that. The two of them really met before. But after Senior Apprentice Brother Ceng Cheng took a look at Ye Yuan’s identity token, he immediately stood there mindlessly and did not even know that Ye Yuan left! Furthermore, did you know that the last time Ye Yuan went to the support star pavilion, he accepted a level nine mission?!”

“No way? So exaggerated? Then did he complete it?”

“Don’t know. Shouldn’t be complete I think? No matter how heaven-defying he, a Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm, is, it’s also impossible to finish a level nine mission, right?”

“Uh,that’s true.”

After Ye Yuan entered the sect, he stayed in his dwelling and had little outside contact. He only did a few things. But these few things made him appear mysterious in the disciples’ eyes.

And after Shao Yun got that jade slip, he directly returned to his own refinement room without even informing other people.

The group of elders was still waiting for his news, but it was like he evaporated into thin air.

The elders only sent someone to inquire in the Earth Barracks after not getting Shao Yun’s news for a long time.

They only knew that Shao Yun already went there with this inquiry. But he arrived hastily and left swiftly too.

They only knew that Shao Yun returned to his own residence after they continued investigating.

But the elders only knew that Shao Yun directly entered a retreat and was not meeting anyone after the elders went to his place to ask!

After going one big circle only to get such news, it really angered everyone until they were tender on the inside with a burnt exterior.

This old punk is too irresponsible! Notify us if you’re entering seclusion!

You made everyone wait for your news!

However, while they were dissatisfied, everyone was even more doubtful now. Even if Ye Yuan’s level was really extremely high, he could not have made Shao Yun return in defeat after five minutes, right?

Just what did Shao Yun experience at Ye Yuan’s residence?

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