Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 251

Chapter 251 Sorcerer Ye Yuan

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The Pill Hall elders all entering closed-seclusions caused an uproar in the sect.

“Did you guys hear? More than eight elders announced closed-seclusions after visiting a Martial Hall core disciple called Ye Yuan’s residence!”

“How can we not hear about it? The news about Pill Hall elders frequently entering and exiting the Earth Barracks has already given rise to much debate in the sect. It will be hard to not hear it. Now, they are all saying that the disciple called Ye Yuan is a sorcerer! It’s rumored that those eight elders all went to find trouble with Ye Yuan. But they failed to daunt Ye Yuan. Instead, they chose closed-seclusion straightaway!”

“What sorcerer?! Those elders have incredible powers. They are all late-stage Sea Transformation Realm powerhouses! How can they be hexed by a puny little Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist?”

“En?Can it be that you know some behind the scenes stuff?” This disciple was clearly also a gossipy person. Hearing the other party, he could not help probing curiously.

The other disciple smiled mysteriously and said,“Hehe,talking about inside stories, I reckon that other than the parties involved, no one else knows. But I, a genius, discovered something fishy when I went through some careful deducing!”

The gossipy disciple’s eyes lit up. This incident had already become the hottest topic in the sect these past few days. But nobody knew what happened in between, including those Pill Hall elders!

Now, someone actually said that he knew the backstory. This was clearly enough to whet people’s appetites.

“Quickly say! What did you find?”

That disciple smirked smugly and said mysteriously, “Ever since the incident occurred, my initial view was the same as yours, which was Ye Yuan cast some spell! But after thinking about it, that’s not right. Those few elders have unparalleled abilities. Even if Ye Yuan’s enchantment was heaven-defying, it’s also impossible to cross two major realms to cast a curse, right?”

That gossipy male thought about it and nodded, saying, “That’s true. This explanation is unreasonable.”

“Hence, I started to rack my brains to find what these eight elders have in common! To have made eight elders enter seclusion at the same time, Ye Yuan definitely prescribed the right medicine for the disease. Then what was this disease?” The disciple deliberately beat around the bush as he boasted.

The gossipy man was indeed very cooperative. He asked puzzledly, “Yeah, what is the disease? My God, just tell me. Is it fun to whet people’s appetite?”

“I noticed that . . . these eight elders all issued level eight missions in the Support Star Pavilion before!”

“What? That’s the common area you talked about?Hahaha,are you kidding? You mean that Ye Yuan answered all those level eight missions? That’s how he made all eight elders enter closed-seclusion? Do you feel that it’s possible?” The gossipy man felt like he was tricked and mocked him.

“Humph humph!You can’t choose not to believe it! At first, I was also taken aback by this thought of mine. But this was the only possibility that I could think of. So I went to the Support Star Pavilion to inquire.Heh,then guess what?”

This time, the gossipy man was stupefied. He could not help asking, “What? Could it be . . . Ye Yuan really received all these level eight missions?”

“Nah. But . . . the day before Elder Shao Yun went to find Ye Yuan, Ye Yuan went to the Support Star Pavilion and stayed for an entire afternoon! He did not take on any missions. He just kept looking through missions on the mission jade wall non-stop!”

“Just based on this?”

“Just based on that! You have to know that Ye Yuan even took on Grand Elder’s level nine mission previously! If he really completed the level nine mission, what does a few level eight missions even count as?”

“But . . . is this possible?”

“Uh. . . although I don’t believe it either, I seriously can’t find a more rational explanation.”

. . . . . .

“Sect Master, this Ye Yuan is absolutely a sorcerer! You take a look at the Pill Hall now! How many elders are left?”

In front of Luo Qingfeng, Ouyang Yu denounced Ye Yuan as a sorcerer with bitter resentment.

Within two days, all the elders who went to Ye Yuan’s residence all announced closed-seclusion.

Luo Qingfeng actually felt very uncertain in his heart too. But his expression remained unchanged as he said, “Ye Yuan is only a Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist while the elders are all Sea Transformation Realm experts. Furthermore, those few elders are all late-stage Sea Transformation Realm experts. How can Ye Yuan possibly cast any hex on them?”

“Then how does Sect Master explain this incident? If this continues, our Pill Hall is going to collapse soon! Without those few elders refining Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pills, the Martial Hall elders are unable to cultivate! Sect Master, I suggest restraining Ye Yuan first to make him explain things clearly!” Ouyang Yu said furiously.

While these words had some threatening intent, what Ouyang Yu said was the truth.

These eight elders were all peak existences in the Pill Hall. Without them, they could not refine medicinal pills. If they kept staying in seclusion, problems would surface in the sect sooner or later!

Luo Qingfeng frowned and said, “Better wait another two days. Ye Yuan is a nominal elder that Martial Uncle Skymaple recommended. Before making clear of the situation, we shouldn’t do anything rash.”

“Sect Master! Didn’t you notice that Martial Uncle Skymaple is also beguiled by Ye Yuan? He is a puny little Spirit Condensation Realm and low-rank Alchemy Master; what right does he have to be a nominal elder? Moreover, Martial Uncle Skymaple is currently in closed-seclusion too. Don’t Sect Master find it strange?”

“This . . .” Being told of this by Ouyang Yu, Luo Qingfeng’s determination appeared to be somewhat wavering.

“Sect Master! While I don’t know what means Ye Yuan used, but don’t tell me that you can carry on waiting in such a baffling situation right now? What if Ye Yuan really has ulterior motives towards the sect and we don’t do anything? When the time comes, we’ll be the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s sinners!” Ouyang Yu pressed on tightly.

Luo Qingfeng’s eyes glimmered. He nodded and said, “Alright then. This Sect Master will question Ye Yuan personally just what did he do to the elders! Come, men! Call Ye Yuan over for me!”

Luo Qingfeng left a trace of leeway in the end. If Ye Yuan were really innocent, then when Grand Elder exits seclusion, it would really not be easy to account.

. . . . . .

“Haha. . . Indeed, it really was like this! Indeed like this! Truly fantastical! For the Lucidum Bloodgrass to have such miraculous use, it’s truly wondrous! I was saying why I keep being unable to refine the Spirit Wind Pill. Turns out that adding the Lucidum Bloodgrass together with the core ingredients can increase the circulation speed of essence energy!”

Inside Shao Yun’s refinement room, he laughed madly.

He refined the Spirit Wind Pill every time according to the pill formula. But each refinement, the Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pill, Spirit Wind Pill, would be low-grade or even worse.

Shao Yun kept being unable to figure out where the problem lied the whole time. It turned out that the pill formula itself was incomplete!

He had also tried to improve the pill formula, but it all ended in failure.

Left with no other choice, he hung this as a mission in the Support Star Pavilion in hopes that other elders or genius disciples could help to reform the pill formula.

But it had not been successful.

After Shao Yun took Ye Yuan’s jade slip, it talked about the method to improve the Spirit Wind Pill. He was immediately hooked.

Alchemists were all a bunch of madmen. They could research a type of pill formula tirelessly without rest.

Shao Yun was troubled by this pill formula for many years. How would he be in the leisure mood to go bother about other things?

Hence, he chose to enter closed-seclusion right away to refine the Spirit Wind Pill according to Ye Yuan’s method!

Sure enough, it was a success!

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