Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 252

Chapter 252 Sharpening Ones Knife

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Spirit Wind Pill was a type of actual combat medicinal pill. Its applicability was very broad.

After consuming a Spirit Wind Pill, the martial artist could muster essence energy at an increased rate. When unleashing the same move, a martial artist who consumed a Spirit Wind Pill could save half the time!

At a realm like the Sea Transformation Realm, saving half the time to unleash a move meant holding an absolute initiative!

Your move was already released while others were still accumulating power to unleash their move. Which martial artist did not wish to have such an advantage?

If the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s Sea Transformation Realm martial artists carried such a medicinal pill around with them, their combat power would undoubtedly soar!

It was precisely so that Shao Yun expended such a huge amount of energy on this medicinal pill.

But this sort of Tier 4 medicinal pills was really not so easy to refine.

The defective products that he refined not only had extremely severe side effects, but the medicinal effects also were not obvious either. Such a medicinal pill was clearly unable to be used for actual battle.

Now that he had resolved this difficult problem, Shao Yun felt reinvigorated, and his spirit refreshed. He decided to properly thank Ye Yuan!

As for the matter of finding Ye Yuan to compete, it was long tossed beyond the ninth heaven by him.

After exiting seclusion, Shao Yun ran straight to the Earth Barracks No. 72, but he just happened to bump into Ye Yuan leaving with a young man.

“En?Ye Yuan, Guo Bin, where are you guys heading to?” Shao Yun asked with a face full of smiles.

Ye Yuan was at a loss. He did not even recognize this person. He only remembered that Shao Yun seemed to be a Pill Hall elder. As for his name, he could not recall it.

When Guo Bin saw Shao Yun, shock was written all over his face. He hurriedly went up to salute. “Disciple Guo Bin has seen Martial Uncle Shao. Replying martial uncle, Sect Master made me call Ye Yuan over to question him. Did Martial Uncle Shao exit seclusion?”

“En?Question? Did something happen?” Shao Yun’s face fell as he asked.

Guo Bin hesitated for a moment, but still summed up the incident simply. Speaking of which, Shao Yun was the first person sent to seclusion by Ye Yuan.

But when Shao Yun heard him, he immediately flew into a great rage. “Utter nonsense! What sorcerer? Ye Yuan is someone who rendered meritorious service upon the Tranquil Cloud Sect! Aren’t I perfectly fine? When did I get hexed? Which bastard talked behind my back? Is this cursing this Elder? Come, I’ll go along with you to see Sect Master together!”

He turned to Ye Yuan again and said, “Ye Yuan, I’m called Shao Yun, the Pill Hall’s Fifth Seat Elder. Thanks to you, I finally successfully refined the Spirit Wind Pill!”

When Ye Yuan heard that, he immediately knew who the other party was.

Those few level eight missions were naturally incomparably easy to Ye Yuan. Therefore, he prepared over a dozen copies of jade slips.

Whoever came, Lu-er would directly hand the jade slip to him after enquiring that person’s name.

It was also under such a circumstance that after eight elders announced closed-seclusions, nobody came by anymore.

Seeing Shao Yun express thanks, Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Just a simple matter that’s not worth mentioning.”

“Ugh,to you, it’s a simple matter. But to me and the sect, it’s a huge matter! Originally, when Grand Elder made you a nominal elder, I, Old Shao, was truthfully speaking unconvinced. But now, I’m sincerely convinced! Come, I’ll help you explain to the sect master!”

Finishing, Shao Yun dragged Ye Yuan and walked off.

Guo Bin by the side was shocked to the absolute limit!

Nominal elder? What kind of situation was this?

A Spirit Condensation Realm core disciple was actually a Pill Hall nominal elder?

When he came to look for Ye Yuan just now, his attitude was quite arrogant and bossy. Fortunately, Ye Yuan was rather cooperative. Otherwise, he would have made a move.

Thinking of how he nearly struck out against a Pill Hall elder, Guo Bin could not help breaking out in cold sweat.

Offending one’s superior, such a crime was not what he could afford to bear!

Guo Bin’s status in the sect was even higher than Mo Yuntian and Xin Lie because he was Sect Master Luo Qingfeng’s personal disciple.

Even with this layer of identity there, if Ye Yuan were bent on pursuing it, he would also land himself in serious trouble!

Moreover, Shao Yun even said just now that Ye Yuan’s nominal elder was personally conferred by Grand Elder. Grand Elder was Luo Qingfeng’s martial uncle!

After just two steps, Shao Yun suddenly thought of something and turned around to say to Guo Bin, “If you heard that just now, then fine. But you’re not allowed to spread it around, got it?”

Guo Bin nodded mechanically, somewhat spaced out. Not sure if he really heard it or pretended to.

. . . . . .

When Luo Qingfeng and Ouyang Yu saw Shao Yun arrived together with Ye Yuan, they were at a loss.

“Why did you come, Shao Yun?” Ouyang Yu asked in puzzlement.

Shao Yun gave the two a bow and directly said, “Sect Master, Hall Head, you two are mistaken! Ye Yuan did not cast any spells on us but performed deeds of valor for the sect! If you punish Ye Yuan, wouldn’t this disappoint the hearts of all the disciples and elders bitterly?”

“Deeds of valor? What does that mean?” Luo Qingfeng asked uncertainly.

Shao Yun recounted the process of the incident, leaving the pair staring with their mouth agape.

No matter how they racked their brains, they could not figure out just how Ye Yuan’s Alchemy Dao level would be so high at such a young age? Could it be that he started learning alchemy skills in his mother’s womb?

“If my conjectures are correct, the other elders should be the same as me. Ye Yuan helped them resolve a problem that had troubled them for many years. That’s also to say that our Tranquil Cloud Sect’s Alchemy Path strength will take a huge stride forward! You guys tell me, did Ye Yuan perform valorous deeds?” Shao Yun was all worked up.

Luo Qingfeng and Ouyang Yu exchanged glances and saw the astonishment in the other party’s eyes.

“Ye Yuan, why didn’t you say earlier that you did something so big? We nearly wronged you!” Luo Qingfeng looked at Ye Yuan as he sighed emotionally.

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, “Actually, Grand Elder purposely goaded everyone to find trouble with me on that day. I guessed Grand Elder’s intentions, so I also made preparations in advance. These few days, I avoided meeting people not because I want to put on airs in front of the elders, but because I was really training in closed-seclusion. The sect’s grand competition is about to begin. I had just broken through realms recently and needed to consolidate my cultivation realm.”

The sect grand competition was about to begin in another two or three days. Ye Yuan was also itching to give this competition a go.

The reason why he entered the sect was in order to have exchanges in martial arts with all kinds of geniuses. This way, he could rise even quicker!

Even though Ye Yuan was formerly a Divine King Realm powerhouse, his foundation on the martial path was too weak. He basically had no real combat experiences.

While the horizons of these sect geniuses were not as high as Ye Yuan’s, they naturally had their forte to be called geniuses in the sect.

Such a competition was also an extremely good opportunity for Ye Yuan to temper himself. Why would he miss it?

In order to deal with Ji Canglan, Ye Yuan must experience countless bitter fights. How could he be able to temper himself for future battles without going through all these?

Through some medicinal pills and cultivation these few days, Ye Yuan already thoroughly consolidated his realm.

He was sharpening his knife just to deal with this upcoming grand competition.

Luo Qingfeng had a look of realization when he heard that and said, “So that’s the case! It was us who wronged you! Just as Elder Shao said, you’ve performed meritorious deeds for the sect. The sect naturally would not be stingy either. With your abilities, I reckon that you’ll turn your nose up at Tier 2 medicinal pills. How about this, the sect will reward you a spirit artifact, a martial technique, and two types of medicinal herbs. You go and pick yourself. The points from these level eight missions will also be awarded to you accordingly. How’s that?”

Towards something good like this, Ye Yuan obviously would not reject it. Hence, he nodded and accepted it.

The following two days, Ye Yuan continued to make preparations for the sect grand competition while the elders in closed-seclusion all exited seclusion one after another!

After they exited seclusion, they obviously heard all kinds of rumors and gossips. They all went to find Luo Qingfeng to explain for Ye Yuan. Luo Qingfeng had to expend a great deal of effort before he could explain it clearly.

After two days, the sect grand competition was about to begin. But Ye Yuan welcomed a guest . . .

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