Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 254

Chapter 254

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Ye Yuan nodded inwardly and remembered Luo Chengfeng’s and Tang Yu-er’s names.

For Jiang Yunhe to be so serious about this matter, these two people were definitely peak existences in the Heaven Barracks. Their combat power was likely no longer beneath Crystal Formation Realm experts.

The sect grand competition was not a deathmatch. Ye Yuan naturally could not use all of his trump cards.

Although his trumps cards were powerful, once they were unleashed, even he had difficulty controlling them.

A move like Thousand Flowing Petals, once unleashed, would be to the death. It was truly very monstrous for a Spirit Condensation Realm to be able to mobilize Heaven & Earth essence energy. But once the move took form, he was also unable to control the power.

As for the Tier 4 essence fire, once he released it, it would even instantly burn the other party into nothingness.

While Ye Yuan refined the Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus, it was still clearly extremely forceful for him to want to control the might of a Tier 4 essence fire at present.

This way, the means Ye Yuan could threaten a late-stage Spirit Condensation Realm with was greatly reduced.

Luckily, Ye Yuan’s present Spirit Void Shattering Space, First Level, was already trained to the Great Circle Realm. His speed was already not beneath a late-stage Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist.

Coupled with the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art’s Mortal Chapter’s Second Skill, Essence Energy Ignition, he also had the capital to fight.

As for win or lose, even he himself dare not guarantee anything. When the time came, it would have to depend on his live performance.

“Who is the last person?” Ye Yuan asked.

Jiang Yunhe revealed a grave face and said, “You have to be careful of this last person. His name is Tian Yu, Grand Elder Skymaple’s grandson. Among the core disciples, he is publicly acknowledged to be the most talented person!”

Ye Yuan became interested when he heard that and asked,“Oh?What amazing aspects does this Tian Yu have?”

“Tian Yu had abnormally high powers of comprehension since young. Like you, he also made it past the Nine Heavens Road! Although he did not pass the Nine Heavens Road at the Essence Qi Realm like you, he had only broken through to the Spirit Condensation Realm not long before! Three years ago when he passed the Nine Heavens Road, he was only First Level Spirit Condensation Realm. Now that three years have passed, he’s already a half-step Crystal Formation Realm expert! Barring no accidents, he would surely advance to elite disciple this time. If you encounter him, you must be careful!”

In Jiang Yunhe’s heart, his appraisal of Tian Yu was clearly extremely high.

If Ye Yuan had not appeared, then Tian Yu would be the number one person among the young generation in Jiang Yunhe’s heart.

Putting Ye Yuan aside, a cultivation speed of three minor realms a year was indeed sufficiently outrageous! Furthermore, he even took the crucial step to break through to the Crystal Formation Realm; half-step Crystal Formation!

In the Tranquil Cloud Sect, the earlier one passed the Nine Heavens Road, the greater the potential it signified. Mo Yuntian and Xin Lie were the same.

And those who cleared the Nine Heavens Road all had extremely formidable combat strength. They could basically sweep across all martial artists of the same level!

For Tian Yu to be able to clear the Nine Heavens Road at the First Level Spirit Condensation Realm, it could be seen just how monstrous he was.

“Many thanks for Dean Jiang’s tips,” Ye Yuan said.

Seeing off Jiang Yunhe, Ye Yuan did not choose to enter a closed-seclusion. Instead, he took a leisurely stroll around the sect.

A great battle was nigh. Embracing Buddha’s feet to pray for help at the last minute was clearly useless. Might as well relax and adjust his state of mind.

. . . . . .

The second day, the curtains for the sect grand competition was finally drawn back!

Victory Peak, the battle arena for the sect grand competition. Many platforms were set up on it.

At the present moment, thousands of disciples were gathered at the peak. These disciples were all the future hope of the sect!

These thousands of disciples were all selected very carefully from the Tranquil Cloud Ten Nations, all earth-shaking existences when placed in the secular world.

But the vast majority of them could only become an outer-sect disciple and fade into the masses in the sect.

The number of core disciples was 200 people while the number of elite disciples was only a scanty few 20 people!

Elite disciples’, core disciples’, and outer-sect disciples’ competition sites were separated. And the one that was the focus of all was undoubtedly the elite disciples’ area.

These 20 people represented the highest level among the younger generation. Regardless of whether they were core disciples or outer-sect disciples, they obviously would not miss out on watching their matches, hoping to comprehend something from within.

However, the grand competition was carried out at the same time. Only by finishing one’s match in advance could one have the time to go watch other people’s match.

It was very clear that due to there being too many outer-sect disciples, the arrangement of their schedule was the tightest.

“Ye Yuan, what number did you draw? Do you know who you’re facing in your first match?” Nanfeng Ruoqing asked.

The Pill Hall had a competition too. But the duration was much longer than the Martial Hall’s. Hence, the Nanfeng aunt and niece came to cheer Ye Yuan on.

“I drew No. 52. But my opponent for the first match isn’t fixed yet,” Ye Yuan said.

He did not care who his opponent was. He would rather it was Tian Yu. Ye Yuan truly looked down on ordinary Seventh or Eighth Level Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists.

“Uh,that’s to say your opponent is No. 149. I wonder who No. 149 is?” Nanfeng Zhirou said.

The core disciple numbers were fixed at 200 people. The disciples would draw lots to determine the opponent.

After drawing lots, No. 1 would fight No. 200. No. 2 would fight No. 199, so on and so forth.

Ye Yuan drew No. 52. His opponent was naturally No. 149.

Of course, in order to not let the strongest core disciples meet in advance which would greatly deplete the later matches adversely, the top 10 in the previous competition automatically became seeded contestant.

The strength of these ten people’s opponents was relatively weak. There was basically nothing to watch at the start. Their opponents would basically admit defeat right after coming up.

However, special circumstances had naturally occurred in the past competitions before. Such as the rank 11th disciple being unfortunate enough to draw a number after No. 190. Then the first match would be exciting.

But relatively speaking, such a situation was extremely rare.

Ye Yuan drew No. 52. The chances of matching with a strong person were not great.

“Screw it. Deal with it when it comes. Long Tang, what number did you draw?” Ye Yuan asked Long Tang who was beside him.

When fighting, core disciples were not divided by Heaven or Earth Barracks.

“No. 170,” Long Tang said.

“Oh?Like thathuh.Against No. 31? It feels like a strong person!” Ye Yuan said.

Long Tang replied nonchalantly, “Doesn’t matter. Deal with it when it comes.”

“Haha!That’s good then! With your strength, charging into the top 50 shouldn’t be any problem!” Ye Yuan said with a laugh.

“I hope so!”

Long Tang was also someone who made it past the Nine Heavens Road. It could be seen how great his perception was.

This one to two months, Long Tang improved extremely quickly. It was just that he did not have the chance to display it.

Ye Yuan believed that before long, he would surely stand out conspicuously!

“All disciples listen up. The sect grand competition is about to begin. Quickly find your platforms according to your numbers!” a Martial Hall elder mustered up essence energy to shout loudly.

Ye Yuan and Long Tang’s eyes met when they heard that and smiled. They each went to their platform.

Ye Yuan was No. 52, which was also at platform No. 52.

When he arrived at his platform, the No. 149 disciple was already there early.

When Ye Yuan saw the other party, he was involuntarily stunned.

There would really be no stories without coincidences!

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