Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 255

Chapter 255 No. 52

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Chapter 255: No. 52


Ceng Yu looked at Ye Yuan who was opposite with a green face.

He never imagined that he would encounter this ominous star in the first round.

After Ceng Cheng returned last time, he warned him to absolutely never provoke Ye Yuan again!

You got to be kidding. A newbie disciple with over a million points on him. Who knew what kind of terrifying background he had?

Even ordinary elders did not have so many points, but it was on a Spirit Condensation Realm disciple. This was too peculiar.

Listening to his elder brother’s words, Ceng Yu also knew that Ye Yuan was not someone he could afford to offend.

It was just that he never expected he would bump into Ye Yuan so coincidentally in the first round.

“The sect’s grand competition begins now!”

The Martial Hall elder’s voice resounded once more. The grand competition officially began.

Fierce fighting sounds rose one after another, instantly enveloping the entire arena. However, some platforms were silent, such as platform No. 52.

Ye Yuan did move. Neither did Ceng Yu.

Ceng Yu was no fool. Ye Yuan could defeat him at Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm, let alone now that he was already Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm.

“I concede!” Without much hesitation, Ceng Yu admitted defeat very decisively.

“Platform No. 52, No. 52 wins,” the elder’s voice sounded out again.

Every platform had an array installed. The elder could understand the activity on the platforms at the first moment through the array center.

The elder’s voice was slightly hesitant. He clearly did not think that the first to win would actually be the unknown No. 52.

Normally, the first platform to win would either be No. 1 or No. 2, because the difference between both parties was too great.

However, the sect grand competition was also hard to come by chance to temper one’s self. To be able to seek guidance from the number one or two ranked core disciple was something that other disciples wished for. Remarkably few people would concede.

Ceng Yu admitting defeat directly also resulted in Ye Yuan become the first to win among the 100 platforms.

“Who is on platform No. 52? The opponent didn’t purposely give up, right?”

“Yeah! In the past grand competitions, it’s basically always No. 1 who wins first. The gap between Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu’s strength and ours is too far! What the hell is with this No. 52 who popped out this time?”

“Who knows! Logically speaking, other than those few sickos in the top 10, the disparity in strength for those behind would not be too ridiculous. Even if they lose, it’s impossible to be faster than Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu, right?”

“Who cares? After this first round is over, we’ll naturally know which deity is this No. 52.”

The worst of the Heaven Barracks’ rank one was quasi-elite disciple strength. They were existences like cranes among chickens among the core disciples.

Hence, every grand competition, it was basically always No. 1 who won first.

But a little hiccup happened right from the start today. An unknown No. 52 was the first to win. This attracted quite a few curious eyes.

Although winning first did not mean anything, this sort of hiccup that subverted the past could still add conversational topics for the grand competition.

The disciples started the competition directly after drawing lots, so apart from the first ten who were predetermined, others did not know who had which number.

Platform No. 1, Tian Yu was just about to attack when he heard the elder’s voice. His heart involuntarily jolted.

I heard that two core disciples who made it through the Nine Heavens Road were brought over recently. One of them succeeded in clearing the challenge with Essence Qi Realm cultivation! Could it be that this No. 52 is one of them?Tian Yu thought to himself.

Those who cleared the Nine Heavens Road all knew that one could obtain enormous rewards from there!

To challenge the Nine Heavens Road at the Essence Qi Realm, the difficulty was far beyond imagination!

Even Tian Yu himself only dared to challenge it after reaching the Spirit Condensation Realm.

Without question, Ye Yuan’s emergence gave Tian Yu intangible pressure.

Now that such a peculiar situation occurred in the grand competition, it really stirred Tian Yu’s curiosity.

Tian Yu looked at his opponent opposite him and said coolly, “Sorry, let’s end like this!”

Finishing, only to see a streak of sword beam flashed over. His opponent flew out.

The No. 200 drawn today was not mediocre. He could not help that the disparity between him and Tian Yu was too great!

He did not even get a clear look at how Tian Yu attacked just now as if he did not even move before!

Such strength was too terrifying!

No. 200 struggled to his feet and said respectfully, “Many thanks for Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu showing mercy. I lost!”

Tian Yu nodded and walked down the platform. Such an opponent simply could not draw his interest.

If he were willing, that move just now would have already killed the other party. However, this was the sect grand competition. The other party was only slightly injured.

Within the Spirit Condensation Realm, Tian Yu was virtually invincible!

His opponents had never been Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists. Only those people among the elite disciples were his rivals.

And in the not too distant future, he would also trample those people underfoot.

However, that youth who challenged the Nine Heavens Road at the Essence Qi Realm still made him garner some curiosity.

Although he did not think that the other party was stronger than him, he could not deny that the other party should not be inferior to him!

In reality, Tian Yu was also prepared to challenge the Nine Heavens Road at the Essence Qi Realm. But at that time, he did not feel very confident, so he gave up.

The other party being able to clear the Nine Heavens Road at the Essence Qi Realm at best only meant that his luck was slightly better than his.

He heard that the State of Qin youth called Ye Yuan was forced to enter the Nine Heavens Road. He must have stimulated his potential in a hopeless situation before he could successfully clear it.

Tian Yu strolled leisurely to the center of the array formation. He came to find the elder hosting the array formation.

“It has been tough on you, Elder Feng,” Tian Yu gave a bow and said.

“Oh,it’s Tian Yu. How is it tough to serve the sect?Hur hur,you came to ask about that No. 52, right?” Elder Feng said with a chortle.

Tian Yu did not conceal it and nodded slightly.

“I thought that you wouldn’t pay attention to this sort of minor matter. After all, it’s only a matter of moments if you want to beat your opponent.”

Tian Yu smiled and said, “I only want to confirm something.”

Ye Yuan and Long Tang passed the Nine Heavens Road. While it was not considered confidential information, reports from the secular world dojos were generally straight to the top.

Ordinary elders did not know nor were they interested in knowing this kind of stuff.

Tian Yu was the grand elder’s grandson. His identity was extraordinary. This bit of special privilege was naturally there. Elder Feng would not refuse to give him this face either.

He was just rather curious that this sort of small thing like No. 52 winning would actually draw Tian Yu’s concern.

The way Elder Feng saw it, Tian Yu should be going over to the elite disciples’ platforms right now.

The battle situation over there was very intense. It currently should not have ended yet.

“No. 52 is called Ye Yuan, a newcomer core disciple. Speaking of which, it’s kind of strange. This boy is actually only Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm while his opponent is already at the peak Sixth Level Spirit Condensation Realm, yet he actually conceded straight away.”

Elder Feng talked about the situation he understood from the array formation but did not notice that Tian Yu’s expression became increasingly uglier.

It was indeed this Ye Yuan! I didn’t think that he broke through to middle-stage Spirit Condensation Realm so quickly already! Looks like the benefits he obtained on the Nine Heavens Road was even more than me! As expected, I should have challenged it at the Essence Qi Realm!Tian Yu sighed quietly to himself.

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