Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 258

Chapter 258 Breaking Fantasy

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A supreme true intent was an even higher level existence than a true intent!

Apart from a Divine King that was piled up using medicinal pills like Ji Qingyun, virtually every Divine King powerhouse had their own supreme true intent.

Some Divine Kings even had more than one type of supreme true intent. Such as the Spirit Bristle Divine King. He alone had comprehended four kinds of supreme true intent!

These four kinds of supreme true intent were comprehended from the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art.

Hence, when he displayed Nine Suns Burning Heaven, its might was so incredible that it was unimaginable!

But the current Ye Yuan had not even comprehended a type of supreme true intent thoroughly. It could be seen just how great the disparity between him and those pinnacle level Divine Kings was.

However, it was already very incredible for Ye Yuan to be able to comprehend the elementary form of a supreme true intent when he was re-cultivating the martial path.

One had to know that he basically did not comprehend any dog-fart supreme true intent in his previous life.

Just based on this point, he was no different from the other Endless World martial artists. To be able to comprehend a supreme true intent at the Essence Qi Realm was ultimately because of his monstrous perception.

On this aspect, Long Tang’s comprehension ability was not even on the same level when compared to Ye Yuan.

Of course, Tian Yu did not even know what supreme true intent was. Because nobody in the Endless World had ever comprehended a supreme true intent before!

Perhaps there were some who comprehended supreme true intent in the Divine Realm after shattering the void. But those people were no longer in the Endless World. Furthermore, the chances of that were so meager that it was negligible.

There were numerous Lower Planes. Every day, countless people ascended to the Divine Realm. However, there might not even be a single person who could comprehend a supreme true intent among 10 million people.

From this, it could be seen how hard to come by supreme true intent was!

If not for supreme true intent, how could Ye Yuan mobilize heaven and earth essence energy with Spirit Condensation Realm strength?

That was resonance with Heavenly Dao!

When Tian Yu heard Ye Yuan’s words, the shock in his heart could not be any greater!

“How do you know that that is the elementary form of a true intent? Could you have comprehended it too?” Tian Yu could not resist asking.

Ye Yuan replied nonchalantly, “Of course.”

Even though he was already prepared, hearing Ye Yuan say it so naturally, Tian Yu still felt that it was too incredible.

The tiny Tranquil Cloud Sect actually gave birth to two peerless geniuses who possessed the elementary form of a true intent at once!

If they could completely comprehend true intent in the future, wouldn’t the Tranquil Cloud Sect become the number one great sect in the Endless World?

Tian Yu instinctively felt that Ye Yuan only comprehended the elementary form of a true intent too. After all, true intent was too difficult to comprehend. With Ye Yuan’s age, comprehending the elementary form of a true intent was already very heaven-defying. How could it be possible to comprehend true intent fully?

Tian Yu obviously did not know that the reason why Long Tang could comprehend the elementary form of a true intent was entirely because of that one finger before Ye Yuan left and not because of the Nine Heavens Road!

Think up to here, Tian Yu could not help reproaching himself.

He had always thought that he was an unrivaled peerless genius and would definitely succeed his grandfather’s will in the future, bringing the Tranquil Cloud Sect to rise.

But now, the person who comprehended the elementary form of a true intent was actually not him but two disciples who came from the secular world’s dojo!

“Walking my own pathhuh. . .” Tian Yu muttered to himself, his gaze gradually becoming resolved. He looked at Ye Yuan and said, “Alright. I look forward to the match with you two! When the time comes, let me see what is called trudging out your own path!

“That was my wish to begin with,” Ye Yuan said with a slight smile.

. . . . . .

After Tian Yu left, Long Tang also came down from the platform. When he saw Ye Yuan, a trace of embarrassment involuntarily showed on Long Tang’s face.

Although his fist intent was comprehended by him, half of the credit fell onto Ye Yuan’s head.

Ye Yuan’s finger had the intentions of guiding Wu Luochen like a master demonstrating for his disciple; a visual representation.

Since Long Tang comprehended a fist intent belonging to himself from there, Ye Yuan could be considered half his master.

While he knew that Ye Yuan was very monstrous, Long Tang obviously felt very awkward to treat him as his master.

“Haha,that fist just now was pretty decent! To be able to comprehend the elementary form of a true intent is your own abilities. Don’t have to feel conflicted.” Ye Yuan could evidently see Long Tang’s awkwardness and brushed over it with a laugh.

Long Tang’s gaze condensed. That trace of embarrassment vanished, and he exclaimed in shock, “Elementary form of true intent? You’re saying . . . I comprehended true intent?”

Up till now, Long Tang was still unaware that he had already stepped onto a broad path!

But Long Tang could not be blamed for not knowing. It was that there were truly too few martial artists in the Endless World who possessed true intent. Moreover, martial artists who possessed true intent mostly cherished their possessions. It was naturally impossible for them to display it in public like Ye Yuan. It was also not strange that Long Tang did not know.

However, Long Tang was crystal clear on what comprehending true intent meant to him!

“Not bad! Although it’s still very shallow, that fist earlier indeed has the elementary form of true intent already!” Ye Yuan confirmed.

Having received a definite answer, Long Tang’s entire body twinged as he started trembling with excitement.

“Hur hur,just now, Ye Yuan was even saying that you can become the Endless World’s strongest powerhouse in future!” Nanfeng Zhirou interjected with a giggle.

Long Tang looked at Ye Yuan in surprise. He did not think that his appraisal of himself was actually so high!

Then the problem came, if he was the Endless World’s strongest powerhouse, what about Ye Yuan?

Just solely based on that one finger, Long Tang understood the disparity between him and Ye Yuan deeply. If he could even become the Endless World’s strongest powerhouse, then what heights would Ye Yuan reach?

If he had already comprehended the elementary form of true intent, didn’t that mean that the finger Ye Yuan demonstrated was the real true intent?

Thinking up to here, Long Tang sucked in a cold breath instead.

“Haha,you guys, look how he’s so agitated that he can’t even talk.” Nanfeng Zhirou scoffed.

Long Tang blushed, but Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Comprehending the elementary form of true intent is only the beginning. The future road is still long. One must expend 10 times, 100 times, the effort of ordinary people if they want to create a complete true intent.”

Long Tang nodded and said,“En.No matter how tough this road gets, I will walk to the end!”

Long Tang’s martial heart was very firm. Ye Yuan could see this point, so he naturally would not say too much.

However, Long Tang was still kind of frustrated in his heart. Other people had to expend 10 times, 100 times, the effort before they could comprehend true intent. What about you?

Truly, comparing people is odious, compare goods and you’ll have to toss them!

“Oh,right, your fist intent should belong to a higher order. Got a name yet?” Ye Yuan suddenly asked.

Long Tang shook his head blankly. “I didn’t even know that I comprehended true intent. Why would there be a name?”

“Since that’s the case, I’ll confer you a name.” Ye Yuan said.

Logically speaking, one’s true intent should be named by themselves. This request from Ye Yuan was rather presumptuous.

But Long Tang knew that Ye Yuan was not a rash person. These words surely had a deeper meaning.

Thinking about it, Long Tang nodded and said, “That’s all I could ask for.”

“Earlier, I saw that your fist intent easily shattered the miniature fire domain that your opponent constructed. Its might is extremely powerful. I think . . . just call it ‘Breaking Fantasy’!” Ye Yuan said smilingly.

“Breaking Fantasy Fist Intent . . .” Long Tang ruminated on this name. His eyes slowly became clear, and he said joyfully, “Many thanks to Senior Apprentice Brother Ye for bestowing the name!”

Breaking Fantasy. These two words contained all of his comprehension! It also pointed out the direction he had to walk from today onwards!

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