Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 260

Chapter 260 Unexpected Opponent

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If would be fine if Elder Feng did not call out, but since he did, it became tragic for those disciples who were challenging the top 10.

Hearing this voice, the top 10 disciples’ combat power soared vertically like they were on stimulants!

This was the second round. The opponents faced by the top 10 would not be too strong.

Once they erupted, how could ordinary disciples withstand it? With a one and two count, they were all defeated.

On Platform No. 1 and the adjacent Platform No. 2, the aloof Tang Yu-er took a rare trip over to Platform No. 1 and started chatting with Tian Yu.

“Tian Yu, after the first round ended, I think I saw you go and look at the other matches?”

Tang Yu-er had always wanted to surpass Tian Yu and viewed him as her sole rival. Hence, she never called him Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu.

Tian Yu was currently recuperating with his eyes shut. Seeing that Tang Yu-er posed a question, he opened his eyes and looked at her, saying with a faint smile, “No. 52 is an interesting opponent. Perhaps, he will become the greatest dark horse in this grand competition! Junior Apprentice Sister Yu-er, you have to be careful.”

Honestly speaking, Tian Yu originally still looked down on Ye Yuan a little. But upon hearing that Ye Yuan comprehended the elementary form of true intent, this underestimation was naturally put away.

All those who could comprehend the elementary form of true intent were remarkable geniuses!

Furthermore, crossing ranks to battle were as easy as eating and drinking after comprehending true intent.

He already learned from Elder Feng about Ye Yuan’s opponent this round. Although Wang Dong’s strength was not much, to be instantly defeated by Ye Yuan also indicated many issues from one side!

Ye Yuan truly had the qualifications to sit and debate about Dao with him!

Surprise flickered across Tang Yu-er’s eyes. She had never seen Tian Yu with such fighting intent.

Didn’t that mean that Tian Yu was very much looking forward to fighting with that mysterious No. 52?

But, was this possible?

Everyone was clear on the strength of these sect disciples long ago. Those who could have emerged would have already emerged. Why would they wait until today?

Could this No. 52 be new?

With Tang Yu-er’s strength and status, her eyes would forever be fixated on the position of elite disciple only. As for whatever disciple that was new to the sect, she could not even be bothered to follow. She naturally did not know Ye Yuan and Long Tang.

Except, how could newcomer disciples possibly be Tian Yu’s match?

If a new half-step Crystal Formation Realm expert came, it was impossible for her to not hear anything about it, right?

Tian Yu did not elaborate on his words, and Tang Yu-er remained puzzled.

“You know this No. 52’s identity? Who is he?” Tang Yu could not help asking curiously.

“He’s called Ye Yuan. As for what kind of person he is, I’m not sure either. But I believe that you and I will know very soon. To be able to defeat Wang Dong instantly, he might be a formidable foe to us!” Tian Yu said coolly.

Tang Yu-er’s pretty eye became intent as she revealed an astonishment look.

She had also suspected previously whether or not this No. 52 was lucky and bumped into rookies.

Tang Yu-er knew Wang Dong’s name as well. His strength was exceptional among the Eighth Level Spirit Condensation Realms. To be able to instantly kill Wang Dong, he most likely had the strength to clash with her!

“Alright. Go back and rest well. Adjust your condition to its peak! This grand competition will be more interesting than any others in the past!” Tian Yu said to Tang Yu-er with a faint smile.

. . . . . .

At the same time, many people were speculating who this No. 52 was. Some who were acquainted with Wang Dong went up to him.

“Wang Dong, I remember that you’re No. 49? Then was your opponent No. 52? Who is this No. 52, to actually be the first person to win for two consecutive rounds?”

Wang Dong had a gloomy face as he said, “How would I know who he is? Either way, his age is not old; younger than both you and I. Should be a newcomer. But his strength is absolutely formidable! In my opinion . . . he can at least enter the top 10!”

That person had an incredulous look when he heard that and said, “Are you joking?! Who can shake the position of the top 10? You aren’t finding an excuse for your loss, right?”

Wang Dong snickered coldly when he heard that and said, “Watch if you don’t believe! Putting aside other things, just based solely on that ultimate move of his, to instantly transform into nine silhouettes and unleash nine sword beams, each stronger than the other! Just based on that one move, he can also enter the top 10!”

That disciple was greatly startled when he heard that and said, “No way? So incredible? Can it be a newly emerged half-step Crystal Formation Realm expert?”

Wang Dong shook his head and said, “That’s a no. He’s only at the Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm.”

That disciple burst into laughter when he heard that and said, “Wang Dong, did he bash your brain? Did you lose to a Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm? And you even say that he can enter the top 10?”

The corner of Wang Dong’s mouth twitched, but he said disdainfully, “Didn’t you lose in the second round too? Since you’ve nothing to do anyway, follow me to watch that No.52 compete and you’ll see.”

Having said that, that disciple became even more curiously and naturally would not reject. Hence, he went to find Ye Yuan’s competition platform together with Wang Dong.

. . . . . .

The third round was 50 going to 25. If one passed the third round, it would also mean that they could enter the top 25 rankings!

Although there were some who were occasionally rather lucky earlier and encountered weaker opponents, after two rounds of filtering, the disciples who entered the third round were all rather powerful.

Even if there were those with weaker strength who were fortunate enough to pass two rounds, the possibility of passing the third round again would be virtually nil.

This third round was actually a dividing line. To be able to pass the third round meant that they belonged to the top echelon among the core disciples.

While other disciples were no less outstanding, compared to the disciples who passed the third round, the disparity became very obvious.

After two rounds of filtering, many disciples who were defeated no longer needed to take part in matches anymore. Quite a number of them gathered at some popular platforms to spectate the upcoming matches.

And currently, the platform where Ye Yuan was about to start his match was already surrounded by many disciples. This made him somewhat baffled.

Ye Yuan thought that the most popular platform should be Tian Yu’s. Why were there so many people gathered over on his side?

Could it be that his opponent was very popular, that was why it attracted everyone to watch?

Speaking of which, Ye Yuan’s opponent this round was No. 14. It should be an extremely powerful foe.

“Hey, did you guys hear? This No.52 is that newcomer disciple who snatched Ceng Yu’s points right after entering the sect. He’s called Ye Yuan!”

“En,I heard it too! I really did not think that a Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm could actually pass two consecutive round! Furthermore, be the first to win! This fellow is truly perverse!”

“Tch,still Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm? He was Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm long ago! Don’t you know yet? After he snatched Ceng Yu’s points, he went to the A-grade cultivation rooms to enter seclusion for five days. After he exited, he was Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm!”

“What? There’s really such a thing? Incredible! Truly incredible! I didn’t think that such a monster actually entered the sect this time! How are we going to survive? But, even if he broke through to the Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm, how was it possible to clear two rounds consecutively with such strength? Moreover, be the first to win?”

“Hehe,weren’t we competing earlier? Now, I want to take a good look at what areas this No.52 surpasses others in! Do you know who his opponent this time is?”


“This opponent, No. 14, is the number one figure in the Earth Barracks, Zhang Jing!”

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