Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 262

Chapter 262 Empty Alleys

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“Purple Lighting Azure Frost!”

On Platform No. 1, Tian Yu gave a low cry, and his opponent was defeated.

The third round, the announcement of No. 1 winning was finally the first to sound out. Except, there was already nobody paying heed to such things.

Even Tian Yu himself was not in the mood to listen to this voice. He walked down the platform directly and headed towards the platform where Ye Yuan and Zhang Jing were facing off.

“Phoenix Dance Nine Heavens!”

On Platform No. 2, Tang Yu-er similarly cried out, the red silk in her hands bounded up her foe in a peculiar manner, beating him down easily.

The same thing happened to many disciples ranked in the top 10. They all wanted to rush to watch the platform that No. 52 was at. Just what kind of god was this mysterious No. 52?!

. . . . . .

At this very moment, the competition for elite disciples also reached the white-hot stage!

The number of elite disciples was forever fixed like core disciples. Except, there were only 20 elite disciples at all times!

These 20 people could be said to be the future hope of the sect!

The competition for elite disciples was different from core disciples. Every grand competition, they all fought in revolving battles!

20 people, that was also to say that each person had to experience 19 revolving battles!

Whoever won the most matches at the end would be rank one. And the people in the bottom three rankings had to undergo a final match with the top three core disciples to determine who stays and who leaves.

On Platform No. 3, a youth dressed in martial outfit unleashed a flurry of fist silhouettes, beating his opponent until he could only ward off the blows and without the slightest strength to retaliate!

Only to see him withdraw his fist momentum and give a low cry, “Boundless Tyrant Fist!”

Only to hear a boom, his opponent was sent flying out of the platform.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Wujiu, your fist art is really becoming more and more powerful! It’s simply flawless!” the youth who was defeated grumbled.

When he was on the platform earlier, that Senior Apprentice Brother Wujiu was incomparably tyrannical with an aura that disdained all life.

But currently, Senior Apprentice Brother Wujiu was meek like the boy-next-door.

The before and after was huge. It was hard for others to believe that they were the same person.

This Senior Apprentice Brother Wujiu was called Ti Wujiu, the well-deserved leader of the elite disciples!

This person was normally very easy to get along with. He did not put on any airs of a senior. Disciples who did not know him simply could not imagine that he was the leader of the elite disciples.

But once the battle began, it was like Ti Wujiu was possessed by the god of war, going berserk on his opponent until they could not catch their breath.

From the start of the grand competition until now, more than half of the matches for the elite disciples had passed. Ti Wujiu was number one in terms of battle results with complete victories.

In reality, this was like a common occurrence to him.

The one who fought with him just now was called Cheng Wu. His strength was somewhat lacking among the elite disciples. Now that he lost battles repeatedly today, barring no accidents, he should be one of the bottom three placings.

Seeing Cheng Wu grumbled, Ti Wujiu smiled warmly and said, “How can there be a flawless fist art? It’s just that you didn’t find them. If it was Senior Apprentice Brother Mo or Senior Apprentice Brother Xin, this fist art of mine would be full of flaws.”

The corner of Cheng Wu’s mouth twitched slightly as he said, “They are both personal disciples who entered the sect much earlier than Senior Apprentice Brother Wujiu. In future, Senior Apprentice Brother Wujiu’s accomplishments will surely not be beneath theirs! Furthermore, Senior Apprentice Brother Wujiu tread up the Dao of using fist arts. To have such accomplishments is truly hard to come by!”

Mo Yuntian, Xin Lie, these people were accepted as personal disciples by the hall head. Although they were still disciples in title, they actually did not need to participate in the competition between disciples anymore.

What personal disciples had to do was to follow their master to cultivate, and they would frequently be sent out to carry out some missions.

And their status in the sect was actually no longer inferior to ordinary elders.

Ti Wujiu chuckled and did not continue with this topic. Instead, he laughed and said, “Little Wu, you seem to be slacking off a little recently. You actually lost so many matches this grand competition.”

Cheng Wu had a bitter face when he heard that and said,“Sigh!Senior Apprentice Brother Wujiu, it’s really not that I’m slacking, but because all of you improve too quickly! I already can’t quite follow your footsteps! I won’t talk about that any longer. Senior Apprentice Brother Wujiu, there happens to be some time for us now; can I trouble you to accompany me to the core disciples’ area to take a look and scout out the enemy? I want to see to what extent Tian Yu that boy has improved.”

Ti Wujiu had a mild temperament and did not reject. He nodded his head and went with Cheng Wu to the core disciples’ area.

“En?What’s the matter? Don’t tell me it has all ended? Where did all the people go to?”

Cheng Wu came over to take a look. All the platforms were empty, leaving only one platform full of people beneath it.

It actually gave people a feeling of empty alleys!

“En?It’s rather odd. Who’s fighting on that platform? Why would there be so many onlookers?” Ti Wujiu was also curious.

“Come, let’s go over and look too!” Cheng Wu said.

When the two approached, Ti Wujiu’s gaze involuntarily turned sharp!

On the platform, sword light radiated as sword qi ran wild!

A youth who looked very unfamiliar was locked in battle with the Earth Barracks’ Zhang Jing!

The most frightening thing was that the youth was actually only at the Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm! But his attainments in sword art were so great that it simply took people’s breath away in amazement!

To be able to fight so fiercely as a Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm against a peak Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm showed the might of this youth!

When did such a freakish youth appear in the Tranquil Cloud Sect?

“Senior Apprentice Brother Wujiu, quickly look, Tian Yu is also there watching the fight! Tang Yu-er and Luo Chengfeng too! They are all actually watching this young man’s competition!” Cheng Wu exclaimed in shock like he discovered a new continent.

Ti Wujiu nodded and said, “I wonder who this young man is. A Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm actually has such combat strength!”

The people below the stage were already long mesmerized from watching.

Ye Yuan and Zhang Jing already fought for over a hundred rounds and had yet to determine the victor!

Ye Yuan’s understanding towards sword intent made everyone feel utterly ashamed of their inadequacy.

No matter how unpredictable the sword moves Zhang Jing unleashed were, Ye Yuan could easily resolve them.

However, Zhang Jing’s strength was also really very strong. Ye Yuan grasped an opportunity in between to display the Nine Swords Stance.

Except, it was too rushed at that time. The power of the Nine Swords Stance did not achieve the most ideal outcome.

Zhang Jing actually barely dodged the nine streaks of sword light!

After that time, Zhang Jing broke out in cold sweat all over his body. Ever since then, he was abnormally cautious and absolutely did not give Ye Yuan any chance to display the Nine Swords Stance.

Right now, Zhang Jing’s powerful performance was displayed in its entirety. Ye Yuan could not find any chance at all!

Just like this, both parties sunk into a fierce exchange. All of Zhang Jing’s attacks had completely no effect, but he did not give Ye Yuan any chance to attack either. The two people actually fought all the way until now like this!

All the matches had already ended, leaving only this match!

However, the audience below the stage was not at all irritated. The majority of them cultivated the incomplete Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art and were very sensitive to sword intent.

From the start of the battle until now, watching Ye Yuan’s unbelievably profound sword intent, the crowd all felt that they reaped no little benefits!

Ye Yuan’s sword intent originally contained the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Intent within. Although these disciples felt that it was extremely abstruse, they could more or less perceive some things.

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