Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 266

Chapter 266 Mimicking Concept

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“W-What’s going on here? Could Ye Yuan really have cultivated the Imperial Law True Book before?”

“The Imperial Law True Book is extremely hard to train in. The hardships that Senior Apprentice Brother Luo had to suffer to cultivate it to its realm today is something that no one can compare to! But Ye Yuan actually just displayed it so casually!”

“Could Ye Yuan be one of those people who is born with knowledge? Otherwise, with his age, how is it possible to have such accomplishments on Sword Dao and Calligraphy Dao at the same time?”

The disciples below the stage did not know calligraphy dao and thought that Ye Yuan was bent on competing in Calligraphy Dao with Luo Chengfeng.

Only Luo Chengfeng on the stage knew that what Ye Yuan executed was not the Dao of Calligraphy!

But why did it have such great power if it was not the Dao of Calligraphy?

Luo Chengfeng was also a proud person. Seeing Ye Yuan repeatedly tearing apart his move through replication, a refusal to concede defeat welled up from the bottom of his heart!

“Pen Expressing Dragons and Snakes!”

“Dragon Soar, Phoenix Dance!”

“Permeating Three Parts Wood!”

. . . . . .

One move after another, the powerful force overflowed the platform, causing a colossal upheaval!

If not for array formations protecting, the platform would already be destroyed several times over.

But opposite Luo Chengfeng, Ye Yuan similarly used his sword to execute the exact same moves Luo Chengfeng did unhurriedly.

“Pen Expressing Dragons and Snakes!”

“Dragon Soar, Phoenix Dance!”

“Permeating Three Parts Wood!”

. . . . . .

Blasts of energy collided together and were obliterated!

Compared to the match with Zhang Jing yesterday, this match was even more soul-stirring!

Yesterday’s match, Ye Yuan relied on his impressive sword intent to resolve them one by one.

But today’s match with Luo Chengfeng, Ye Yuan clearly did not lift heavy like it was light like yesterday. But the exact same moves shook people to their core even more!

Ye Yuan stood there like a mirror. No matter how Luo Chengfeng used his strength, he could reflect it.

Such a battle gave Ye Yuan an added portion of power and awe.

Luo Chengfeng was full of elegance but also became a little pissed currently.

Each of his moves was stronger than the previous, and also more difficult. He wanted to see whether Ye Yuan could really replicate all of his moves!

To be able to defeat a half-step Crystal Formation Realm with peak Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm strength, it could be seen how great Luo Chengfeng’s strength was!

Towards the end, Luo Chengfeng’s moves were so powerful that it made the audience below the stage feel stifled!

“To think that after a few months, Senior Apprentice Brother Luo’s strength already became so formidable! Compared to the last grand competition, it’s like his entire being was cast off and reborn anew!”

“Yeah! He was still quite young and tender the previous grand competition. Now, he’s already very mature! Furthermore, he did not break through this half a year. Most likely, he can break through to half-step Crystal Formation Realm anytime, right?”

“Isn’t that so? At Senior Apprentice Brother Luo’s level, they are no longer in a rush to raise cultivation realms! The more concepts they can comprehend in the Spirit Condensation Realm, the greater the benefits in the future!”

“Yeah. I wonder how Senior Apprentice Brother Luo’s present strength is like compared to Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu’s? It seems like he was initially holding it back for a good confrontation with Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu. But the result is that he’s obstructed by Ye Yuan currently.”

“Speaking of which, this Ye Yuan is really so powerful that it’s frightening! If he can break through to the Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm, he can most likely even clash with Senior Apprentice Brother Ti Wujiu, right?”

“Hehe,I didn’t think that such a monster would appear in our sect! No matter what the result of this grand competition is, the next grand competition will be Ye Yuan’s world!”

A genius like Luo Chengfeng, the duration between the grand competitions was enough for him to improve tremendously.

For geniuses of their level, what they competed in had always been who improved more. If I improved more than you, that means that I’m more talented!

Once improvement speed slowed down, they would naturally be eliminated.

Just like the elite disciple Cheng Wu, his strength was very great, but compared to others, his improvement speed was slower, so he obviously became weaker.

However, such rapid progress was actually unable to do anything to a Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm newbie!

“Profound Knowledge Akin to Divine Aid!”

After a tumultuous and violent clash, Luo Chengfeng finally used his greatest trump card!

This move was something that Luo Chengfeng comprehended only recently. Originally, this was his ultimate trump card meant to deal with Tian Yu, but it was unexpectedly forced out by Ye Yuan.

Once it was executed, the wind and clouds suddenly changed. Powerful formless energy flooded the platform. A moment of carelessness and the outcome would definitely be being sent flying off the platform!

But over on the other end, only to see Ye Yuan swing his sword calmly. Profound Knowledge Akin to Divine Aid was released in a twinkle!

Except, everyone here, including Luo Chengfeng, did not detect that Ye Yuan added a little something extra into this move!

Essence Energy Ignition!

It was only to see Ye Yuan’s Profound Knowledge Akin to Divine Aid being executed. The battle situation on the platform became drastically different from before!

Ye Yuan’s force was like a whirlwind sweeping away scattered clouds, devouring Luo Chengfeng’s attack unceasingly.

Luo Chengfeng’s face changed. He did not think that such a situation would actually occur.

Previously, it was always him bombarding wantonly, but this time, Ye Yuan retaliated, catching him completely off-guard!

The attack after adding Essence Energy Ignition was unbelievably powerful. It was already too late for Luo Chengfeng to want to defend against it!

He only saw countless blasts of formless energy besieging him, directly breaking through his protective essence energy and sending him flying.

Luo Chengfeng was only hit down the platform and did not suffer major injuries.

Ye Yuan had a sense of propriety when attacking and did not ignite too much essence energy.

Luo Chengfeng adjusted his posture in midair and landed on the ground lightly.

It was dead silent below the stage. Everyone did not know what to say.

If this was like the result of Zhang Jing’s match, everybody could still barely accept it. The result of this match was really unexpected!

The top three core disciples represented virtually the highest point in the Tranquil Cloud Sect!

In the minds of all the core disciples, the only ones who could beat the top three people were only the top three, or core disciples.

Others need not even think about it!

Because for these three people to be able to occupy this position meant that their improvement speed surpassed all others.

Once they were shaken off by such a genius, then they would only get cast even further behind.

Nobody had ever thought that someone in the top three would lose in the hands of a Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm!

Just take Luo Chengfeng for example. His strength was sufficient to challenge ordinary Third Level Crystal Formation Realms!

Someone like Su Yulin was not even Luo Chengfeng’s match.

Doesn’t this mean that Ye Yuan’s strength could cross an entire major realm to defeat his opponent?

This . . . This was too inconceivable!

Luo Chengfeng sighed lightly and cupped his fists towards Ye Yuan and said, “Many thanks for Junior Apprentice Brother Ye showing mercy!”

“Not at all! Senior Apprentice Brother Luo being able to walk so far on the Dao of Calligraphy, this Junior is full of admiration! In fact, this Junior won with somewhat unorthodox means,” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

Luo Chengfeng’s face changed slightly, and he could not help voicing the suspicions he had in his heart. “Where did Junior Apprentice Brother Ye’s moves come from? Could Junior Apprentice Brother Ye really have trained in the Imperial Law True Book before?”

Ye Yuan shook his head and said with a grin, “Nay! Those moves were all copied after I watched Senior Apprentice Brother Luo’s moves! This is called . . . mimicking concept!”

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