Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 267

Chapter 267 Dragon Among Men

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“Mimicking concept? What’s that?” Luo Chengfeng could not help being stupefied.

“My move looks exactly the same as yours. But in reality, when talking about the contents, it differs in thousands of ways. Those moves of mine were mimicked using sword intent. It appeared right, but is really wrong,” Ye Yuan said.

“This . . . Concepts can actually be utilized like this?”

Luo Chengfeng originally felt that something was off, but could not figure it out the whole time. Now that he heard Ye Yuan talk about it, the other party had actually been using sword intent to clash with him the entire time?

But even if it was sword intent, wasn’t it too alike?

No matter how Luo Chengfeng racked his brains, he could not figure out how sword intent could be used to mimic calligraphy intent so skillfully as to be indistinguishable from the original!

Luo Chengfeng believed that the audience below the stage could not even see through that what Ye Yuan used was sword intent! Only him, someone who immersed himself in the Dao of Calligraphy for so many years could differentiate that minute trace of difference!

Ignoring other things, just how high was Ye Yuan’s attainments on the Sword Dao?!

This match was not lost unjustly!

“Myriad Dao laws, all lead to the same destination! The concepts might be different in endless ways, but they also have many common aspects. Although I have yet to research in depth into the Dao of Calligraphy, I’ve seen before extremely powerful Calligraphy Dao experts, so I’m also rather familiar with the Dao of Calligraphy. Hence, that’s why I can mimic Calligraphy Dao with Sword Dao,” Ye Yuan said.

The extremely powerful calligraphy dao expert that Ye Yuan was talking about was actually the Heavenly Book Divine King.

Except, no matter how big a hole Luo Chengfeng and the rest excavated in their brain, they could not imagine what kind of existence this so-called extremely powerful calligraphy dao expert was like.

Ji Qingyun and his father had exceedingly high status in the Divine Realm. They were acquainted with most of the Divine King powerhouses.

Although the Heavenly Book Divine King was a more eccentric member of the Ten Great Supreme Divine Kings, he used to have pretty good relations with Ye Yuan.

And Ye Yuan had also witnessed with his own eyes the great battle between the Heavenly Book Divine King and other divine kings. It was truly heaven startling and caused the gods to weep!

Compare to the Heavenly Book Divine King, this Imperial Law True Book of Luo Chengfeng was simply weak to the max!

Ye Yuan originally had tremendously high perception and also comprehended a supreme true intent on Sword Dao. In addition to having witnessed the Heavenly Book Divine King’s Dao of Calligraphy before, wanting to mimic Luo Chengfeng’s moves was not something hard.

Ye Yuan’s factors were much better than Luo Chengfeng’s. If he could not even mimic such a low-level concept, then he would really be too useless.

“What a fine phrase: myriad Dao laws, all lead to the same destination! Junior Apprentice Brother’s perception is freakishly high. Even though it’s just mimicking my concept, if Junior Apprentice Brother Ye’s concept isn’t extremely high, I’m afraid that it’s also impossible to have such a battle result. This Luo is fully convinced of my loss!” Finishing, Luo Chengfeng cupped his fists and left.

Far away, Xiao Jiang and Mo Yuntian stood with their hands behind their backs. They had just watched the battle between Ye Yuan and Luo Chengfeng.”

“Oh,Yuntian, what you said was right. A monster like Ye Yuan, my Tranquil Cloud Sect might not have the destiny to contain him! About his strength, how do you view it?” Xiao Jian suddenly asked.

Mo Yuntian said, “Junior Apprentice Brother Ye’s sword intent most likely already surpassed mine by far too much. It even . . .uh,if my conjectures are right, Junior Apprentice Brother Ye probably already fully comprehended the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art on the Nine Heavens Road!”

Xiao Jian turned to look at Mo Yuntian. He said with a chuckle, “If he surpassed me, then he surpassed me. What’s there to avoid saying? I wonder which rock this boy jumped out from, to actually have such monstrous talent! In the thousands of years since the establishment of my Tranquil Cloud Sect, there have only been a mere three individuals who can comprehend the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Intent in its entirety! This boy is only 15 years old and actually comprehended such a profound sword intent fully. Truly remarkable!”

Mo Yuntian felt slightly awkward as he said, “Junior Apprentice Brother Ye is a dragon among men. As long as he doesn’t plummet, he will surely be able to ascend to the Divine Realm in the future! Furthermore, I feel that his talent might even be stronger than Forefather You Wuya’s. Even after he arrives in the Divine Realm, he can most likely become the powerhouse of a domain!”

Xiao Jian nodded. He clearly approved of Mo Yuntian’s view.

To be able to fully comprehend a true intent at the age of 15, such a freak should not have appeared in the Endless World.

“Yuntian, did you discover that Ye Yuan’s sword intent seems to have some different aspects?”

Mo Yuntian was rather surprised. Although he also comprehended much of the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Intent, he was obviously not as sensitive compared to Xiao Jian.

If they talked about it, the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Intent that Tian Yu comprehended was even stronger than Mo Yuntian’s!

Mo Yuntian shook his head. Xiao Jian’s gaze turned stern as he said, “Ye Yuan’s sword intent is not purely Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Intent! If my conjectures are correct, he even comprehended some other sword intent!”

“Other sword intent?” Mo Yuntian had a baffled look. He did not know what this meant.

Xiao Jian nodded and said, “It’s clear that Ye Yuan’s sword intent carries the shadow of the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Intent, but there is a trace of nimbleness and elegance within the sword intent. In my opinion, Ye Yuan most likely already comprehended a type of sword intent before challenging the Nine Heavens Road. When he was challenging the Nine Heavens Road, he comprehended the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Intent too. The most terrifying thing is that he already fused these two types of sword intent into one!”

Mo Yuntian revealed an astonished look. He knew that Ye Yuan’s sword intent was extremely powerful, but he did not think that Ye Yuan’s sword intent was already powerful to this sort of extent!

As a sword cultivator, Mo Yuntian was deeply aware that fusing concepts was even harder than comprehending two kinds of concepts!

“Ye Yuan fully comprehending the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art meant mastering a type of true intent. If he merged another kind of concept, then just what realm is he at?” Mo Yuntian felt that his mind could not quite wrap itself around it.

Xiao Jian shook his head and said, “I don’t know either! But there is bound to be even higher realms above true intent! Those are realms belonging to the Divine Realm’s powerhouses! I wonder what the other sword intent Ye Yuan fused it with is like. If it’s also a type of true intent, then that would be terrifying!”

Limited by own worldview, Xiao Jian did not know what realm was above true intent. He himself did not even fully comprehend a type of true intent. But he knew that there was surely even higher realms above true intent. Otherwise, what did those powerhouses in the Divine Realm cultivate?

Xiao Jian was also not sure what realm fusing two kinds of true intent would reach, because in the Endless World, possessing one type of true intent already meant an immensely powerful expert!

It was said that there were major powers in the Northern Domain who fused two types of true intent, but as for what kind of realm those major powers were at, Xiao Jian had completely no clue.

In reality, under most circumstances, it was impossible to produce a supreme true intent even by merging two types of true intent.

In the Divine Realm, there were many experts who fused two types of concepts, but very few of them could cultivate to the Divine King realm. The reason was that they could not comprehend a supreme true intent!

Mo Yuntian sucked in a deep breath and said, “This shouldn’t be very likely, right? While Ye Yuan’s talent is astonishing, to merge two types of true intent at this age . . .”

Mo Yuntian felt that this already exceeded his boundary of understanding and instinctively felt that it was impossible.

Xiao Jian laughed wryly and said,“Haha,actually, I also feel that this is not very likely. True intent isn’t some cabbage that can be comprehended as you like. Ye Yuan could comprehend the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Intent primarily is still because he barged into the Nine Heavens Road under coincidence. I reckon that he only added in the nimble and elegance concept that he comprehended before that into the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Intent.”

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