Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 269

Chapter 269 Crossing Swords With Illusions

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“To dare take liberties with Senior Apprentice Sister Yu-er like this, Ye Yuan’s guts are really fat!”

“Hehe,he has the strength. He might even be thinking of taking this opportunity to court Senior Apprentice Sister Yu-er!”

“Speaking of which, the two of them, their ages and strength are around the same. It’s really a perfect match between an able man and a fair maiden! Furthermore, with Ye Yuan’s potential, he’ll definitely surpass Senior Apprentice Sister Yu-er in the future. If they were to become a pair, it would become a story that will be passed down!”

“Bah!Is that snotty brat Ye Yuan even good enough for Senior Apprentice Sister Yu-er?”

“Haha,you’re envying and hating out of jealousy, right? I know that you’ve had a crush on Senior Apprentice Sister Yu-er for a very long time already!”

“. . . . . .”

Actually, Ye Yuan was just purely praising. He did not think to incur Tang Yu-er’s wrath.

But the way the other disciples saw it, Ye Yuan’s words like this were already blatant flirtation. It was just that Ye Yuan’s strength stood head and shoulders above all others, so he obviously had the qualifications to pursue Tang Yu-er.

However, those disciples who had been secretly crushing on Tang Yu-er for a long time were naturally very displeased by this.

Once the battle began, Tang Yu-er’s red ribbon shot towards Ye Yuan to tangle him up.

Relying on Spirit Void Shattering Space, Ye Yuan’s speed was no longer beneath late-stage Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists!

Seeing the red ribbon snaking over, he easily evaded with a flash.

But right then, Ye Yuan only felt his head sink, his entire body becoming sluggish.

Divine soul mystic arts!

Ye Yuan did not think that Tang Yu-er’s trump card was actually a divine soul mystic art!

“Heh heh,Ye Yuan fell for it as expected! Senior Apprentice Sister Yu-er is the strongest at illusionary arts. In the last grand competition, even Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu fell for it and nearly lost.”

“Ye Yuan has been enjoying too much success recently. He most likely didn’t inquire about Senior Apprentice Sister Yu-er’s trump card! Under the same realm, virtually nobody can escape from Senior Apprentice Sister Yu-er’s illusions. Ye Yuan is only at the Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm; only a minor stage lower than Yu-er in divine soul realm. He’s doomed!”

“Senior Apprentice Sister Yu-er was already furious earlier, she’ll most definitely be ruthless to Ye Yuan! Even if she doesn’t screw with him until he becomes an idiot, he can’t escape lying in bed for several days!”

“Haha,if Senior Apprentice Sister Yu-er really has vicious intent, perhaps Senior Apprentice Brother Sui Liang still has a possibility for entering the top three!”

On the platform, Tang Yu-er and Ye Yuan both stopped moving. Ye Yuan’s eyes became vacant holes as if his soul was charmed.

Tang Yu-er closed her eyes however and did not move a muscle too.

Ye Yuan only felt his mind sink just now, but his entire person was brought to a different place.

. . . . . .

In the secular world, Ye Yuan became a wealthy family’s scion. A graceful and beautiful body appeared in front of his eyes.

The girl in front of him was beautiful to the extreme, but not a trace of clothing was on her!

That body which made people nosebleed could make any man go berserk.

Ye Yuan looked at the attire he was wearing and back at the nude woman on the other side, and could not help shaking his head and laughing.

This Tang Yu-er really took him to be an extremely perverted lecher.

‘Young Master, let this Servant serve you in bed.”

The woman’s sweet melodious voice rung beside Ye Yuan’s ear. A pair of water snake like jade arms twined around Ye Yuan’s neck. It was exceedingly alluring.

Ye Yuan was not some sage. In front of a genuine beauty, he would naturally show the reaction that a man should display.

Except that Tang Yu-er employing illusions in front of Ye Yuan was kind of like playing with a large saber in front of Guan Yu.

Illusionary arts were actually an important branch of divine soul mystic arts. Its power was extremely great and could kill people imperceptibly.

Illusionary arts were similarly a Great Dao. When cultivated to the limits, it could transform the foul and rotten into the rare and ethereal!

Powerful illusionary martial artists could kill their foes undetectably and also make the other party fall into an illusionary realm forever, becoming a living corpse!

What’s more, the other party would be fully aware that they were inside an illusion world but could not escape no matter what!

This sort of endless sinking was sometimes scarier than killing the opponent!

If the caster did not release the illusion, the other party would never wake from the illusion, just like a samsara cycle, all the way until death!

The first time Ye Yuan laid eyes on this woman, he knew what Tang Yu-er was trying to do.

She wanted to make him immerse himself in the embrace of women inside the illusion and be unable to extricate himself!

Once he wallowed in the pleasures of the flesh, the Ye Yuan in the real world would also do some repulsive actions.

If that happened, Ye Yuan would become the joke of the entire sect.

One had to say that this move by Tang Yu-er was certainly quite vicious. If Ye Yuan really succumbed to it, then no matter how talented he was, he would have no face to stay on in the sect after this.

Women had always been incomprehensible creatures. Ye Yuan already had a taste of that many times. Although this move by Tang Yu-er was really deriding, Ye Yuan did not get too angry.

But Ye Yuan was not some clay bodhisattva that could be kneaded however others liked.

Ye Yuan decided to prank this Tang Yu-er good. It could be considered her punishment.

Facing the woman’s teasing, Ye Yuan grabbed her arm and threw her ruthlessly to one side, saying with a cold sneer, “That won’t be necessary! Tell me who sent you here!”

Ye Yuan rebuked with a stern countenance, but the woman kept silent like a cicada in winter. She said weakly, “N-No one! This Servant . . . This Servant only admires young master. That’s why . . . That’s why I took the initiative to offer my body! If Young Master can’t trust this Servant, then I’m willing to apologize with death!Sniff, sniff. . .”

The woman cried pitifully and behaved like she wanted to run into the wall to commit suicide. But Ye Yuan just sneered and said, “Don’t pretend to be innocent in front of me! As the successor to the capital’s Ye Family, what kind of woman have this Young Master not seen before? How can you pass the test in front of me with your inferior acting? Go and hit! Just ahead!”

That woman really stopped after hearing that.

In the illusion world, Tang Yu-er who was concealed in a covert location secretly sniggered to herself coldly. “Didn’t think that this lecher has some capabilities. To actually not fall for it easily! However, you’ve already taken the place of your identity. Can you still escape from this Young Lady’s palm?”

The nude woman put away her seductive expression and wore her garments. She said to Ye Yuan with a smile, “Young Master Ye indeed has great powers of concentration! Actually, I’m under the orders of my family’s missus to come and probe Young Master Ye!”

Ye Yuan snickered to himself secretly, but looked doubtful on the surface as he asked, “You family’s missus is?”

“My family’s missus is the Tang Family’s eldest miss. She has long heard that Mister is the number one scholar in the capital and has admired you for a long time. It’s just that she doesn’t know Mister’s nature, that’s why she sent me to test Mister. Having met today, Young Master indeed see things as clear as viewing a fire; an extremely wise and far-sighted person!” The woman sighed with admiration.

When Ye Yuan heard that, his expression eased up slightly, but he still pretended to be peeved as he said, “So, it’s the Tang Family’s eldest miss! This Ye has also long heard that the Tang Family’s eldest miss has national beauty and heavenly fragrance, and is even an erudite among women. It’s just that your family’s missus using this kind of method to test me is really going too far! A fair lady is a gentleman’s good mate, but this Ye is absolutely not those profligate and immoral people! Please return and inform Miss Tang that this Ye is unable to enjoy her admiration!”

In secret, Tang Yu-er’s face changed when she heard that. If Ye Yuan were really impervious to everything, then her illusion would reveal flaws sooner or later, then Ye Yuan would be able to escape!

Tang Yu-er could not accept such an outcome!

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